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Hot Tub Jets!

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I have an amazing wife!


I have been married for over ten years now and have a great marriage to a wonderful women who is seven years younger than me. This incredible experience happened just a couple of weeks ago.

My wife (Angie), had a friend (Denise), over to watch some movies with us. It was quite an erotic movie and Angie and Denise were sitting on the couch together. After a while I noticed from where I was sitting on a chair next to them, that every now and then they would give each other a little kiss. My wife is very open sexually and is close to several friends, although I don't think she has ever had sex with any. After the first movie was over, I decided to go to bed. I said goodnight, gave Angie a kiss and went into the bedroom. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard some interesting noises coming from the couch. I got out of bed and headed down the hallway towards the living room where the couch is located. Stopping short of the room I stopped to listen just a little more. What I heard was very erotic. I heard my wifes friend letting out slight moans and giggling a little bit. My wife was reasurring her that everything was okay and the moaning continued for several minutes. I could not see what was happening, but was picturing my wife with her hand on Denise's pussy and rubbing her clit. My cock immediately began to throb and become erect. My wife then said to her friend, 'Let's go hot tubbing'. So as not to be noticed I slowly made my way back to bed, as I heard them scurry down towards the hot tub.

As I lay back down in bed, I starting caressing my balls and stroking my cock gently, while imagining what was happening in the hot tub. I was so hot and began to stroke my dick faster, but after a few minutes I decided to get up and see what the girls were up to. I approached a window overlooking the dimly lit hot tub which was slightly open with a screen so I could hear everythng going on. With my dick still throbbing in my hand and dripping pre-cum, this is what happened.

Denise was sitting on one of Angie's favorite jets and enjoying it immensely as it pulsated against her clit. Angie approached Denise and said 'Isn't that jet amazing?'. My wife then kissed Denise and raised up a little to slip her breast into Denise's face. Denise began to suck Angie's tit. As she is sucking her nipple I noticed her hand reach toward my wife's pussy. Angie's head went back in pleasure as Denise rubbed and played with my wifes clit. Denise soon started cumming and moaned in ectasy for nearly a minute. She couldn't take the jet anymore and hurriedly jumped off the jet and eased Angie to her side. Denise just laid back in the hot tub and sighed in the afterglow of cumming hard on my wifes favorite jet.

After getting her wits about her, Denise told Angie 'It's your turn now'. Angie said 'Oh yeh' and without hesitation began to head towards the powerful jet that can make her cum up to 17 times in a row. (that's right, I saw Angie have 17 orgasms once on that same jet). Denise watched as my wife closed her eyes and began to let the rushing water engulf her clit. Angie's moans began slowly, but started becoming louder as her orgasm built. Denise was really enjoying watching the show and played with her nipples as Angie began to scream into what must have been her second or third orgasm. Wow, was my cock hard! As they silently sat and chatted in the tub after sharing orgasms with each other, I walked back into the bedroom and starting stroking my cock before I even got to the bed. I laid down on my back and stroked hard, I knew I was going to blow my load quickly after seeing those girls masturbate together and within a minute or two of stroking, I ejaculated so hard that a load of cum shot up and right onto my face and chest. After cleaning up, I went right back to bed and went to sleep.

About four days later, I told Angie what I had witnessed and told her that is was awesome and that she could do that anytime she wants to with her girlfriends. She was a little embarassed, but admitted that is was really exciting. She asked me if I had masturbated while I was watching and she got really turned on when I said 'Of course I did'.

I love my wife!



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