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How I Would Make You Do It for Me

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Responding to Deebee's luscious story-How Would You Make Me Do It For You?!


Hello beautiful:

I'm eleven years your senior-strong, edgy but solid. I've given my precious wife thousands of orgasms for her to feel between her soft legs while her face twists and her body writhes in ecstasy. She is a strong, powerful woman, but I've taught her to surrender to me sexually and experience sex wholly as a woman. This is how I'm going to teach you tonight.

Women are internal creatures-their biology and psyche is designed to absorb and take in. Men are external-thrusting, pushing, testing the limits. Their strength binds these elemental forces-a man's discipline can hold him still, rock hard as he holds you and cares for you as a soft, precious woman. Of course, men and women live together in a beautiful serendipity, and we all have shadings of the opposite gender; but when we come together for sexual pleasure, the most delicious combination is simply the man being the man and the woman being the woman.

Your body is a temple to pleasure. Your skin is soft and supple, yields to caresses and flows like a river from breast to belly to hip to thigh. You can feel things between your legs that no man can imagine, over and over and over again. Your hair is soft, your cries are soft. When a man is plunging into you, feeling the fire of lust in his loins, your body can struggle and fight but can't break free-all you can do is feel and scream, feel and scream. The only escape is the inevitable ecstasy at the end.

Men are deeply lustful creatures. Their bodies tell them to breed and breed again-often when they look at you, as friends, as coworkers, as the person across the counter-they are drinking you in and wanting you. They take your memory-a little bit of you-home with them, and you are there in a way when they feed their lust. It's nothing to be afraid of-they see you as a goddess, an angel, a beautiful beautiful creature. When their wives' tender pussies yield to their needful cocks, they feel all the soft pussies they've drunk in through the day. When they pleasure their own cocks, they feel the energy of your soft pussy. too.

I would take you to my bed, lean my back against the wall, and lay you across my lap like a child, with you cheek on my chest and my arm around your shoulders. You can bury your face in my chest, and I will whisper in your ear, strong and deep and confident, while I guide your hand between your legs. Your pleasure is the whole world-I am there to hold you and guide you, strong like a stone.

As your fingers stroke, rub and thrust, I will whisper in your ear and help you remember who you are, beautiful thing. You are a soft, sensual woman, feeling pleasure like a woman should. You are small in strong arms, and your nakedness blooms like a flower as the pleasure grows. Your breasts swell, nipples thrusting tight and hard and bare for me to see. You belly heaves with your breathing and contracts with the sensation. Your hips are moving rhythmically now, your thighs are rigid, and your pubic mound is raised and swollen.

You know release is near, and your desperation for it is mixed with fear-fear of letting go while you know I'm watching you-fear of what your body might do as it succumbs. But my grip becomes more firm around your shoulders, and my voice is steady in your ear. You say 'no, no, no', but I redirect you. 'Feels good,' I whisper, putting the words on your lips. 'Feels good,' you almost cry into my chest. You say it again and again, and it carries you past the fear, as your lips, words and intent mirror what you feel between your legs.

'Feels so good, oh God, it feels so good, it feels so good' you say, over and over, as the release crashes into you like a wave. First, the apex of pleasure, the ecstasy. You go silent and stiff-your face contorts, your head is thrown back. I watch the red flush flow over your skin. I marvel at how long it last, envious, wishing I could experience what you feel, for so long. Then the contractions come-one, two, three, four, five, six-and then, the sweet, sweet relief. A deep groan from the pit of your belly escapes you as your body collapses into the hard arms that hold you. You bask in the glow, your hips and thighs flowing like gentle waves as you gently come back to earth.

This is how I will think of you, precious faceless girl somewhere in the world. Feel pleasure like a woman. I will think of you, of the magic of your femininity, of the softness of your pussy when I give my hungry cock pleasure. Right now.



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