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Hot Summer

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It was just around my 13th birthday and I was pretty bummed out all day long. I had just moved after school ended and didn't have any friends. What I had looked forward to being a big party ended up being just me and my mom and step-dad going out to a steak house. My mom was always trying to get me to go out and find friends but as much as I rode my bike around I never saw any other kids my age. There were a few that were a couple years younger and I could have made friends with them. It would not have been hard to I guess. Back then I was real small for my age and could have passed for a 10 or 11 year old, but I was going through a phase when I hated when grown ups thought I was cute for acting older when they thought I was younger. I wanted to have respect, not to be cute.

One day this boy showed up at our house wanting to sell us newspaper delivery. He looked to be about my age, even though he was about six inches taller. He was the first boy I remember as thinking he was good looking. Toby had a thin build, blond hair cut in a mullet style with a tail, deep blue eyes and tanned, even though summer had just started. He also had a confidence that I was jealous of. He seemed just the opposite of me and everything I wanted to be. I was short, though thin I still had baby fat, brown hair that my mom still cut in an old man style and black eyes. I was awkward and uncoordinated and my feet, hands, ears, and nose were totally large out of proportion to the rest of my puny body. I wanted Toby to be my friend more than anything but I never expected him to want to have anything to do with me, he probably hung out with a lot of other good looking and popular boys and girls. I stood hiding behind my mother as he gave his sales pitch. I thought I was going to die when my mom made me introduce myself. It was strange when he reached out to shake my hand. I never did that with another boy before. His handshake was firm but mine was limp as jello. I thought I threw away any chance of being his friend at that moment. It got worse when my mom told him I didn't have any friends and asked him if he would show me around and stuff. She grilled him about his family and stuff, finding he was 13 like me and where I would go yo school and everything. I knew he would know I was a real loser if I needed my mom to help me make friends. I was real surprised when he invited me to go to his house and hang out with him after he finished delivering his papers the next morning. I didn't have a chance to answer. My mom just told him I would be waiting. She was crazy! He probably just said that so she would buy his papers and I remembered him saying he guaranteed delivery before 6 A.M. Did she expect me to be up and waiting for him at that hour? Would he actually come back to get me when he was done delivering to meet a kid that still needed his mom to make friends for him? He was probably going to go around to all his friends and tell them what a loser I was and now all my chances of making any friends, wherever they were, were gone.

I was pretty upset with my mom and didn't talk to her the rest of the day. There wasn't a way out of it except to run away. My mom would make sure I was up. My step dad, Frank, got up early for his job so he would make sure I would be ready. It was pretty hot that night, in the high 90's, and we didn't have air conditioning, so I couldn't fall asleep. I heard Frank telling my mom she had to stop treating me like a baby and I had to make my own friends. We only lived with Frank for the last two years or so and I never trusted him much but that was the day I started to see him as a friend and not just this guy my mom was living with.

The more I thought about it that night, the more I wanted to meet Toby. Except when Frank was home I was pretty lonely. I felt strange but I was attracted to Toby. I saw boys and girls my age wanting to be with each other as boyfriends and girlfriends and knew there was a sexual attraction but I never felt that way about a girl or boy myself. I pictured Toby in my mind as he talked with my mom and when he looked straight in my eyes and shook my hand. I felt my little penis getting hard and pushing against the fabric of my PJ shorts. I didn't have any covers on so I could see it as it grew harder in waves and each beat of my heart pumped new blood in to it. At first I wondered what was happening. It never got hard when I was in bed like that. Sometimes when I took a bath for a long time it would get hard and even a few times when we went camping and Frank and I shared a shower at the camp ground the summer before. I never saw a grown man naked before. I knew men had hair and had bigger penises but I didn't expect to see something that big. I was also fascinated by the extra skin he had on the end of his penis and watched as he washed there. It got hard stuck straight up. He pulled the skin down and suddenly it looked like mine, only bigger. I stood there and watched the whole time he washed. I also knew that men put their penises inside women to have sex. I wondered if he actually put that huge thing inside my mom and how would it fit. It was too gross to think of and I figured that she wouldn't let him do that anyway so I put it out of my mind right away. He told me several times to start washing myself because we were in a hurry to go some place which was the reason we showered together. There were several showers but all the others were being used. Frank got tired of telling me to hurry and soaped me up himself. I didn't protest even though I could do it myself. I was too interested in watching his huge penis deflating and then it and his large balls swing around among all the hair. I didn't stop until he rubbed his bare soapy hand on my own erect three inch member and marble size balls. I felt a sudden surge of electricity go through me and I watched as he carefully washed and held my behind with his other hand to keep me still. It only lasted a few seconds but I learned there were feelings there that I never had before and it wasn't bad. I always had the impression that it would hurt if someone touched me there but this didn't hurt at all, it actually felt pretty good. I made a point of following Frank and showering with him the rest of our camping trip and getting him to wash me every time so I could feel his hand on my boner. It was my first camping trip and wondered if I would like it. I was disappointed when when we had to go home. I looked forward to another camping trip the next year.

