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How It Started (3)

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At breakfast, Mom and I talked about the day's driving. She said we could make it all the way home, but it would be pretty late. Or, we could detour a little bit and stop at a place that had wild animals and some great rides. The problem was we wouldn't be able to make it all the way home if we went there. I'd heard of the place she mentioned and really wanted to go there, so she said, 'OK, we'll go that way.'

It was a lot of fun. Monkeys climbed on the car and did funny things. There were signs describing the animals, so we knew what we were looking at. When we got to the park, I begged Mom to go on the rides with me. It didn't take much begging. For a step-mom, she was fun to be with. She screamed on the rides and we laughed and had a great time.

One thing seemed new to me. I realized I could see the outline of her brassiere straps in her blouse. I'm sure I'd seen them before, but now, it was different. The straps meant something. They were holding a soft, luscious part of Mom's body. I'd never seen them that way before. It was strangely exciting.

When we left, we were tired even though it was early, so we stopped at a nearby motel. I got the things from the car and plunked down on the bed for a nap. When I woke, I saw it was dark. Mom was sitting on her bed in a housecoat, watching TV. She asked if I was hungry but I'd eaten too much at the park.

After I washed up, she was still watching TV, so I took all the pillows off my bed, piled them by her head and sat down beside her. Mom put her arm around me and I snuggled up next to her to watch the show. As I snuggled up, I put my hand on her stomach but brushed the side of her breast. Instantly, I was erect. I stayed very still, hoping it would go away ... but it didn't. Instead, the thought of Mom's precious breast grew in my mind until I had to move my hand a little to touch her again. When I did, Mom pulled me closer. Then, she must have noticed my erection because she touched it with the back of her hand, in a kind of brushing motion.

I could feel myself getting more and more excited, but I was also getting scared. Mom and I hadn't talked about it since that one little comment the first morning, and I didn't know what to do. Finally, scared and thinking something was wrong with me, I whispered, 'Mommy, it feels so good. Am I doing it too much?'

Mom squeezed me and said, 'Oh, no, Honey. It's your age. Your body is changing. You're getting to the age where this happens to young men. Some have it five or six times a day, even at night when they're sleeping. It's very natural, and it makes me happy that it's happening for you. In a few years, it will slow down a little, but it will always make you feel good.'

As she reassured me, she unzipped my pants and freed me. Then, cooing softly, she started stroking me. My hands were aching to do something, too, and I fondled her lovely breast, feeling for the nipple and rubbing it as it firmed up under my touch. Mom used her fingertips to gently squeeze the head and move it from side to side. She opened her housecoat a little so she could touch me against her leg. I wanted her to go faster. I wanted to grab her hand and make it move more quickly. At the last instant, she seemed to understand and increased the rhythm and pressure until I came. It was soooo good.

After I shot my juices all over, Mom took my hand from her breast and put it on her stomach. Then, she guided my fingers in a slow, fondling motion. She moved my hand down and used it to open her housecoat and guided my fingertips across her silky panties. Almost without her guidance, I caressed her stomach through the panties. It was indescribably soft and smooth.

Slowly, she moved my hand to her inner thigh. By now, I knew the stroking motion felt good to her. She spread her legs a little bit to make it easier for me, and I caressed her as gently as I could. My fingers kept working their way up to the top of her thigh until I felt her soft panties again. Mom took my hand and helped me cuddle her body between her legs. She nudged my hand from side to side, slowly at first, then increasing the tempo.

As my hand rocked her body, she put pressure on my middle finger. I could feel that her panties were wet, and my finger was going a little bit inside her. Strangely, even though I was touching her and thinking about her and concentrating on her, I felt myself get erect again. I also heard Mom starting to pant and moan a little bit. She was tugging on my hand and pressing my finger and started to groan. It scared me. I was afraid I was hurting her. I tried to pull my hand away, but she grabbed it tighter, with both hands, and pulled it up into herself almost viciously as she began to pop her hips, moaning 'Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh'.

I could feel her pleasure moving through me like electricity. I rubbed her as hard and fast as I could. When it seemed like we couldn't go any faster, she said 'Now, NOW, NOWWWWW!,' and kissed my neck and thrust her hips as high as they'd go, snapping them violently against our hands. It was so intense I came again.

We were very quiet for a long time, just holding each other. The TV was still on, but I don't think either of us noticed.



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