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Hot Night

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When I was 18 my brother had left home for college and I was happy to have our room to myself. We had a small house and a tiny bedroom that was barely large enough for twin beds. Once my brother got settled in college, my folks allowed me to get a double bed to replace our twin beds.

That summer, my brother came home and moved back into our bedroom because he had found a summer job nearby that paid pretty well. It was just understood that my brother would share the double bed with me. He and I had always gotten along really well.

That summer was unusually hot and my folks did not have central air. Even with the windows open it felt like an oven in our bedroom. When we were well into the heat wave, my brother suggested that we just sleep naked to try to stay cool and I agreed. One thing that I had noticed about my brother was that he seemed so much more mature than he had the previous summer before leaving for college. He appeared hairier and more muscular than he had been (especially his legs and ass) where as I was still growing and my chest and legs were still fairly smooth.

During the middle of the night I woke because he was moving around a lot in the bed. I remember carefully squinting my eyes in order to see what he was doing and I quickly realized he had pulled the sheet off of us and he was jacking off. Neither one of us had ever done anything sexual while the other was in the room and watching him masturbate so close to where I was sleeping got me instantly hard (hey, I was 18 ha-ha). My brother seemed really be taking his time, most likely because it was way too hot to sleep, although I sensed he was trying to be quiet.

After a little while, I felt like I had to do something so that I could get off too. Pretending to sleep, I rolled over a bit so that my body was touching his, letting my arm brush across his upper thigh. My brother stopped what he was doing and gently moved my arm off his leg, thinking I was still asleep. He then went back to work on his cock so I continued to move around in the bed still feigning sleep. I couldn't just let my brother jack off without trying to be a part of the action.

Eventually I rolled over onto my brother so that my boner was pressed against his thigh and my chest was pressed against his. Again, my brother just froze. I was being really careful to make it seem as though my movements were very natural for a guy that was in a dead sleep. Next I moved my forearm so that it lay pressed against his cock. This was the most erotic sensation I had ever felt up to that moment. I had never felt another's guy's cock and I remember if felt hard and throbbing against my skin. My brother began moving under me, purposely rubbing his cockhead against my forearm.

After a few minutes, I moved in the bed so that I was basically lying on top of my brother. Now our boners were pressed against one another and my face was snuggled against my brother's neck. I continued to pretend to sleep as my brother gently placed his hands on my butt pulling me tighter against his body. I continued to slowly move against him, always attempting to make it seem that my movements were a reaction to some erotic dream that I was having. With my brothers hands firmly gripping my ass, he began grinding his hard on against mine by slowly thrusting his hips. The sensation of his cock pressing against mine was indescribable.

As the minutes ticked by, I could feel a sticky wetness forming between our shafts as he continued to rub his cock against my own. We much have stayed in this position for about 5 minutes when suddenly my brother shifted us on the bed by rolling me onto my back while coming down on top of me. Next he started to really move his hips, increasing the friction between us so that his cock was thrusting even harder against mine. I was so hot that I started getting really scared that I was going to cum, which I believed would ruin the pretence that I was still in a deep sleep.

In a few minutes, I noticed my brother's breathing had become more laboured as he continued to grind against me and I instinctively knew that he was getting ready to cum. Lying under him, with my face buried in the crook of my brother neck, the thought of my brother ejaculating on me sent me over the edge as I too fell into the throws of having an orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt his warm semen begin to spray against my shaft as he continued to thrust and press against me. The sensation triggered my own orgasm and I think I probably held my breath as I began to spasm and shudder while mixing my own cum with his.

After our orgasms subsided, my brother simply rolled off me. The next thing I felt was him using the sheet on the bed to clean us both off. He then rolled over and went to sleep as I contemplated what had just occurred. Throughout the rest of the summer, we both had many restless nights with one another but never spoke about it while we were awake.



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