Almost a year later I am laying in bed watching my boner flick back and forth in the moonlight coming through my window. I wonder what it would be like to have Toby washing my boner instead of Frank. I pushed my shorts down and kicked them off. Was it the moonlight or was it actually bigger than last year? I felt my boner and balls, examining them carefully. Yes, everything was bigger. I hoped I was actually starting puberty and would soon start to grow hair like the other boys my age. Maybe I would get taller soon too. I wondered if Toby had any hair there and what his penis looked like. I never saw any boys with hair, just heard about it. I suddenly realized I was having sexual thoughts about someone else. In a way I felt good because I was like the other kids my age but I also realized I was having sexual thoughts about another boy. I wondered if I was gay and was glad I was alone. Somehow I thought if someone else was in the room they would be able to know what I thought and felt and would ridicule me. I put that out of my head and thought of me and Toby, showering together, with him having his soapy hand on my privates. I rubbed myself there imagining it to be him.

Then next thing I knew Frank was sitting on my bed shaking me awake telling me it was time to get up. If I hurried he would make me breakfast. He left the room and I wondered if I should get up and meet Toby or not. I sat up and realized I was still naked and sporting a big erection. Big for me anyway. Frank must have saw it but didn't say anything. I ran to the bathroom and pissed and it went away. I stood peeing and again wondered what Toby looked like peeing and if was peeing at that very moment like me. I decided I really wanted to be with him. I again wondered if I was gay and if Toby would be able to tell what I felt and if he would hate me or maybe not care. maybe he just told my mom he would meet me just to get her to buy his newspapers and he wouldn't come anyway.

I put on a pair on swim shorts and T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. It was going to be a hot day. I went downstairs and sat with Frank at the table. He made us bacon and eggs and he let me try coffee. He must have been trying to make me feel grown up. I hated the coffee but drank it anyway. I wanted to impress him and after the previous day I felt as though I had to live up to his expectations. I realized as I sat there looking at his strength in many ways that I loved him. I was staring at him when he mentioned that he noticed I was sleeping naked and it was ok if I wanted to do that when it was so hot so he had better wake me before my mom got up because she wouldn't approve. He also mentioned that he was glad to see I was really starting to grow there and would soon maybe start to get hair and have a growth spurt. I was embarrassed that he would say that but also proud at the same time. I was also glad that I was right about what I saw in myself. I was wondering if I would ever be able to tell him what I was thinking and felt about about him and Toby. I didn't love Frank in a sexual way but like he was my father and I wanted to tell him that. I wanted to be able to talk to him like father and son about things and say I was sorry about trying to ignore him so much and treating him badly. It took me a minute to get up the courage to get up, sit in his lap and give him a hug. I never did that before. He returned the hug and we sat there a minute like that when we heard a tapping at the door.

It was Toby. It was just 5:30 and there he was. He saw the light on and wondered if I was up and wanted to go along and deliver his papers. You could see in the glass of the door and wondered if he saw me sitting on Frank's lap like a little kid but he didn't say anything and actually appeared excited that I was already up. I looked to Frank and he told us to get out and he would see me after work. I got my bike and we rode off.

