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Hot Night at the Hotel

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True story


This happened to me a couple of months ago. Three friends and I made a weekend trip to the casino and nightclub in a nearby city. We usually stay overnight at a VERY nice hotel at the casino.

I'm 22 and Bi. Nick is 22 and Bi. Josh is 22 Straight. Eric is 21 Straight.

After a long night at the casino and club, we went back to the hotel room, ordered some pizza and just chilled. It was about two am, We were bored so I decided to order some porn. It was called Pure 18. It was by far the best hotel porn I had ever seen.

About 15 minutes into it, I had a raging hard on, so much that it actually hurt. I decided to break the ice and say, 'I gotta take care of this thing. Don't be shy.' I knew they we all tenting under the covers as much as I was. Everyone pulled down their pants, but left the covers on and started stroking away.

We were all commenting on how great the porn was, how nice her pussy was, etc.. Out of the blue, Eric started laughing and said, whenever I cum, I'm going to blow my load all over the window. I laughed and said, 'Why not, so will I.' The other two agreed. We agreed we all should cum at the same time, so we had to tell the others when we were ready, so they could get ready too.

We were all still under the covers. We have all seen each other naked before, but never hard. I was kinda excited to see what everyone's hard dicks looked like. Josh and Eric were pretty big soft, so I was very excited to see them hard. I was the first to throw my covers off because I was hot. Everyone else followed. I've got an average length dick, about 6.5 inches long but very wide. Nick is about 6' and normal width. Josh was about 6.5 and VERY VERY thick! Eric had about 7' but didn't have much for width.

So, we are all completely naked, beating away. We are all pre-cumming like crazy. I had to cum like 30 minutes ago, but I was holding off the best I could. Finally everyone was about to cum. We all jumped up and ran over to the floor to ceiling window. We all shot huge loads at almost the same time. We were all still stroking the last few drops out when I noticed people down on the street walking to the casino. We all just laughed. I hope they enjoyed the show.

We just all laid there for a few minutes, still naked, trying to recover from the amazing orgasm we all just had. I jumped up and said 'I need a shower. Y'all are welcome to join me.' Not thinking anyone actually would. The showers at this hotel were amazing. Big enough for 5+ people, two rainmaker shower heads, eight body jets, seats, etc. I'm just standing in the bathroom, watching TV waiting for the water to heat up, then all of the sudden, everyone walks in and starts getting into the shower. I follow.

We are all cleaning up, talking about normal guy things. After we were clean, we just stayed in the shower and sat down, because it was amazing with the body jets running and steam. Well, we all started talking about how great the porn was, how hot the girls were, etc. I notice everyone start springing boners again. All of the sudden, Josh leans over and starts stroking Eric. Eric jumps and says 'What the fuck man?' Josh quit and said 'Sorry, just wondered what it felt like to jerk someone else. Eric said 'It felt awesome, keep doing it.' So Josh is over there going to town on Eric, Nick and I look at each, shrug our shoulders and start jacking each other off.

We all switch off a couple times jacking each other. Then last we are just in a circle stroking the person to our right. We all blow our loads for the second time that night, clean up and got out of the shower.

We just all stayed naked and slept that way.

We have never talked about it since it happened, but I'm almost sure it will happen again. When It does, I will be sure to post it on here.



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