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Hot Summer

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The hot, sultry summer was dragging on and on. I was 13, and my parents had insisted that I stay at home during the day, inside the house, to watch over my younger sister. They both worked, and my summer job was to babysit my sister. I was miserable. It was 1964, and there were none of the video games or other entertaining distractions that teenage boys have today, so I usually passed the 8 hours of my daily imprisonment with dreary, mindless television. I was bored ... incredibly bored ... and I'd sometimes wander around the house looking for something ... anything ... to do to pass the time.
One afternoon, I walked past my parents bedroom and saw my mother's old fashioned massager laying on the dresser. It was a clunky piece of equipment, used for her bursitis problem. It had a big, heavy steel housing for the motor mounted with a short steel rod tipped by a hard rubber ball about the size of a walnut. Having nothing else to do that interested me, I picked up the massager and took it with me when I returned to the den to watch television.
I plugged the massager cord into a wall socket and sat down in a chair to watch television. When I flipped the switch on, I was startled by the loud noise the contraption made ... more a rattle than the buzz of today's massagers and vibrators. I started to absentmindedly rub the hard rubber knob over my legs and arms ... just experimenting with the feeling ... and then, for some reason, pulled my cock out of my shorts and started to touch it too. At first, it tickled and felt funny. Then, slowly, another more pleasurable feeling started as my cock hardened and grew bigger. I was used to my morning wake-up erections, but this was different. Now I was making myself hard, and the harder I got the more intense the sensations of the massager became. It felt especially good when I ran it along the underside of my stiff cock and then up and over its head. I was playing with the massager and watching the TV at the same time, and as I sat there, unexpectedly and when my eyes were on the TV screen, I was startled to feel an intense sensation of pleasure roll over me and at the same time a feeling that my cock had exploded! I looked down and saw a pool of come on my tummy ... all white and slimy. I'd heard other boys talk about 'jacking off,' so I knew what it was, but I'd never experienced it before. It felt really, really good.
My sister, who was 11, started to walk into the room, so I quickly pulled my shorts up, covering my hard-on and the mess on my belly, and laid the massager down. Later that day, in my bedroom, I used it to masturbate 2 more times.
That summer suddenly seemed to get a lot better. At least 3 or 4 times a day better. My parents even remarked on my improved attitude about staying home and babysitting.



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