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Last summer, the family next door to us went on vacation for a couple of weeks and their son and daughter went as well. He and I had been friends for years and our parents got along as well. Their 17 year old daughter is a different story. She is very pretty, so in turn, she acts very stuck-up and only hangs around with the popular kids at school, which is completely different from her brother who, like me, is very laid back and easy going. Anyway, since I was very close to them and they would be gone for so long, I was asked if I would come over every day and feed their cat. Of course, I agreed.

The day that they left, I went over, filled the cat's bowl and basically hung out, watching TV and got in their pool for a while. Since my parents were at work all day, I didn't have to worry about letting anyone know where I was. The rest of that day went on without incident. The next day, however, I decided to do some snooping around. Since I had never been in his sister's room, I decided to go there first. Walking in, I noticed that her room was very proper and organized. The bed was made, her desk was neat and her floor was clear. I decided to take a look in her closet, and at that point, I stopped dead in my tracks. Having a huge foot fetish, I had found my Holy Grail; a large shoe rack with at least three dozen pairs of sneakers, flats, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and so forth. I almost had to remember to catch my breath as I pulled a few out of their holes and gazed at them. Naturally, I got very horny at the site and was just about to go home to masturbate when I had an idea.

Since there was absolutely no chance I would be caught, I stripped naked in her room and began stroking myself as I grabbed one of her leather flip-flops and smelled and licked the sole. I felt I was about to blow so I set it down and was about to run to the bathroom when I got another idea. I grabbed the sandal and blew a huge load all over it. Seeing my cum run all over the sole and into the imprints from her beautiful toes, I knew I had to jerk off again. I grabbed the other sandal and rubbed it all over my throbbing cock, thinking about her feet being in these very sandals and what I was doing with them. Soon after, I blew another load that was just as big as the first. Seeing the mess that I made, I took them into the bathroom and carefully cleaned all of my cum off of them and put them back just as they were.

Every morning after that when I went to feed the cat, I stripped naked and spent the entire day at their house, sniffing her shoes, licking her sandals and masturbating over them. Every single day I came at least four times, and every day I was more and more eager to start. At one point, I had six different shoes with white stains laying next to me and was still masturbating over the seventh.

She had always been pretty rude to me, so on the last day I decided to have the last laugh. I was masturbating as normal, and when I came, I grabbed one of her old, dirty white flip-flops and came all over it. Starting again, I came all over the other one as well. This time however, I smeared my cum all over the soles and put them back without washing it off.

A few days after they came home, I was outside cutting the grass and I saw his sister walk out to her car, wearing those very same flip flops. When I was in the shower later on, I started laughing as I masturbated, knowing that she would never find out my dry cum was now all over the soles of her feet.



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