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This occurred when I was 17


I used to house sit for one of my neighbors when I was younger. My neighbor used to go away for weeks at a time, so I had a lot of time to poke about their house. One day I uncovered a stash of porn. Being 17 at the time, I put it to good use over and over again.

One afternoon after school, one of my friends, Eric tagged along when I checked on the house. I grabbed the mail and went inside. Eric asked me if there was anything to drink as it was hot out and we were both parched. I went to the fridge and poured us two drinks. I asked if he wanted to go sit and watch some TV. With nothing better to do we both went into the den and sat down to watch the tube.

I had forgotten to put one of the porn movies away, and it was sitting on top of the VCR. When Eric noticed it he asked if we could watch it. I agreed, put the movie in and turned on the set.

We sat and watched it for a few scenes when Eric asked if he could borrow the movie. I asked him 'what do you want to borrow it for?' He replied 'you know'. I said, 'why don't you just do it here?' He looked puzzled for a moment and replied 'sure, but only if you join me.' I immediately agreed.

We just sat there for a moment, rubbing the growing bulges in our shorts. I got up to get some paper towels. When I returned Eric had pulled off everything except his underwear. His cock was clearly outlined in his briefs. I started to get undressed as well.

As I was getting undressed, Eric said that his dick was so hard that he thought it was thicker than the metal pole on the floor lamp in the room. I told him, no way, coaxing him to pull his briefs off. He said 'let's see', pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang out. He walked over to the lamp and put it up against it, sure enough, it was about the same width as the pole. He asked me to try, so I pulled down my briefs and walked over to the other side of the lamp. I put my dick against the other side of the pole and it also was about the same width. My dick slipped off the pole and landed against his. It was weird feeling another dick against mine, but I was also very excited.

I grabbed the paper towels and threw them to the center of the couch. I went and sat on one side and started to stroke my cock. My friend came and sat on the other side and started in on his cock. So, there we were, two friends masturbating in my neighbors house on a Tuesday afternoon.

I drew up the courage to ask him if he wanted to 'lend each other a hand.' Eric said sure, and slid over to the center of the couch. I asked, 'who goes first?' We decided to flip a coin to see who would jerk the other off first. I called heads and won the toss. My friend reached over with his right hand and grabbed my cock. This was the first time another person had touched my boner.

It took him a minute to get a rhythm down, but he started to get a good motion going. I started to leak precum, and it dribbled down the back of the head of my cock. His hand started to slip a bit back there and it felt sooo goood. I could not believe it, my friend was about to make me cum.

I started to feel the tingling in my cock, and knew the moment was about to arrive. The precum was coming down in ropes off the head of my dick now. I warned Eric I was going to cum and I felt it start to rise up from my balls. My cock began to spasm and I shot about seven or eight thick loads onto my chest and Eric's hand and arm. I cleaned up and told Eric it was his turn.

I turned to my left and reached over with my right hand, which felt more natural. I took Eric's cock in my hand. It felt so warm and hard. He was already dripping precum down the front which made it slippery as well. I started to stroke him and precum poured out the head of his cock making it more slippery. He said he was going to cum. I felt his cock get warmer and swell in my hand. He started to shoot out load after load. I heard one load go over his head and splat against the wall behind the couch. Clearly he enjoyed the operation.

Afterwards we cleaned up and just hung out. Luckily my neighbor went away often...



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