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How Bad Is That?

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The power of detailed observation is a skill that does not come easily to some. To others, like myself, it is a gift beyond measure.


She works in my company, and I am old enough to be her father! She is 18, flirtatious, beautifully toned and at the stage between girlhood and experienced womanhood. I return her flirtatious chatter, but and let me make this clear, I have never, nor will I ever try to make a date with her or touch her. That said, an opportunity occurred that I just could not pass up.

You see, I noticed that sometimes, at lunchtime, she changes her trousers, or skirt. It doesn't happen often, I would say twice a week at the most. When I noticed it, I wondered if it was THAT time of the month for her and she had a little accident, but since it is usually at least once a week, it can't be that. Now, the lavatory on our floor is very big. Although it only contains one lavatory, the room itself is used as a locker room for those on our floor who care to use it. The door is in plain view of the secretariat so no one could take anything really.

So I noticed that one day she had gone to the toilet and had come out wearing a different skirt. I popped in right after her. I sat there looking and soon saw the skirt she had taken off neatly folded over her bag. I lifted it up, taking care not to disturb it and gently opened the zipper of her bag. There, right on the top, again neatly folded, were a pair of panties. Nothing special, not a thong or silk or anything. Just a plain pair of white cotton bikini-style. Noting how they were folded, I opened them out. There, right in the middle was a large, very moist area. Louise had creamed herself! Well, what could I do. I smelt her moisture, naturally. That wonderful fresh almost flowery musky scent of arousal. Soon, I was masturbating while breathing her in and licking her juices off her panties. There was a very faint aroma of pee too and that sent me over the edge. After I cleaned up, I put everything back just as I found it.

Now I am not going to get all hokey on you but my mother was what the English call a Wiccan. She believed in 'old magic' and always used to talk about the psychic bond that 'personal' items presented. I don't say I believe in it myself though. But, I had licked, tasted and even made myself swallow some of Louise's wetness. The next day, she was even more flirtatious than ever with me and when I left work that evening, she had (I like to think) waited for me. We walked to the station together and all the time her talk got more and more sexual. She told me she had not had a boyfreind since school, that she was frustrated and horny all the time and even masturbated at work. I am old enough to realise this was a come on. I will not respond to her in that way though. If having a raunchy conversation with me turns her on and she masturbates when she gets home, that is all well and good. But, if my dear old mum was right, and this is 'old magic' then I have abused it and I will not do so again. If not, well, maybe she just has a thing about older guys. Who knows.

One thing. I will never forget the freshness of that smell and taste.



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