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How I Learned I Wasn't the Only One

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When I hit puberty I had been masturbating for several years, but had no idea if anyone else did that. But one day I found out.


I don't know why I was so naive about sexual matters when I was going through puberty. I don't think my parents were repressive about such things, but they also never made an effort to teach me anything about it, and I never had sex ed in school. I heard vague references to 'beating it' and stuff from classmates, but no real information. I had been masturbating since about 8 years old, but didn't know if anyone else knew this trick. I mostly did it by rubbing on things, like my bed or my pillow at night. I loved the pleasant feelings it gave me, but had no idea what I was doing.
Then in seventh grade one of my friends gave me quite a surprise. We had been friends for several years, but had never done anything of a sexual nature before, other than go skinny dipping sometimes in the summer, but that wasn't sexual, it was just practical. We wanted to swim and didn't want to get our clothes wet. Of course we checked each other out while we were naked, but that was all.
He sometimes stopped by my house on the way home from school. We had the same bus stop, and he had a longer walk than I did, so he'd stop for a while, get something to drink, and usually leave pretty quickly since his mother always wanted him to come straight home to change before doing anything.
I had a jar of vaseline in my room, which I kept in my utility drawer. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't for masturbation, it was for lubricating the moving parts of some of my gadgets. One day I had used it to loosen up something (I don't remember what), and left it on top of my dresser. The next day when Mike stopped by on the way home, he spotted it, and asked,'Hey, can I use some of this?'
I said OK, having no idea what he would want that for. To my surprise, he unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear, and lay back on my bed and pulled up his shirt. So he was fully exposed from his upper torso to his ankles, and he had a hardon, the first I'd ever seen on another boy. It was just about the same as mine, about 4 inches long, thin, and with just a few wisps of soft downy hair above it. Then he took a glob of vaseline and smeared it on his penis, and began stroking it, right in front of me. I sat down in a chair and watched, fascinated. I of course realized he was doing what I did in bed at night, but of course was using a technique new to me.
He lay there jacking for 5 or 10 minutes, then tensed and held still, and I could see his penis start to jerk, and then three or four small jets came out. No, it wasn't a gusher that went over his head and all, it was just a couple of gentle squirts that lay a trail about three inches up his stomach from the head of his penis, which he was gripping tightly. He sighed softly as he had his orgasm, then lay panting slightly as he recovered.
I tossed him some tissues and he wiped up, not seeming to be at all embarrassed at what he had done with me watching. He just pulled his pants back up, tucked in his shirt, and said,'Thanks, that was great. I'd better get home quick before mom gets mad.' And he left. And that was that.
I was blown away. Of course I was turned on by what I had seen, but mostly I was surprised at how it had happened, and very happy to find out I wasn't the only one who enjoyed pleasuring myself. Very quickly my pants were down and I was on top of my pillow, going at it madly.
Mike started stopping by my house nearly every day after school from then on, and went for my vaseline, jacking off on my bed the same way, with no shame or modesty. And I'd hump my pillow after he left. It was a week or so before I tried his method, and after a little practice, I found I liked it. Then one day when he came over I decided to join him, and pulled down my pants and lay back on the bed beside him, and we did it at the same time. He watched me carefully, which was also a turnon for me -- I never thought I'd want someone to watch me, but since I had watched him, it didn't bother me, and we both seemed to enjoy watching each other.
This became a daily routine that lasted for several years. Of course I had to renew my vaseline supply every so often, but I didn't care. It was worth it for the fun we were having every afternoon. We never did anything else of a sexual nature, except once when my cousin was visiting. I don't know why he had come, since it was during the school year, but he was there three days. I figured Mike wouldn't do it in front of my cousin, but again to my surprise, he did. My cousin looked surprised, and I decided to do it, too, and my cousin waited a moment and joined in. So there we were, three of us on the bed masturbating happily together. We did that all three days he was there. It was fun.



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