We had mostly small talk and Toby telling me about different customers. It was still almost dark when we started but when we finished it was full light out. Even though it wasn't yet 6:00 we had both worked up a sweat. It was hot and humid and felt like noon. I found myself staring staring at his body. He was wearing a tight, white 'wife beater' undershirt and short cut off jeans shorts that reached just to his middle thighs. They were a little big around the waist and he had to keep pulling them up but not before I could see he wasn't wearing any underwear. I often saw his bare behind half way down before he pulled them up. I was a little surprised at his lack of modesty. He wasn't dressed anything like that the day before. Once again I found myself getting a boner and wondering if I would get to see him if he didn't catch his shorts soon enough and I would get to see his bare front. I wanted to keep in front of him but tried to stay behind him so he would not see the boner I had that I was sure anyone could see tenting my shorts.

When we finished he invited me over to his place but said we would have to hang out in his garage until his mom and sister got up. He always got in trouble for waking them to early if he fooled around when he was done with the papers. They had a two car garage separated from the house with a room on top. It wasn't huge but had a ping-pong table, a small desk and TV with X-Box, a small fridge, a shelf with various cereals and a mattress with sheets and blanket right on the floor in a corner behind the stairs. He said it was pretty much his place and hardly anyone ever came up there. He and his dad fixed it up when he started to deliver papers so he had a place to go before school without waking others up and do homework, sleep a little more or fool around. I was the first kid to actually see the place besides his sister. I wondered why. If I had a cool place like that I would have my friends over all the time, if I had friends. I told him that and he got a sad look on his face and told me he didn't have many friends. He had just two friends, one being a girl, Julie, and not a girlfriend, and her parents wouldn't let her go anywhere without adult supervision so if she came over they had to stay in his house and Mark who lived at a boarding school most of the time and was only home on holidays and a few weeks in summer when his parents didn't send him to camp, which was where he was then. I couldn't believe it. Toby was great looking, friendly, and had great stuff and only two friends that he could hardly ever hang out with. I was almost filled with wonder and happy when he told me that he also had a new friend. I asked about him and he looked right in my eyes and said it was me! I realized I was staring when he asked if I wanted to play something. I never really played ping-pong and asked if he would teach me. I almost regretted it the moment I asked. I was generally uncoordinated and I always got laughed at whenever I tempted anything related to sports in any way. I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of Toby. But Toby never laughed at all my misses and wild hits when I actually managed to contact the ball. He just kept giving me pointers and actually came over and showed me how to hold the paddle and stand. I wondered if he felt the same electric as I did when we touched.

After about an hour I actually got the hang of it a little. It was the first time someone let me play something for so long. The problem Toby had was that his shorts still kept falling down. It wasn't so bad when he was mostly on his bike or when I missed frequently and he had time to pull them up but I was able to return the ball more than 5 or 6 times he had to paddle with one hand and pull up with the other. I could tell he was getting frustrated but he was facing me and I was hoping to get a good look if they came down far enough. Finally, not intentionally, I hit the ball and it bounced high on his side. As he reached high to return it his shorts went down right to the floor. He never stopped and we kept right on going for several more hits. I don't know how I did it. I was looking at his private area more than the ball. Just a small patch of pubic hair, blond like on top, a hairless sack of balls, hanging and swinging low, a little larger than mine but not near as big as Frank's, and about a 5 inch boner sticking straight out, just above the level of the table top. It looked funny to me since he, like Frank, had a foreskin, but Toby's was much longer. It hung down about an inch from the head of his penis. He also had an erection, just like me! Was he looking at me like I looked at him? He couldn't. I was ugly like a old chicken in a group of swans.

I can't remember who messed up. I just remember before the next serve he asked me if I didn't mind if he left his shorts off when we played. He got tired of having to pull them up all the time. He didn't care if I saw him since we were both boys. I didn't say it but I sure didn't care if he left them off. I was hoping he would take off his shirt too. I wished my shorts would fall down too but wondered what he would think of my hairless privates. Why did I have to be 13 and still look like a little boy?

