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I Caught My Dad

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With all the talk on here recently about dads and brothers finding panties and getting off, I thought it appropriate to add my own contribution. Now, I will preface this by saying that some of what I'm about to say might seem a little disturbing, but given the free nature of people using this site I feel comfortable telling my tale.


I started puberty early. By the time I was 9 or 10 I already possessed cute tiny breasts and a tuff of blond public hair. I grew steadily and by the age of 13 I was already 5'6 with an impressive 'c' cup size. Naturally my good looks drew attention from men and boys alike. Girls fell into two categories, those who were jealous and those who hoped my friendship would boost their own popularity. I, however, had mixed feelings about my appearance. Looking like a mature woman in middle school can be very awkward and embarrassing. Suddenly I felt differently about boys and myself, but I didn't know what to do about it. Things at home also began to change. My dad and three brothers all seemed to notice me in a different way.

One thing that gave me pleasure was the ability to wear almost anything and have it look good on me. I was very into pretty girly things and my mom let me pick out all my own clothes, including my underwear. She never seemed to have any problem with the styles I picked out, probably because we both shared the same taste. I always went for ones that were pretty and feminine but also slightly sexy. It turned me on knowing what I wore underneath and gave me a feeling of wickedness and prestige about my body.

At first I thought I was going crazy when I came home one day and discovered my bras and underwear in disarray. I figured my brothers were just playing some sort of mean trick on me, but then it became clear what the true reason was when I started noticing strange strains on clothing that was supposedly clean. It didn't take much to figure out what those stains were or how they got there. I knew boys could be gross and were usually always horny so that didn't surprise me very much but, what did surprise me was how my own brothers, who I had gown up with, could think about me in that way. It took some getting used to, but unfortunately I didn't have much time because an even bigger shock occurred about a month later.

I came home early from school one day and heard somebody up in my room. At first I thought it was my brothers again, but it was too early for them to be home. My curiosity began mounting as I slowly crept up the stairs to my room. When I reached the door I gently pushed it open enough so I could see inside. What I saw took all my breath away. My father was standing beside my bed naked with several pairs of my panties wrapped around his penis. Another pair was lying on my bed, covered in cum. My mouth dropped open and I ran into the bathroom as fast as I could.

As I sat there gathering my thoughts, I started to become quite wet and horny. Although I had masturbated before, this time with the images of my own father cumming on my thong, the orgasm was much more intense. I actually shook uncontrollably when I finished.

After that day a lot of things changed. For one I realized that not only was I comfortable with the idea of what my dad and brothers were doing, but it also turned me on totally. Secondly it gave me sudden confidence and pride in my sexuality that I never had before. After all if I could have this kind of effect on my own family then anything was possible.

So from that day forward I decided to have fun with the situation. I began leaving bras and panties out in the most conspicuous places where they were sure to be found. I also began buying more revealing lingerie and as a result my dad and brothers rewarded me with numerous treats. It made all my years in middle and high school much more fun.



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