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Hot Surprise on a Cool Night

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We all pretend to be disgusted by this in public, nice to know others have similar experiences, part of life I think


Oh boy, here we go. My first posting. Never really shared this but have blasted to it many times.

It was mid-March, the snow had melted and the faintest hint of spring warmth was creeping into Southern Ohio.

Eric and I were in a garage band together with my cousin, and another friend of ours. I was a freshman, Eric in eighth grade. I was tall for my age (close to six foot) but pretty skinny having light brown hair, cut short, parted in the middle (in traditional eighties fashion). The last few months had been kind of strange for me; first year of high basketball with its regiment of locker room hijinks and group showers (I'm sure everyone was curious, but nothing sexual ever happened). Eric was taller as well, and pretty average build with straight dark brown hair and glasses.

It had been a while since Eric and I had hung out, so on this night he was sleeping over. On previous sleep-overs we had snuck out of the house, saddled our horses, and rode through the woods of the state park located behind our property. This night was different in its early start, but the ending was destined to be...orgasmic.

By 1:30 a.m. we had been out on the horses and snuck back through my window. The night was cool, with a warm breeze. Even with the window open, my room eventually became a bit steamy.

Eric and I lay in my water bed, listening to the radio discussing our girlfriends, sniggering and just being stupid, when he threw the covers off. 'Man, it's hot in here', and with that he removed his jeans. I agreed and took mine off as well. So there we lay, our bodies illuminated only by the occasional moonlight peeking through the passing dark clouds.

Until that moment Eric had been my hilarious friend, our guitarist, but as he lay there, I couldn't help but stare at the noticeable mound in his whities as we talked. I began sweating. At the time I didn't know what sexual tension was, but it was growing. Our conversation inevitably found its way to jacking off. My heart started pounding.

'Yeah, I pretty much do it every night' I confessed, attempting to be casual. 'Yeah, me too' Eric said. My hormones were raging. Rationality though was escaping me, and my need for sexual release was hitting boiling point. I needed to get off, and I assumed he did too. From the look of his underwear, the solid white mound, I was correct. I searched for an 'in'.

'So when you jack off, how do you grip your dick?' I asked. 'I just squeeze it a little on the way up as I'm stroking.' Eric replied.

'Wow that sounded hot'. Then it got serious. Eric said 'Okay the shorts are going, its too hot', and with that he peeled off his briefs. I quickly peeled mine off as well and laid back, enjoying the freedom. We were now both laying on my bed completely naked and totally exposed. 'This is pretty cool' I thought. Then the fever hit once more, and I stared down to my right, and could clearly make out the rock-hard cut cock, and dark bush at its base. I wanted to touch it, feel it, hold it, squeeze it. I was gonna explode if something didn't happen soon.

I spoke before I could stop myself, 'You know that method you were talking about?' 'Yeah' he said in a short whisper. 'Show me how you do it.' Silence. 'On me?' Eric asked. 'No' I whispered. 'On me.' Eric began to run his hands around his cock. I could hear the sound as his hands rummaged through his dark bush. 'So, you want a demonstration.' he asked. 'Yeah, if you don't mind' I said chuckling, attempting to ease the tension. 'A personal demonstration?'. 'Yeah' I said flatly. 'A VERY personal demonstration.' he added. I looked over at him, right into his eyes and said 'Yes.'

With that Eric rolled onto his left side, reached out and wrapped his hand around my cock, and began s-l-o-w-l-y pumping, squeezing gently as his hand reached my circumcised cock head, then releasing on the way down, and repeating. I felt a jolt hit me. This was... woah..!!

He stopped after several strokes and rolled back over, laying on his back, with his hands folded behind his head.

I lay there savouring the sensations I had just felt. There was silence for about a minute. In a quick movement I jumped up and got on my knees on the floor on his side of the bed and reached for his tool. My hands brushed his pubes, and I moved my hand up and closed my hand around his cock. I was surprised at first at the thickness, and he was seemingly hard as steel. With this in mind, I pumped him with a few good deliberate strokes. He began to breath heavier, and squirm some. I stopped and moved to the foot of the bed. I crawled on to the bed and for a moment straddled his legs, and looked down at his throbbing cock and made a slurping sound (I don't know why) to which he snickered, then I laid back down next to Eric. After a brief few seconds of silence Eric spoke up.

'Roll over on your right side.' I did so as he rolled onto his left. We were now inches away from each other, face to face with throbbing teen cocks wet with pre-cum. He reached out with his right hand and once again began to pump me. Panting, sweating and rock hard, I grabbed his cock in my left hand and pumped, fast. He increased his speed. I reached out and caressed his bush. He squeezed harder, pumped faster. My heart was racing.

All of a sudden he said 'UH-OH!' and let go of my dick and rolled onto his back. I continued to pump, as he arched his back and whispered, 'Don't stop!' through his panting. I felt his cock stiffen.

I heard the first volley erupt and hit his belly, then another hit him mid-chest. Soon my hand was wet with his spunk and using it, I smeared it on his swollen dick slowly pumping him out of his orgasm.

I was about to burst. I rolled over onto my back, took my dick in my hand and rythmically began to stroke slowly. I wasn't really aware of him until I felt his hand move across my belly then down to my bush. 'Let me do that for you,' he said, and I let him take over.

It was a steady, firm grip, up and down, squeezing towards the top, the letting off, squeeze towards the top, the letting off.. I was there. I really can't remember where it hit first, I was in oblivion. I remember the steady rhythm and the sweat on my face and the bolt of lightning that ran through me at my climax.

Sometime in the night our briefs ended up back on, as well as the covers. That whole hour or so, was a critical moment for me. At the early age of 15 I began to sort out 'normal adolescent experimentation' from homosexuality as a way of life. Over the years I've concluded that many guys in particular feel they are gay because the sex was good. DUH! of course it was good, it was sex. On the emotional side, some guys just have deeper places in their hearts for relationships, they mean more, but this doesn't make them 'queer' or 'odd', it makes them passionate people. Labels are for idiots who are too dense to express the full spectrum of human experience. I think we all need to give each other a break and realise your' just as human as the next guy, just as noble and just as horny.

Truth be known, there's some people I know right now I'd like to mutual with. Until somebody comes up with some discreet way of communicating that interest to others (rubber band on the finger, maybe?), thanks for the memories.

Finally I hope this true account, helps other boys to see that IF they have had such an experience, rest assured you are not alone, and if you feel guilty, there are not many of us who would be qualified to cast the first stone.




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