I could tell the sun was getting higher in the sky. I could feel the heat coming through the ceiling that was right next to the roof. It was no longer cool, compared to the afternoon, but getting hotter by the minute. We were both working up a sweat. We both laughed when Toby had to dive on the table to hit a short ball and his sweat left a prominent imprint of his body on the table. You could see the print of all his ribs, his upper arms, a blank area where his belly would be and then thighs and what was funny was the clear imprint of his hard penis and balls. I wasn't going to say anything but he pointed right at it. He was looking between himself and the table and asked if I wanted to stop. He felt too hot to keep going and wanted to rest a while. I agreed, wondered what games he had on his X-Box and was about to ask when he walked over and dropped on the mattress. I wasn't sure what to do. It was just a regular size bed, not much room for two, especially when one was practically naked. I still couldn't believe he didn't mind me seeing him that way. He sure wasn't shy. I was staring again. He asked me if I wanted to rest a while too and that he didn't mind if I laid down with him. He shifted over to one side. I saw his eyes look to my privates and I became aware of the tent in my shorts. I quickly covered up with my hands and went over and laid beside him on my belly. He turned around, put his arm over my shoulder and said, 'I can tell we are going to be best friends.' I never heard that before. I never had a best friend. I put my arm around him too and smiled at him. I really didn't know what to say. I wanted to say something but was afraid anything I might say might ruin our friendship. He closed his eyes and said, 'Let's sleep for a while.' I was a little sleepy myself. I closed my eyes and we slept.

I woke up to find Toby laying back down again. He was totally naked now, not even his shirt, shoes and socks. He saw I was awake, apologized for waking me and said it was just after 8:00. It might be another hour before we could go in his house where there was air conditioning. Those were sure sweet words. It was about 100 degrees in the room. I was covered in sweat. I asked Toby if he wanted to go outside and do something. He just said there wasn't much to do except ride bike and it was too hot for that and the local pool wouldn't open till 11:00. He pulled a bottled of water out of the fridge and we shared the whole thing. He got out some milk and we ate some cereal. We sat on the bed eating. I felt awkward with him being naked and I wasn't. He no longer was sporting an erection when we woke up, and was glad I wasn't either. Deep down I was trying to figure out a way to get naked too, but casually. I was hot and he looked cooler than I did. It was more an act of jealousy for being so comfortable. But I didn't want to ruin our friendship if he didn't want to be friends with a boy that still had no hair like he did. I was thinking about all this and realized I needed to pee. I figured I had to hold it. There was no bathroom in the garage and we couldn't go in the house. We both finished our cereal. The whole time he was telling me about the neighborhood and stuff and I am sort of paying attention. I saw he started to casually play his penis. It grew to attention. So did mine and I reach to adjust it. Toby asked me if I needed to pee too. I was about to burst and said so. I told me to follow him. He led me down the stairs and, still naked, he walked right outside and made his way over to some bushes. Not that it mattered that he was naked. His yard was fenced in and bushes all around. No one could see. I just never saw anyone naked outdoors before. I stood watching him water a tree. He was almost done when he told me to go ahead and pee if I had to. I went up next to him, untied the string and pulled down the front of my shorts and started shooting a long stream. He finished and I wondered what he was giggling about so mischievously when I felt my shorts being yanked to the ground. I couldn't much as I was still peeing but was almost out. He stood teasing me till the last drops came out and said he would race me back upstairs. I knew I would lose if I took time to pull on my shorts so I picked them up and took off after him. I really didn't think I had a chance of beating him but I didn't care. He was treating me as an equal and a good friend. I think he let me catch up to him on the stairs. We wrestled a little on the top steps but he led the way while I tried to pull him back. He made his way back to the mattress and pulled me down with him on it. We wrestled a little and then stopped, laying side by side. I realized I was exposed and tried to cover up. We looked at each other and I could tell he knew what I was embarrassed about. He told me he didn't care if I didn't have hair yet. He said he didn't have hair when he turned 13 but started a few months after. He then reached over and pulled my hands away and looked at what I had. He told me I looked nice. I just thanked him and said he looked nice too. I wasn't scared to say it either. I felt good being with him. He told me if I wanted I could take off the rest of my clothes. It felt good being naked when it was hot and he reminded me no one ever came there. I took off what I still had on and we laid down together, again on our bellies.

He looked at me and asked me if I ever did stuff. I asked, 'What kind of stuff?' He said, 'Sex stuff.' I didn't know what to say. I never did anything except con Frank into feeling my boner in the shower and I didn't think that counted. I didn't want Toby to think I was childish but I didn't experience him being mean to me or making fun of me for anything. He seemed to want me to get naked with him by playing that trick on me. I had to admit, 'I don't know any sex stuff.'

