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How I Learned To Masturbate

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I recentely discovered this site and thought it would be fun to tell my own story. This happened when I was still a boy, 13. I was raised in a very religious home where neither sex or masturbation was ever discussed. Since I was home schooled and sheltered through my youth I was not aware about sex at all. I started puberty and began getting erections very frequently. I was scared to ask my parents about why my penis would get so hard sometimes, but I was scared they'd be angry.

After a few months went on I woke up to find my pj's were wet. I thought I had peed in my sleep, but I could not understand why, I had never wet the bed before. I decided to try and ignore it. About a week or two later it happened again. It started happenening once a week just about, and I was getting worried and frustrated. One morning when it happened again I decided to furthur examine it myself. I pulled my shorts off. The stain did not smell like pee, and felt almost sticky. I looked at my penis which was very erect. What was going on? I went to the bathroom and tried to pee but my penis was still very erect and throbbing. I looked down and saw clearish white liquid was leaking out onto the toilet seat. I touched it and played with it for a minute. It was slippery and would string between my fingers, definitely not urine. I was scared I thought something was wrong. I finally got the nerve to ask my mom. She told me it was part of growing up and to ignore it, and not to touch anything down there. I agreed and spent the next months feeling frustrated. It was aggravating waking up once a week with wet shorts, and getting erections all day. I was feeling tense from it. I was hoping it would all just end soon. I was right. It would end, but not for reasons I was expecting.

It all started with my friend who I met through our church. He was 15 at the time. We were good friends, and spent one sunday all day together. We were having fun and our parents agreed to let me stay the night at his house. We watched tv for awhile in his room. We layed out sheets on his floor to sleep on. We were laying next to each other watching tv and talking when suddenly I felt an erection starting. I was in my shorts and a shirt at the time. Oh great I thought perfect timing.

I quickly covered up with the blanket so he wouldn't see. I still thought there was something not right with me, I didn't think it was normal. We went to sleep awile later and my erection was still coming on rather frequently. Great I thought. I remember praying that it wouldn't happen tonight. I didn't bring extra clothes. I was scared I would wet my only shorts. I fell asleep after awhile though.

I woke up the next morning. My friend was awake playing a game. He told me good morning and I sat up and.. Oh no it had happened. I felt my shorts were soaked. My heart started pounding. What would I do? I tried to stay under the blanket but he of course wanted to play wrestle. I tried to get away but it was no use. His hand brushed my wet shorts and he instantly pulled away. I hid my hands in my face as he discovered my stained shorts. 'What happened?' he asked. I said I was sorry and I don't know what's wrong with me. I explained it happened often and I didn't know why. I kept saying sorry, I couldn't look at him the whole time. I felt so ashamed.

He started laughing. 'What's so funny?' I asked. 'There's nothing wrong you're having wet dreams, don't you beat off?' he asked. I just stared for a second. 'What?' I asked. He laughed again. 'Wow you don't know anything do you' he said. 'I guess not' I replied, 'what's a wet dream?' He explained about semen, and that it makes babies, and that it comes out when you touch it. This was all news to me. I was so confused about everything. He asked if I would like him to show me. I didn't know what he ment but I agreed, I was very curious about all this. He checked to see if his mom was home, I wasn't sure why. He came back and said it was all clear. 'All clear for what?' I asked. 'Take your shorts off' he said.

'What!?' I exclaimed, 'no way why'? 'Cause I will teach you what to do, we can do it together'. 'Do what?' I asked, 'what do you mean'? 'I can show you' he said, 'but we gotta take our shorts off. C'mon it will make you not wet yourself anymore'. 'Really?' I asked. 'Yea, you want to or not?' he asked. I was so hesitant, but he convinced me. He pulled off his shorts and I pulled off mine. I never had seen another boys privates other than my own. He was bigger than me, and had more hair. 'What do we do?' I asked shyly.

We sat on our sheet facing each other. I was shaking, but my nerves subsided little by little. 'You gotta touch it' he said. I explained my mom said not too, and that it was bad. 'You need to stop cumming in your sleep' he said, 'it's not bad and it feels great'. 'What is cumming?' I asked. 'Ok just watch'. I watched as he took his flacid dick in his hand and started moving it. I watched for a minute or so and asked what it does. He stopped and said it would make the wet stuff come out. I noticed he had an erection now. 'Hey yours gets all hard too' I exclaimed. 'Yea' he said, 'it's what happens when you're horny'. 'What's horny?' I asked. He said I would learn and continued touching his erect penis.

Another minute later and he slowed down. 'Ok watch now' he said. I was all eyes as he moved his hand up and down a few more times and all at once white stuff came flying out onto the sheet. 'Whoa' I said. 'What happened'? 'It's called having an orgasm' he said. 'It's what you were doing in your sleep, but if you do this it won't happen in your sleep, and it feels great' he said panting, 'You wanna try'?

I was scared, but I agreed. I tried to mimic my friend and wrapped my hand around my little penis. I felt ashamed disobeying my mother, but realized how amazing it felt to do this, I could not stop. 'This feels sooo good' I said as my nerves were vanishing. He smiled and watched. I started slowly, just sort of tugging on myself. I couldn't really mimmic his up and down movement as I was smaller and soft still. I noticed a few seconds of doing this though made my penis really hard, harder than normal. I could go up and down a little, and it was feeling amazing. 'Why does it feel so good?' I asked. 'It's cool isn't it?' he said. I agreed but felt something intense and stopped. 'What's wrong?' he asked. 'I don't know' I said, 'Something was happening'. 'You were probably about to cum' he laughed, 'keep going trust me'. 'I don't know' I said, as I looked down at my throbbing penis. 'It will make you feel better, and make that stiffy go away'.

I started again but could not bring myself to keep going, it felt too intense. I lay down and covered my face in my hands. We sat in silence for a second. 'Want me to do it for you?' he asked. I said no and we sat in silence for another minute. We talked a little, and I couldn't make up my mind. We tried changing the subject but my erection would not stop, and was kind of hurting a little. I told him it was feeling uncomfortable and he said I had to finish. He said he could leave me to do it alone if I wanted and I lay on my back and covered my face. 'Just do it!' I exclaimed. 'What?' he asked. 'Make me cum or whatever I want it to just go away' I said.

I thought he could do it better and get it over with. I still was not in the frame of mind to know this was considered a sexual or intimate thing. I spead my legs with my erection still raging. He asked if I was sure and I said yes. He placed his hand on my penis and began stroking me. I couldn't help but grunt it felt incredible. It didn't take long for the intensity to build and I wanted him to stop but I wanted it to happen too, I just bit my tongue and squirmed as he sped up. I yelled that I was gonna pee and panicked, but just then everything turned to pleasure and I looked at this white stuff shoot clear on to his chest and all over his hand. I instantly felt better.

We cleaned up and talked more about sex and what all this was. He was my education. I played with myself at home that night and found it was less intense, and I made myself cum. It got easier and felt only pleasurable from then on. We got together weeks later and masturbated together again. I have been ever since. Hope you enjoyed my story of how I learned. Happy reading and happy playing.



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