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I Am so Bad!

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What I had been doing is so wrong! I can't believe I allowed this to happen.


My son is 17 and he is a senior in high school. He is a good looking kid and I know the girls like him. I also know he has been jacking off for at least the last three or four years. I know that because he is rather careless closing his door! Quite often he will come in after school and go to his room. He will get on the phone and talk to friends or maybe study ... rarely study that is! He closes his door but sometimes leaves a crack like it isn't closed all the way.

One day as a snoopy mom I quietly sneaked up to his door and what I saw through the crack made me freeze in place. His pants were around his ankles and he was laying on his bed jacking off. I couldn't turn away. I was fixated on his pretty large and extremely hard piece of manhood! I watched him until he finished himself off in a wad of tissues then I snuck away.

For days the vision of him jacking off would invade my mind at all times of the day and night. My husband and I have sex, of course, but I have never seen him jack off. I was intrigued.

Several weeks later, seeing his door slightly cracked, I again snuck up to the door and watched again as he jacked himself off. I dealt with little waves of excitement or thrill over the following days as again visions of him stroking himself invaded my mind.

I had no feelings of wanting to have sex with him, of course, but somehow I was excited by the show I was seeing now and then. After the third time watching him, I couldn't stand it anymore. My pussy was ready for action. My heart was pounding! I went into my room and securely closed and locked the door and removed my clothes and masturbated furiously until I came. It felt deliciously wrong, but it also felt awesome.

I found myself HOPING he would go to his room and masturbate in the afternoons. I became intoxicated with the naughtiness of watching him then getting myself off. Then I started wanting more of a thrill. I know this was so wrong, but I started leaving my door cracked. Just the THOUGHT of him possibly seeing me naked and masturbating sent waves of excitement through my body.

I would lay on my bed with no clothes on at all because part of my masturbation process involves some tweaking of my nipples and cupping my breasts. I made sure my legs were spread facing the door so he could clearly see my pussy and what I was doing with her. I would close my eyes and fantasize he was peeking through the crack and I would use both hands and separate my labia widely, simply being as naughty as possible. It thrilled me to no end to rub myself off thinking he could be watching. I was never sure if he was though.

One afternoon I watched him jack off again, and afterwards I made a direct retreat into my room. This time I left the door cracked a tiny bit more. I couldn't wait to strip naked and begin the ritual of feeling my nipples and breasts and working my way to my aching pussy. I was closed eyed, however cheating and barely looking between clenched eyelids when I saw the telltale shadow through the crack. My son was there watching me. My heart was beating a hundred miles and hour as I really opened my legs widely knowing he was staring right into my pussy. I used my hands to open myself up for him, then I started rubbing my clit and fingering myself. I was so excited it didn't take long at all to come. Right after that his shadow disappeared.

When I dressed and left my room his door was again closed but cracked. I snuck up and peeked inside. He was standing up, totally naked jacking off frantically. He didn't bother with tissue at all and he spewed his semen all over his carpet in several large spurts.

Every day my son and I had dinner and watched TV at night, my husband home also by then, and we never indicated to each other we were aware of being watched. It got so out of control he jacked off and I masturbated every day after he came home, watching each other secretly.

Sorry this is a long story. I knew full well this wasn't right and I simply made myself quit. It was wrong and I felt then, and still feel, very guilty about it.

I found this site by accident and I decided to share my story. Although things like this are fun for the moment, you can live to regret it, as I have.



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