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Housekeeper Surprise

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This turned out to be a completely unexpected surprise


A couple of weeks ago I attended a business conference. It was a four day conference running from Monday to Thursday. I flew in on the Sunday, and planned on flying home late on the Friday. Anyhow the conference was held at a down town hotel, so that is where I booked my room for the week. During the conference we always had a few breaks during the day, and I would always run back to my room to check messages and emails. On Monday when I went up to the room the housekeeper was cleaning the room, so we chatted for a few minutes while I checked messages. She was East Indian, maybe early 20's and was very attractive.

During the week I ran into her a few times in the hall or in the room, so we did become a bit friendly. Her name was Asha and she told me a bit about immigrating and so on. Each day I left her a good tip in the room, as I usually do when travelling and found that my room was always cleaned earlier in the day. Anyhow the conference ended on Thursday and a bunch of us went out and had a few drinks so it was quite late when I got back to the room. I got back to the room closed the door, got naked and flopped into bed.

The next morning I slept in and finally around 10 or so got up to have a shower. I took a nice long shower and got out to dry off, giving myself a good rub down which gave me a semi hard on. Just as I was leaving the wash room the door to my room opened and in walked Asha the housekeeper. The wash room door was right by the front door so we were no farther than five feet apart, me completely naked sporting a semi hard on. I see her looking down, and noticing my completely hairless pubic area, and then looking up and saying she is sorry for interrupting. I tell her not to worry I forgot to put the do not disturb sign out, and tell her I can be out of the room in a few minutes. She looks down again and asks 'Are you sure, it looks like you might have some unfinished business to take care of', so I look down and notice I am now supporting a fair size boner! I really don't know what to say so I guess I just grinned at her.

She looks out into the hall and then asked me if I wanted a bit of help with it. What is a man supposed to say to that, so I say for sure. Asha comes into the room and closes the door, and we head for the bedroom. She tells me to lie down and starts to run her hands along my legs and inner thigh, which makes my cock start to jump even more. At the same time I run my hands up her legs, and start to go up under her skirt and tell her it is not fair that she gets to see all of me and I do not get to see her. So she stands up and slowly removes her uniform. She is down to her bra and panties, and I see that she has a beautiful set of tits, which I never noticed with her uniform on. Then off comes the bra and panties, and I see her trimmed pussy, with her lips sticking out from her trimmed hairs.

I pulled her to me, and took one of her tits into my mouth, while slipping my hand down to her pussy, and felt her wetness, while she took my cock into her hands and slowly starts to pump it. I started to work my finger around her clit, and could feel her body move to meet the movement of my finger, while she started to rub my balls along with my cock. After working her clit for awhile I moved my fingers down and slowly entered her with first one, and then two fingers, while continuing to rub her clit with my thumb. She is now starting to buck my hand, and is dripping wet, plus I can really smell her aroma. She continued to work my cock, and I could feel myself close to cumming. We started to kiss each other working our tongues in and out of each others mouths. Her body started to shudder and her breathing got real deep as I felt the first of many ropes of cum shouting out of my cock. I felt totally drained as she milked the last of the cum out of me.

We both collapsed on the bed for a while before she realized she had left her cart in front of my door, and she better get out there before her supervisor came up so she had to get up and go. It was a shame I had to fly out later in the day, so we never had a chance to see each other again. Maybe next time I visit her city, I will get lucky enough to have the same housekeeper.



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