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How I Found Out about ... ' It '

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I was staying at my friend's house for a sleepover with two other friends. We had a crazy time and it was super late when each of us fell asleep.

At some point I got up to get water because all the chips we ate before sleeping left me thirsty.

I quietly walked down the hall and noticed that the blue light on the TV was on in the living room..but didn't hear any sound. I walked towards the living room.

I saw the screen. A late night infomercial was on. I was standing behind the sofa thinking some one left the TV on...when I noticed movement of a leg or something on the sofa.

I peeked over the back of the sofa to see who was there, my friend's mom was on the sofa. She looked asleep but her mouth was open. That's when I noticed her hand was down the front of her PJ bottoms, her hand was moving.

I just froze. What do I do? WOW I thought. All of a sudden her eyes opened up and she kinda leapt up to her feet in a second. I started to whisper an apology, she was asking me not to tell.

I went to the kitchen and she followed me talking a mile a minute, basically begging me not to tell on her. I swore I wouldn't tell but I did ask what was it that she was doing.

She lead me into the laundry next to the kitchen so we wouldn't be heard. She said it's normal and a bunch of other stuff, but I just focused on what was it and how it felt to her. She asked if I had ever done it. I hadn't because even though I kinda heard about it from some friends from school I didn't know the details. She whispered all the details to me in the laundry room.

I went back to the bed room after swearing on all my family's grave not to tell on her. I rubbed a little bit over my PJs but I was too scared to get caught, and besides my head was swimming with everything that happened.

The moment my mom and sister were not home I went to my room, pulled my jeans down to my ankles and explored. I found the spot and I kinda wiggled it and kept wiggling it till, yeah, my first one happened to me. I would do it every chance I got alone in the house.

I think it was about a month later I was at my friends house again. At some point I went to the kitchen, her mom and I kinda stared at each other, almost a little awkwardly. I pointed to the laundry room, we went in. I told her I didn't tell. She asked if I was doing 'IT' I said OH YEAH and I thanked her for telling me. I asked her if she's still doing 'It' too. She nodded. We laughed.

Every once in a while when we could have a private conversation we would tell each other if we did 'IT'. She always told me new stuff for me to try. We'd say some day we'd have to try it together at the same time. I totally would have, but it never happened.

If I get a chance I'll pass on what I know to a first timer.



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