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I Found a Pair of Panties!

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This is the first of many experiences. Hope you like it!


Hello everyone. Long time reader, first time contributing. My masturbation history started when I was eleven and I'm still at it once or twice a day. Although most of the time since my mid-teens I am used to having a girlfriend, I never really stopped masturbating. Of course when I'm together I do not masturbate (at least not by myself!), but when I am at my own place I will seldom let a day go by without masturbating.
I have also enjoyed several kinds of fantasies and fetishes, which have changed over time. I used to have regular porn magazines of teens and tried to catch as much nudity as I could on TV. I read books about sex, which got me really turned on, but also taught me a lot about sex in general and also about masturbation. Since young age I have also enjoyed erotic stories, like here at Solo Touch or in Penthouse Forum. I used to like fiction as well as non-fiction, but lately I don't really seem to enjoy those made-up stories anymore; real life is much more interesting.
One of my biggest turn-ons over the years has been women's panties. I can't really remember how this started, but the shape, the fabric and the smell of a woman's panty totally does it for me. Since I don't have any sister and I'm not interested in my mom's panties, I had to do my panty research outside my own house. Luckily I was used to staying over at a couple of friends' places. One of the guys I used to stay over at had his room next to his sister's. His mom usually had to work on Sundays, and his sister would often stay over at her friends. So on Sunday morning when he was taking a shower or walking the dog, I would hop over to his sister's room. At first I think I was just curious about what a girl's room would look like.
This particular girl did not seem to clean up her room very often, and there was stuff all over the floor. Soon I found a pair of panties on the floor. I picked it up and examined it. They were regular briefs and did not look too exciting at first. For some reason I was curious enough to bring the panties to my nose, and I started sniffing her crotch. Wow! Strong feminine smells entered my nose and I was instantly aroused. I wanted to jack off right there in her room, but I think that with all the adrenaline rushing through my body I decided not to, since my friend could come back any minute.
The next time I went over to his place I went straight for the panties as soon as he hit the shower. Although her room was still a mess, I couldn't find a pair at first. So I lay down on the floor, hoping that there would be a pair under the bed. Fortunately my instincts were right and I found a pair under her dresser. The panties were similar to the once I had found the previous time; the only thing different was that these were all tangled up. It seemed like she had taking these off in a hurry. Nevertheless, when I brought them to my nose, I could smell that strong scent again, I was in heaven and had an instant boner. I decided to take out my cock right there and started stroking it while I had my nose in her panties. The more I inhaled of her scent, the more aroused I became. And it didn't take long before I started coming. I can't remember how I got rid of the mess afterwards, I think I caught it in my fist and then started looking for something. I remember that I wanted to use her panties to clean myself up, but figured it would be too risky, since I had come a lot. Of course I put the panties back under the dresser where I had found them and returned to my friends room. 15 minutes later I jacked myself off again while taking a shower and thinking about what I just did.
This was my first experience with women's panties. Anyone interested in reading more of my adventures?



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