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Hot Hot Tub Jets

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Hot Hot Tub Jets
Well, for all you women who never had an orgasm yet, even if you have tried so many things you feel like giving up, here is the best way to cum.
My first orgasm was in a hottub at a very public place, in broad daylight, and although I was alone, anyone could have walked up and saw me with my bottoms down. I think that's what made it a little more exciting, feeling exposed to the world while half naked.
First, I'll teach you a breathing exercise that you will use later. When you're alone in bed, the shower, or anywhere, masturbate with your hand, and instead of just feeling the pleasure in your pussy, make the pleasure go to the top of your head and the ends of your limbs every time you inhale. This will make you feel more turned on.
Here's what I did. I pulled my bathing suit bottoms down and off one foot so they were around one ankle. Then I got on my knees in front of one of the jets and leaned back so the pressure from the jet came out right on my clit. Just do that until you find a comfortable position, then sit back and under the water you can use your hand and fantasize about anything that would turn you on at that moment, like pretend there's a whole bunch of people watching you or that there is a lifeguard there that is climbing in the hottub with you and sucking on your breasts, whatever you want. Then, when you start to get really turned on, make sure nobody is watching and put your pussy back in front of the jet so it is putting pressure on your clit. Lay back with your head near the surface of the water, close your eyes or look at something not too interesting like the sky, they key is to keep your head clear of everything except your pleasure. Don't even think about orgasms. Only think of what you feel. Relax your pc muscles and do the breathing exercise until you feel very turned on, then tighten up your butt, thigh, and pc muscles while the jet is still on your clit and this is when you will probably have your orgasm.
Just remember, concentrate and don't stop until you feel it. You will know when you do. And you should also make sure that you have enough time on the jets.
This is very fun and it's also the only way I have ever orgasmed except through oral sex. Don't get caught!



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