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I Felt It and Wow!

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At a school dance.


I was 15 when this happened and was at a Friday night school dance. This boy named George kept asking me to dance and we danced a lot that evening. It was toward the end of the dance and a slow song was playing. George came over and ask to dance again. This time, we came very close together on the dance floor. It was then that I felt it. I could feel his penis against my tummy and it felt so big and hard. I knew boys have erections but I'd never seen or felt one until now.

In my young 15 year old mind, all I could think about was that hard thing I felt that night. And I knew that it was me that got him like that. I started hanging around George more often at school after this. It was during one of these times after school when I was with George that I brought up the dance to him and how much fun it was. George said he enjoyed it to and hoped I'd be at the next dance. I told him that I wanted to be at the next one too. Then, before we parted, I just had to say it. I threw in 'yea; I want to feel it again' and walked off.

The next day at school, George came up to me and asked me what I meant by 'I want to feel it again' thing. I blushed some, I know, and told him 'you know what I mean'. George thought for a minute and then asked 'are you talking about what I think you're talking about'? I just give a quick point to his genital area.

George couldn't say a word. He was only 16 at the time and here I was talking about his sex organs. We went our seperate ways heading for our classes. Then, after school, I walked out and there George was waiting for me. I could see he was feeling excited like. We talked a little and then George said 'I sure wish we had a dance this Friday, you know it'. We both knew it would be at least another month before the next one. I told George 'me too'. George then said it. He said 'you really mean it that you liked feeling it'? I said 'yes'. Then he said 'I wish we had a way for this much sooner than the dance'. I told him 'me too'.

Then, George said, while making it sound real innocent, 'want to come over to my house and do homework together? No one's home'. I said 'OK. I'll run into my house and leave my mom a note'. At my house, I made a note for my mom telling her I was at a freinds house doing my homework and the George and I went to his house. We went into his bedroom. He turned on the radio and went through the stations until he found one playing a slow song. He turned to me and asked 'want to dance'? I said 'yes' and we came together.

We both knew exactly why we were there and what we were doing. George held me close and it was easy to tell that he was already hard. I immediately felt it. As we danced, we got closer and he was pushing it hard against my tummy. I got on my tip toes and he bent his knees and this had him against my pussy. It felt so good.

Then George said 'Oh, Mary Lou, I've got to come. Please, I have to. OK'? I said 'OK' back to him. He pulled back and dropped his pants. I stood looking at my first big, hard penis with my mouth open. He immediately wrapped his hand around it and went to jerking it off. I'd heard about boys doing this but here I was seeing it! In a short time, George went to saying 'I'm cumming. Oh yes; I'm cumming' and let out a loud ahhh sound as the sperm shot from his penis. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It went a good four feet! This happened around four times before coming down to these little pulses of it squirting out and falling straight down.

George and I then started going to his house almost everyday. Then, it happened. We were naked laying on the bed when George's mom got home early and caught us. I had George's penis in my hand and I was laying on my back with my legs spread and George's hand on my pussy with his fingers in me. His mom yelled out 'You idiot. Don't you know you can get that girl pregnant'? We jumped up real quick and grabbed our clothes. Then she said 'I was wondering what all those stains were on your sheets. That's why I came home early today and I'm glad I did'.

Well, this ended this. George and I had to wait until we were older and he had a car before we did anything together again. By then we'd learned about condoms. Need I say more.



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