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Hot Tub Encounter

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After two years of lusting after him, we finally had fun together.


I was working a temporary job two years ago when I met Timothy. The job was weekends and because it was far from home, some of us camped out in a campground afterwards. At 19, Timothy was the typical boy next door; he played high school football and had a great body to show for it. He was cute and slightly rugged, and supposedly quite straight. He always rebuffed homosexual innuendos and jokes as a typical straight boy paranoid about anyone thinking there could possibly be any thoughts in his head that ran otherwise. And almost as if to prove it, and seemingly to taunt me, he almost always showered with his girlfriend. I always tried to loosen him up by telling him I used to be super straight, but 11 years ago, at the age of 32, I had the chance to play around with my best friend and I loved it so much that I try to play with other guys whenever I get the chance. I assure him that there is nothing wrong with humans exploring this side of their nature, whether it's once in their life, a few times a year or for those who choose to be gay full time. Sex feels good whether it's with a woman or a man, and I like to feel good, so I chose to have sex with whomever I feel attracted to, man or woman!

Last weekend, while camping out again for social reasons, I found myself in the hot tub with him, his girlfriend, Wendy, and a few other friends of mine. My friend Kev offered to give Wendy a back rub. My other two friends, Mike and Sue were kissing and rubbing backs as well.

I noticed that as Kev was rubbing Wendy's back, Timothy's arm was in front of me as he was rubbing on Kev's leg. So I started to rub on Timothy's arm. I had made a few jokes about groping Timothy when I got in the hot tub, knowing everyone was nude. He withdrew and put his hand out to bat me away. But now, with all the hot tub rubbing going on, I moved up his arm to his shoulder and chest with no negative reaction. So I moved to his stomach with still no reaction. His body was firm and hairy and felt wonderful under the bubbling water.

Before long, Timothy grabbed my hand and led it down to his cock. I rubbed it a bit, and felt the limp thing start to grow at my touch. Wendy moved a bit and her leg brushed my hand. Not sure how she would feel about me groping her boyfriend, or how he would react to her knowing, I moved my hand back up to Timothy's stomach and chest. He was now rubbing my neck, but again grabbed my hand to lead it back to his cock. This cycle repeated itself a few times. As much as I wanted to feel his cock, as good as it felt after wishing this would happen for two years, I didn't want to freak him out and ruin any further prospects, so I proceeded with caution. His continually moving my hand to his package soon told me I needn't be so cautious.

After a while, I did the same thing to him; reaching for his free hand under the water and leading it to my cock, which quickly grew at his touch. He seemed to love feeling me and quickly started to jack me off, stopping a few times to jiggle my whole package under water, then resuming his up and down thrusts on my shaft. It was quite obvious to all what was going on under the water between Timothy and I. His girlfriend didn't seem to care, and eventually, we were both jacking him, taking turns at who had the better grip. When she held his cock, I played with and cupped his balls. I think she was turned on as well!

Wendy's attention soon turned to Sue and the two of them began to kiss. Timothy leaned towards me and after a slight repositioning, I found that he and I were almost face to face. I moved a bit closer and put our cocks together and started to jack them simultaneously; first with mine over his, then the reverse. This was awesome for me, and he seemed to really be turned on as well, as he found my mouth and gave me a deep, long and probing kiss. This shocked me. I've messed around with supposed straight boys before, and even a few out bi men who won't kiss other guys. But I love making out, so kissed him back just as hard.

After our kiss, I found his hand probing my balls. I took his hand and switched out mine, thus having him jack the two of us for a bit, which he did without abandon. It was great!

Timothy loved having me touch him and any time I moved my hand away from his junk, he brought it right back. The two of us took turns rubbing our cocks together for at least ten minutes.

Kev was getting too hot in the tub and he got out, which seemed to shift our attention for a moment. I went back to sitting down and he and I continued to jack each other off. After a few more minutes, our boss came to get in the hot tub. While he also knows I like to play with guys, I withdrew from jacking Timothy out of fear that he wouldn't want Mr. Krebs to know what was going on under the water. Wendy took over for me while I sat back and relaxed, although Timothy's left hand went back to my neck and shoulders. Mr. Krebs knew that Wendy was jacking him off, and he made a light comment asking that he not cum inside the hot tub.

All of a sudden, Timothy rolled away from Wendy and crawled on top of me. Again, our cocks were in contact with one anothers and he started to jack me off, so I did the same to him, and eventually jacked both cocks together again. The manner in which he was on top of me left no place for my face except in the crook of his neck, which I began to kiss and suckle. He moaned a bit and gyrated his hips so our cocks could dance together under the warm water. For a while, I thought I might cum, but remembered Mr. Krebs request that we not do so in the water. I had to slow down or it would be too late. After about five minutes, Timothy rolled back off of me. I kept playing with his junk a bit and he started to float to the top of the water. Mr. Krebs got out of the hot tub with Timothy's partially flaccid cock bobbing on the water.

Timothy now sat on my lap, which meant he was basically floating on the water. I placed my hand on his junk and moved it ever so slightly to continue to give him stimulation. Two of his friends who also work with us came up to the hot tub to see who was in it. Since Timothy made no effort to move or hide the fact that we were sexually active in the nighttime hot tub of physical pleasures, I kept my hand covering his manhood. I just couldn't help but think how cool it was that he was so at ease with what was going on, considering how staunchly he had previously defended his heterosexuality.

My bladder finally got the best of me. We had been playing and groping under the water for nearly two hours at this point, and I had to pee. Wendy wanted to get out as well. I went to my tent to change into dry clothes and hoped maybe he'd follow. He didn't. Wendy showed up at the group camp fire a few minutes later without him.

I assumed that he went to his tent and passed out; it was nearly 3am. I wondered if I shouldn't go and wake him up. I sure wished I could have made him cum to completion and maybe he'd be interested in doing the same to me.

The next morning, everything was normal between us, fortunately. My fear was that he'd be embarrassed or unable to look me in the eye; blaming it all on horniness. I sure hope I get another chance to play with this hot, young man, open to having fun with other dudes.



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