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Hot Daughter-in-Law

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Hot Daughter-In-Law
Hi I have this hot masturbation with others story saved from a website that used to feature in-laws stories. It could use a little editing, but I will send it to you in its "unedited" form. --A SOLO reader
Here it is------
My son married a girl he met after he graduated college. I was glad he waited so he was able to finish his studies. I met her a few times but never spent much time with them. I flew out for the wedding but everything was so hectic that I didn't get to spend much time with her. A cute girl, sort of middle of the road kind of looks. April has brown eyes and brown hair that comes just below her shoulders. I guess her to be maybe 5 foot 9 or 5 foot 10. Not a skinny girl bit no fat on her either. Just average girl like the ones you see next door.
They had been married 8 months when my son invited me to come down and stay for a few days with them. I had some days off accumulated so I drove down to see them. I was going to get a motel but they insisted I stay with them They had a sofa that made into a guest bed. I would have been more comfortable in a motel but the way the girl asked me to stay was like she was begging with her eyes.
I got there on a Friday and we had a nice supper and visited till late. Saturday we toured the city and did a little shopping. April was a joy to spend time with. My son had certainly picked a girl with a wonderful attitude about life. Saturday Night I offered to take them out and I would see that they were entertained. They picked out a club they liked. It was a little loud for my taste but nice enough. April drank too much from the very beginning. At 10:00 the DJ announced they were going to have a wet t shirt contest if they could get 6 girls to enter. At midnight the D J said he had 4 and needed 2 more. At 12:30 he said he had 5 and had to have one more in the next 10 minutes to hold the contest. Allen was anxious to see the show and quite frankly I was interested in seeing the wet titties my self. At last he told April to enter so they would have the contest. He told her she didn't have to show anything. She could come in last place but the show would go on and who knows maybe she might win some of the money. Then I offered her $20 just to enter so the show would happen. She took me up on it and signed up with the DJ. He gave her a t shirt and told her to change into it.
When the contest started she came out with the rest of the girls. I was even a little excited at seeing her in the wet t shirt after spending a couple of days with them I felt there was more under her conservative tops than I had first thought. The first round of the show one of the girls flashed her boobs. The second round started and April was last to come up to dance and show off. By then all but one other girl had flashed or taken their top off altogether. I was to get to see my daughter in law topless in the next few seconds. My son was devastated that I saw his wife's boobs When the next round started the girls all came to front of the stage and shook their boobs at the people. April was right there with the rest of them.
Allen got upset at her for exposing her self and started drinking more heavily I took them back to their place and April and I had to helpAllen in and to bed. She and I stripped him and rolled him under the covers passed out. She started to undress in the room before I left. I paused for just a minute as she sat on the bed and peeled the Levi's off showing me her thong panties and her beautiful ass. I turned and left then went to make my bed out. I was sitting on the bed thinking about my half naked daughter in law in the next room and how easy it would be to take a peek at her ass he slept. I was hard thinking those things and I was sitting in my underwear and instinctively I reached in and started to stock my cock. It had been a long time since I had masturbated and even longer since I had sex. I had almost forgotten what the body of a young girl looked like up close as I had seen her that night.
I had my dick out and stroking it nicely when I looked up to see her in the door way watching. I put it up and she asked me to continue doing it. Allen would never do it for her and she always wanted to watch it. She reached her hand under the t shirt she had put on and then into her panties. She told me she would do it if I would let her watch me do it.
That was all the encouragement I needed. I told her I wanted her as naked as I was and I would do it. I kicked my shorts rest the way off and she pulled the t shirt off over her head. I opened my legs to let my balls hang free as I stroked. She stopped for just a minute before pulling her panties off too. She shaved her pussy like a porn star with just a little hair on the top front and the lips were bare. She had a clit that hung down below her lips, peaking out. I started my stroking and motioned for her to come closer and sit. She sat between my legs with her face just inches from my cock. I jacked it as she fingered her pussy and watch. I didn't take long. I came good though. The first couple of spurts landed on her cheek and the rest ran down on my hand.
Then she told me she needed to come, I thought it was strange for her to say she needed rather than wanted to come. She was still very drunk and laid back on the bed and started to finger feverishly as I sat and watched. She stopped in desperation and said she couldn't do it herself. She abruptly asked if I could eat her and make her come. It didn't take a second invitation to have me between her legs licking her up. She did come after a bit then I dressed her and helped her back to her bed.
The next day Allen had to go to work for a few hours after lunch to make ready for Monday morning. April and I used that time to talk out what we had done the night before. We both agreed it was good but bad for the marriage and family. That night after Allen was asleep she came and slipped in bed with me to tell me good night. She told me with a blow job. The next morning my son was off to work and I was in his bed with April. That girl is a wild cat in bed and I now fully understand why my son married her.



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