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Hot for Teacher

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Close contact with a hot teacher.


This happened today.

I go to a private school. In 10th grade, we had a new Lit teacher. I'm a sucker for MILFs and cougars, and I love curvy women, and boy, she has it all. She's 37 years old with two kids.

Now, her origin is half-Italian and half-Jewish, and boy, did she get the best of both worlds. Luxurious brown hair, a little longer than shoulder-length. A soft face with a defined yet feminine jaw. She wears glasses about haf the time--sexy secretary glasses. Her deer-in-the-headlights eyes, pouty lips, and smile give her an innocent look that drives me wild, but does no justice to her true strength of personality and intellect--another turn-on. She has a B or C cup. Not huge. But I don't like them huge. The clothes she wears shows just enough cleavage, and sometimes when she bends over, if you're right there, you can see her entire beautiful breast--half-dollar sized areolas with nice, puffy nipples. Her skin is very fair, with the occasional freckle, but is for the most part a very light cream--not pale. She's curvy--by no means chubby or lumpy, but no stick either. Think Christina Hendricks except less of a perfect hourglass. That's where Mrs. A (that's what I'll call her) is--a little bang for your buck. And, the grand finale, what my teenage hormonal eyes look for--the ass. One thing is for sure--god gave Mrs. A the best model he had. Good god, you could get lost in that thing. She wears clothes that show it off--it's not skimpy clothing, it's just so shapely that it ends up showing itself off no matter what she wears. The best part is that she's always dropping things and bending over. I remember one time she dropped something in front of me. Good lord that thing was sticking up at attention, and all I'd have to do was lean forward a few inches and start licking. I could see clearly the outline of her panties and got lost in lust. I always make sure to brush up against her if possible, and get a good ogle in whenever I can.

Needless to say, finding someone perfect for me in looks and personality, being a 17-year-old boy, with the added zest of student-teacher taboo, I've had countless fantasies about her, jerked off more times than I can count. Sometimes I fantasize about getting called into her room after school, lock the door, and think I'm about to be punished before she kneels in front of me and unzips my pants and working on my cock. Then I slam her onto her desk and rip off her top and pants before taking off her panties to find a luxurious bush (I always imagine her to have a bush. I hate the modern trend of hairless barbie crotches, it's creepy. I don't imagine her having a wild, untamed bush, but a soft one, a carpet of hair soft, the color of the hair on her head, soft and downy--another glorious by-product of her lineage. Just thinking about it now makes me horny) before licking her to orgasm and having sex with her in all holes and positions, pumping her with cum, all the time gripping and spanking that luxurious ass. Sometimes she asks me to babysit her kids (I live pretty close to her, but I've never been hired as sitter--she's used the same one for years) and get rewarded. Sometimes I get called to her house for tutoring... and it goes on. The point is, I fantasize about her a lot. It's very safe to say that since I was 15, she's been the main masturbation fodder for me.

Now you understand how horny she makes me. By the way, this isn't a stalker-y relationship. We talk a lot and we can say pretty much anything to each other--even very light flirting. I would go as far to say we're friends.

Anyway, I just finished junior year. She taught English sophomore year, but she's starting to teach an A.P. English class, which I will be taking next year. Needless to say, I'm excited.

So, school ended last week. Today, at about 2 p.m., I was bored. Parents were at work, and my brother was over at a friend's place. I decided to grab my swimsuit and head over to a nearby pool where my friend works as a lifeguard, hoping to hang out. He wasn't there--but guess who was? Mrs. A with her two children--and no hubby. She was in a bikini--and boy, did she look fine. Her skin was creamy and perfect, her hair was put in a ponytail. But I was mostly, as you can probably guessed, focusing on the bikini bottom. As she walked by--she hadn't noticed me yet--I scanned the front of her bikini for a sign of cameltoe or pubes. I didn't see any from the angle I got. hen she put down her and her kids' stuff by a chair and bent over. I thought I'd died and went to heaven. Here it was, again so close, bent over in all it's glory, almost totally naked. I had never actually seen her without a shirt and pants--why would I have--but now it was like I was seeing her in her underwear. She put sunscreen on her kids and then saw me. We struck up conversation as she sunscreened herself--it was hard not to stare as I was looking at the woman I'd jerked off to probably hundreds of times was right in front of me, barely covered, rubbing herself in cream. Then, of course, she asked me to do her back. I did, trying as hard as I could to keep my hardon down so it didn't go all Pinocchio and burst out onto her from a foot away. I managed to do it.

