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I Am so Bad

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I started masturbating when I was 13. Although I felt really horny, I was a slow developer in the breast department. (Still only an 'A')

I used anything as a source for my jilling. Sometimes I would read something on the internet, or watch some porn clips. It was ok, but most of it is faked, you know? When I got to 15, I would lie awake at night and listen to see if I could hear my parents making love or even my brother jacking off. I got good at that too and would jill off with them.

One day, I woke up feeling sexy, but somehow, I didn't want to jill off. I figured that if I kept my hands out of my panties all day, I would have a real good cum that night. It was tough though. By the time I got home I was REALLY horny. So much so that my brother noticed something was wrong. Of course, no WAY was I going to tell him that I was sitting there in the kitchen with panties that were not damp, not moist, they were WET. Chris guessed though because he said. 'Oh well. I guess your not going to tell me whats wrong. You better go jill off. I can smell you from here.' Well. You could have knocked me down with a feather! I don't know why I said what I said next but it was part that I wanted to embarrass him, part that I wanted the fantasy. I said 'Why? Wanna watch?' I thought he would colour up and get embarrassed. Well, he coloured up ok, but then said, 'Yeah. OK.'

I stayed where I was on that kitchen stool, and leaned back against the counter and parted my knees. My GOD I was wet! I raised myself up and slipped my panties down and put them on the counter and started jilling off. Chris's eyes never left my face. I rubbed my clit and then alternated with dipping a finger inside. Oh it felt so erotic. Not only being watched, but being watched by Chris. I started clenching my buttocks as my orgasm built until... ahhhh I came long and I came hard.

Chris stood there, tenting his pants with his mouth open. I came down from it, and nodded at his hard on. 'Your turn.'

Chris unzipped and to my surprise, I saw he wasn't as hard as he had been a few moments ago. He tried to jack, but it was obvious he wasn't really getting further along. 'What's wrong?' I asked. (OMG was my brother gay?) Chris said 'Amy. I need something. Something more than just my hand to get off.' 'So what do you do then?' I asked. Now he REALLY coloured up. 'I need to uhh...smell a girl. On her panties.' (WOW, never thought about that.) 'So, you got a pair of your girlfriends panties stashed then?' (I never knew he HAD a girlfriend.) 'No. No girlfriend.' 'Well, whose have you .....' The words died on my lips. I knew.(At least, I thought I knew) Reaching behind me, I took my panties from the counter and took them to him. I went and sat back down on my stool. Chris took my panties and held them to his face. Instantly he was hard as a rock. After a few seconds, I saw pre-cum and then....At the moment he blew his load, he held my panties in front of him and came into the crotch.

I took them from him and said 'Its ok you've been using my panties. If you like, I will put some in your room every day.' He said 'Oh, no. I haven't been using yours, but I do sneak some of your friends when they come for sleepovers.' (I have a lot of sleepovers.)

I hugged him and said 'Well, I guess we both really needed this huh?' Then I went back to my room. As soon as I was there, I locked the door and stared at my brother's cum in my panties. I flopped onto the bed, and jilled off again, rubbing my panties all over my body, my breasts, my tummy, and, as I came again, between my legs.

I don't know if this will happen again, or go any further, but it has made me wonder what I would do. At the moment, I really don't know. I would do what we just did again though. And, if you had asked me yesterday if I would do more.. maybe not go all the way, but do MORE, I would have said NO FUCKING WAY. Today, I am not so sure.... about anything. It WAS erotic. Perhaps because its 'forbidden'? I don't know. We'll have to see.



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