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How Did This Happen

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A story of a one time meeting of strangers. It could have happened.


How did I end up masturbating a middle aged woman in my car while she did the same to me? It started simply enough.

I was taking pictures of storefronts in the neighboring town. I was standing in front of what looked like an empty store, but one seemingly about to re-open. A woman appeared from around the corner, and I took her to be the owner. I assumed she was about to open the door and go inside. She said something to me, though I can’t remember what. I started to explain what I was doing, that I was a hobbyist, that’s all – I assumed she wanted to know what I was doing. Though most folks don’t mind my taking pictures, I have had an altercation or two. Meeting someone new is always interesting and this time I felt a real spark. I assume she did too considering how this played out.

Terri-Ann was maybe a few years younger than me, but we were both middle aged. And I was attracted. Very quickly I felt that slight tingle of blood rushing to my penis that all men know (I suspect women don’t). It was early, maybe 8am, and a Saturday. I wasn’t doing anything, and neither was Terri. As I spoke more about photography, she told me that she was a color consultant, she had a bag with colored pencils, paper and color swatches. She had a decent figure which you could see under her flimsy white button-shirt. The shirt was mostly unbuttoned, and she had tied to left and right sides at the bottom. Under the shirt was a stretchy t-shirt that allowed me to see her full breasts. And since the shirt was fairly short, I could also see about two inches of belly above her jeans.

Our conversation turned flirtatious as the subject matter turned to men thinking with their dicks. Yes we were definitely flirting. I asked her do women ever think with their pussies? (I had considered whether to say cunt, which I thought as crude, or vagina, which was too clinical.) She smiled and asked me how does it feel to be led around by your penis. I asked her if she really wanted to know. She said she did. I thought we should move off the main street, so I started walking to a quieter place. I hoped she would follow, and she did.

We moved to the parking lot with woods in the back. I said that when a man becomes aroused, he feels an electric spark that becomes more important than everything else, until it goes away. That once it gets going, once his dick starts to get hard, it will only go away after he cums. Hence all the jerking off that men do. I said that I was feeling the spark now. Terri looked at me with a funny look, so you are getting hard? Yes, a little. It is useful to add here that it was still summer, and that I was wearing light jogging shorts.

She asked if that’s my hard on, and pointed to my shorts, where the knobby end of my penis started to push out. Before I could say anything, she touched the end with her thumb and forefinger, twisting her finger around the tip. Wow, I said. We were at my car, and I unlocked the doors. I said that we either stop now, or we had better get inside. I went into the back on the driver’s side and sat down; she looked around, and sat down on the passenger’s side. I turned to her and put my hand on her belly, just above her pants. She put her hand on my pants feeling my penis again. I pushed my hand all the way inside, into her panties, feeling her very wet pussy. I told her as much.

She smiled and said, see, we also think with our parts. Masturbation is a selfish act, even when you are masturbating someone else, and she you. We each stopped what we were doing and pulled our respective pants down most of the way. I said this could get messy. She said she was a mess now. I turned to her, I unbuttoned the last few buttons on her shirt and moved my hand under her t-shirt. I said as long as I am her, I really wanted to feel her tits. She sat back and let me. I kissed her closest nipple. My penis was now as hard as it gets.

Terri-Anne’s nipples were swollen and her chest seemed reddened. Her breathing was fast and her facial expression seemed distant (as if fully elsewhere – in her own pleasure land). I said I wouldn’t last much longer. She turned to me and kissed me. We opened our mouths, and our tongues danced. I held her tight, and she held me. We broke our kiss. I pulled out my handkerchief. She asked if I wanted to finish myself, or could she? I said I’d love it if she did.

So she placed her two fingers around me again, and stroked the upper part of my shaft and some of the knob. I held my handkerchief at the ready and tried to ride the bliss. It did not take long. I shook a little bit, and shot a few decent spurts and then was finished. Terri moved her head down and licked me, picking up some of the cum on her tongue. Then I turned to her and kissed her, tasting my own cum for the first time. I asked how about you? She said she was ready.

She sat back and as I moved my face down to her lap, I could see her clit had popped out. I started to lick around. I was patient, but soon enough her thighs were wrapped around my head, and she let out a wail! And then we were done. It was still early for the day, but I said I really need to get going. So did she. I asked if I could see her again. She said yes, if I catch her.



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