We got in the pool. I asked her how the first week of summer was, and then we got to talking about our lives in general, at which point I found out her husband and her were going through some rough times, that they'd been fighting a lot lately and that he'd been spending more and more time in New York for business--that's where he is now in fact. She seemed taken aback that she had revealed that much and seemed a little embarrassed. I told her she didn't have to feel bad. The time passed--almost two hours--and we heard a thunderclap. The pool staff ushered everyone out.

We went together to line to the changing room--there was one hallway you had to go down before it split into men's and women's. My clothes were in a locker, so I wasn't holding anything. She was holding her and her kids' clothes. She was standing in front of me, and her young kids were in front of her. As little kids do, one of them stopped abruptly, that made Mrs. A stop short too--I'd been too transfixed on her wet, bikini-clad ass to notice she'd stopped before I bumped into her. I broke our collision by grabbing her waist with each hand. Good. God. I was touching her wet ass. My thumbs we pressed right against her buttocks. They were better than I'd imagined. Soft where it needed to be, firm where it needed to be. I let go in a manner that allowed me to quickly cop a feel without it being overt. Then I noticed my crotch was right against her butt and I was rock hard. All this happened in the span of three seconds. It had taken all my willpower not to rip off her bikini bottom and have my way with her right there. She turned around and thanked me, but she must have felt my cock, because she lightly brushed her arm against my crotch and smiled, saying "You might want to take care of that" before parting for separate rooms. Needless to say I did take care of it, running into an individual shower and turning on the water to cover the fact that I was jerking off. I wasn't keeping track of the time, but I couldn't have lasted more than three minutes before I had so far the best orgasm of my life, spurting 6-8 ropes against the wall of the shower, with the spasming of pure orgasm in my cock lasting a good 20 seconds.

I was a little weak at the knees but threw on my clothes and ran outside, where I saw her ready to leave. "That was fast," she said with a smile. I thought I'd just blush and stammer but surprised myself--and it seemed like I surprised her too-- by saying "well, maybe if someone was helping me check my pace." Then I winked. I was on cloud nine. I'm a 17-year-old boy, and here I am flirting heavily with my hot teacher. Hormones were raging, and I was ready to get laid. But reality kicked in, and I saw she was carrying a lot of stuff, so I offered to take it for her. She said she lived right next door and she could do it, but I insisted. She gave in and we chatted a tiny bit along the way. I said goodbye to her kids as I put the stuff down just inside the door. I gave Mrs. A a goodbye hug and she looked at me and said in a more seductive town than usual, "oh, and if you ever have that problem again, come see me after class, and maybe I can help." She smiled and shut the door. Needless to say, I was once again horny beyond belief and rushed home--well, waddled, on account of the raging hardon. As soon as I got there I ripped off my clothes and started jerking off. I lasted longer this time, about ten minutes, before shooting a good 4-5 ropes.

I love Solo Touch and I'm so glad I now have a story to share. I'm still a virgin, and have never really gotten on any base with a woman.

Here's my question: should I take Mrs. A up on it? Was it harmless, jokey flirting on her end, not knowing I was actually sexually interested in her. Even if she was serious, she IS married, and that's a little weird. Her marital status is the only thing that keeps me from actively trying to get intimate with her. I know it's corny, but she's perfect in mind, body, and spirit to me. Despite my fantasies, I'd never use her for sex only and could actually see myself spending my life with her. I don't know. I'm confused.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoyed.

Man, telling this story...I'm all turned on again.



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