He said, 'I'll show you how to make sperm come out your dick.' It sounded interesting so I said OK.

He turned around and so I did too. I watched a minute as he rubbed his boner up and down. I was waiting for the sperm to come out, not sure what to expect. I had some idea from sex education that is would be white and thick. I never saw any though. I was fascinated how much extra skin he had. He had to start almost at the top and pull all the way down to expose the little purple head. He told me to try. I was engrossed in watching him I immediately thought he meant for me to rub his boner. I couldn't believe he would let me but I reached over and took it between my fingers. Right away he told me he meant for me to do it to myself. I started to take my hand away. I thought he would be mad at me but as soon as I took my hand away he grabbed it and put it back where it was. He told me, 'Keep going, it feels good.' I started again. He asked, 'Can I show you?'

I said, 'Sure.' He took mine between his fingers and started pulling up and down.

I was heaven. It felt far better than Frank's quick soaping in the shower. I could feel his hot member in my fingers too. We laid there for what seemed an eternity. I never wanted it to end. In a few minutes Toby started squeezing tighter and rubbing faster. I followed along. I watched as he started breathing harder and closed his eyes. His hips started pushing up and down with the pulls I had on his rod. I was wondering what made him do that when I started to feel the same way. In figured out how to pull his skin all the way down and seeing the head, I felt it and rubbed it in my fingers. It scared me when he let out a little scream, arched his back and started shaking. I was about to let go and yelled for me to not stop. I got on my knees and did the same, pulling the skin and pinching the little acorn. In just a few seconds a couple small squirts of cum came up. I could feel his penis pulsing, pushing it out and spurting it on to his belly and my fingers. It was coolest thing I ever saw. I tried to get more to come out but two was all he had. He calmed down and told me it was the best one he ever had and he thanked me. I wasn't sure what I did right. I never did that before but I was glad I finally found something I was immediately good at. We played with the small drops of cum until it became clear and watery. I told him I never saw it before and doubted I could make it.

Toby told me it was my turn to try and he made me lie down. I sort of knew what to expect now. It took about 5 minutes and I learned what Toby felt when arched his back and screamed. I felt and did the same. It was absolutely fantastic. I felt my own penis pulse as the semen made its way out. When it stopped and I was calming down I was disappointed that my belly and everything was dry except for the thin film of perspiration that covered us. Toby could see my disappointment and told me that he was the same way. He only started to make the 'goo' about a month before. He was sure I would start to get hair soon and then I would make the goo too.

We rested a little and then played another round of ping-pong. But it seemed boring and went back to the mattress and started our playing again. This time Toby wanted to try something else. He laid on top of me and started to rub our boners together. This felt different but just as good as the first time. I soon got in to the same rhythm as Toby. he was looking down at me and I up in to his eyes. At first his face was a foot away but slowly we got closer. His face was just an inch from mine when I could tell that we were both about to orgasm. I closed my eyes and then I felt his lips on mine. I never kissed anyone on the lips before. I never even wanted to. Till then I always thought it was pretty gross. I especially never wanted to kiss another boy. But I found kissing Toby that morning to be a wonderful feeling. I immediately felt the pulsing in my groin and a sudden wetness between our bellies. Toby stopped his rubbing and laid on top for a minute, still giving me kisses. I enjoyed it and wondered if I would be gay for doing that kind of stuff and liking it. The passion wore away and Toby rolled off. He told me that it felt great for him and he asked me if I liked it too. I agreed that I did. He warned me that we needed to keep it all a secret. Sure, I didn't know anyone to tell anyway.

We soon got up and it was after 9:00. Toby invited me into his house. We dressed and went in. I met his mom and sister. We must have smelled pretty bad because his mom told us to get a shower right away. We shared but we didn't really do anything except wash each others back. I knew Toby would be my best friend for a long time.

I met Toby almost every morning after that and we had fun up in his private space above the garage. It lasted a couple years and the both of us got more interested in girls. I learned that Toby was molested by a much older woman when he was 11 and the thought of doing anything with a girl made him sick for a few years. I think my hormones overreacted to finally having a best friend that really liked me. The events didn't make us gay although for a while I thought we both were gay. We were just two boys having fun for a while.



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