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How I Became a Pervert

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This is the greatest site on the internet! This is my very first contribution, so let me know what you think of it!


Last year I attended a week-long convention in Florida and I shared a hotel room with four guys and one ridiculously hot asian girl. She was amazing, like nineteen, with big curvy breasts and a perfect arse, a rare figure for a young, fit, asian woman without an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. She exuded a raw sexuality that got me excited to be around her even though she was too young for me and way out of my league.

On the second day of the convention I had skipped out on one of the seminars to go back to the room and take a nap, and as I was getting ready to lie down I noticed a small pile of her clothes from the previous day in the corner of the room behind a chair.

I lay down and tried to sleep, but those clothes in the corner had piqued my curiosity. I wondered what kind of panties she wore, and the thought of holding in my hands something that had been so close to that (doubtless!) heavenly asian pussy began to excite me.

I understand that there's a whole fetish scene involving used women's panties, they say in Japan you can buy them in vending machines, but I never thought that much about it. As I lay there on the bed, I began to see the allure.

Eventually I succumbed and got up to go and look through the pile of clothes. At first no success, it turns out she had hidden them quite well, as if it had occurred to her that one of her male roommates might try this, although it was a new idea to me, but I eventually found them tucked into the sleeve of a sweatshirt.

I took my newfound treasure into the bathroom and locked the door, in case one of my roommates returned, and examined them.

They were a frilly, lacy, thongy affair, very feminine and sexy, and the thought of her perfect ass-cheeks protruding from the bottoms got me instantly hard and I dropped my pants to my thighs and began to stroke my cock with one hand while I felt the smooth fabric with the other.

I felt a thrill when I turned the panties inside out and noticed a large, clear stain on the cotton crotch. What amazed me was how clearly the stain told the exact size, shape and position of her tender slit. I ran a thumb across the stain and felt an electric shock when I realised it was ever so slightly slimy to the touch. Without really thinking, I raised the crotch to my face and inhaled.

That's pretty much the moment I became a pervert.

The smell was overwhelming. I was overcome with what they used to call a 'swoon', and the room began to spin. I fell against the wall and then sank to my knees, unable to take my left hand away from my face or my right hand away from my cock. The sensation was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, the rich aroma of that sweet teenage vagina was like the most powerful drug I'd ever experienced.

I took long, greedy breaths, filling my lungs with the glorious odour and then emptying them as quickly as I could so I could fill them again. The fabric was not just moist but positively wet with the juices of her sex.

My orgasm was nothing short of decapacitating, and the whole time I kept the crotch of this hot asian teenager's panties tightly closed over my nose.

I returned the panties to their hiding spot and went back to the conference, and for the rest of the day I could smell her sweet sex in my goatee just like you do after you've been going down on a girl all night.

Each remaining day of the convention I would find some time to be alone in the room and search for her panties from the day before. At the end of the week I had swiped the most fragrant pair I could find and took them home with me, and for several days thereafter you could still smell her beautiful scent.

Since then I have not had an opportunity to get a hold of a strange woman's panties (I could certainly swipe a pair from girls I sleep with, but somehow that doesn't seem to hold the same allure) but if I ever get the chance again I certainly wouldn't hesitate.



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