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Hospital Nurse, a Urinal and Me

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I've been reading stories from here for a long time and have had a lot of fun. :)


I remember my adventure in the hospital; I was 17. I had just undergone surgery. The drugs I took before surgery and the painkillers, left me lightheaded and tired. I just wanted to lie in bed.

My favorite nurse was named, Susan. She was tall, had short red hair and had faint freckles on her nose. Her breasts were small and I could almost see her big nipples through her uniform. She had light-colored hair on her bare arms and dark hair on her face.

It was four hours after surgery and I had gone in and out of sleep often. Suddenly, I woke up and needed to pee. I pressed the call button and Susan, with her smiling face, appeared. The hairs on her upper lip crinkled when I told her what I needed to do.

'Well, you have several options. You can use a bed pan or a urinal.'

I only had ever used the toilet and I felt curious about the urinal.

'I thought guys only could use urinals.'

'Nope. I'll show you what I'm talking about.'

She went to the bathroom and brought back a cylinder with a funnel attached and ended in a cup.

'What you do is, you press the cup to your vulva. You can do this sitting up, standing or laying down.'

Cool, I was psyched! I agreed to try. We moved my blankets out of the way. I moved the lower end of the bed up so my legs would stay in a bent position. I moved my gown above my belly button exposing my curly brown hair (I never shaved), and I placed the cup against my vulva.

'Got it?'


'What is It?'

I still felt light headed and borderline sea sick.

'Could you stay?'

Also, I really wanted her to see me pee. :)

'Sure. That's my job.'

She sat down in the chair next to my bed. I wanted to grin. But I smiled instead and the room started to spin. I must have turned green because she asked me what was wrong. She offered to rub my shoulders. I tried to relax my muscles. The problem I have is, if I hold my urine too long then my body doesn't let go when I want it to! After several minutes, I was becoming frustrated. Susan started to rub my tummy and upper thighs. Several minutes ticked by.

I said, 'Geez, I'm sorry.'

Susan replied, 'No, it's ok. I could hold it for you.'

I was embarrassed at this point and I started to think this whole thing was a bad idea. But I really want to pee and I couldn't relax without help. So, I said, yes.

She cupped the urinal in her hands. I put my arms on my pillow. I breathed in and out. I could feel my pelvic muscles start to relax. With a rush and a hiss, my pee started to fill the urinal. I felt warm down there. I gasped. I think I moaned a couple of times. I moved and thrust my hips. I put my hands on the urinal. It felt so warm.

When my pee finally stopped, I looked down. The urinal was almost full and I smiled. Susan pulled the urinal away from me and measured the scale on the side.

'I'll be back.'

She went into the bathroom and poured the urine into the toilet. I lay there, feeling calm and content. However, my clit had other ideas. I felt hard and wet. All that tension had turned me on. I really wanted to masturbate. I wanted to ask Suan if I could play with myself while she was there. I decided not to ask (sorry folks). I wanted privacy.

Susan came back and had some wipes with her. The thing is, when I pee laying down or sitting up I don't drip; only when standing.

She wasn't surprised.

'Susan, mmm, I know you have to check on me. But I want to masturbate and would like some privacy.'


Her freckles crinkled when she smiled and I almost asked her. She pulled the curtains around my bed. I asked her to help me untie my gown. I love my breasts being exposed. She walked through the curtains and I put my hands between my legs.

I thought about how her butt moved under her knee length skirt. It looked like a Valentine's heart. I slowly felt my outer lips. I grinned. I felt warm. The feeling of pleasure was great and my wetness squelched in response. I heard the door close. Eek! I stopped and sat there.

What was wrong with me? Well, she was out of the room and I started again. I started rubbing my inner lips. Left, right, right, left. My knees came closed to my body and my feet curled. I gasped and stopped. My hands went to my small breasts, taking my lube with them. I played with them circling to the nipples. My nipples are inverted and I don't get erections but it felt like I had clothespins on them. I stopped and went to my shoulders, rubbing them. Harder, then softly.

I felt hot. Sweat formed on my body. I tasted it with my tongue. My shoulders and face tasted fantastic. I bit my lower arm. I put my fingers in my mouth, tasting my wetness. I moved my fingers in and out. I moved my fingers around my tongue. I flicked my fingers with my tongue. I pinched my nipples.

My ass started to want to be filled. Darn! I didn't have a glove. I felt empty but the emptiness turned me on. I put my hands back between my legs I put my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fingers inside my cunt. Not vulva. Cunt! I moved my fingers in a clockwise then counterclockwise direction. I wanted to keep myself from touching my clitoris. Ymmm. I put my hands on the very outside of my lips. Now I know was also touching the outer edges of my clit too. Heehee.

My hips started to move back and forth. Then from side to side. This had never happened before. I started to pant then grunt; then growl. I put my fingers back in my cunt. I used my left hand to play with my urethra. Ahhhhhhhh. My legs lift up. Ahhhhhhwwww. I can't stand it. Feels so good. I touch... no, wait... stop... please, more...I touch my hand to the bud of my clit... no please, stop... more... I can't... and, then, I CAME.

Snort! Gasp! Moan! YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! My back arched and my hand moved from side to side. My eyes closed. My cum shot out of me drenching my arm, my hand, my legs and the bed. The bed creaked in protest or agreement. I sobbed. Tears ran down my face. Hahahahaha. The cum cooled on my feet. I fell asleep.

I woke up in my wet spot. Heheheh. I placed my hands between my legs and touched my wetness. I brought my hands to my nose and sniffed. My scent was heavenly. I rubbed my nose. I then rubbed my ears and behind them. I played with the cum on my body, drawing shapes. I had never done this before. This feeling of wanting to do this drove me to try new things.

I had to PEE. I pushed the call button. Susan arrived. I realized my body was flushed. I thought to myself I should have waited, but then I didn't care. We were both girls. I could tell from the way she smiled, she jilled too. I smiled back.

'Let me help you tie your gown back up.'

I felt the gown cover my breasts again. I tingled at her touch. She left the room and brought the urinal. I wanted to try it alone this time. She smiled, pulled the curtains closed and walked through them.

I put the urinal against my cunt and peed. I moaned, gasped and sighed. The smell from cunt went towards my nose. I sniffed. I heard the door close. :Giggle:

This started my exploration of semi public and public masturbation; also, being top free and nude. I discovered that, what I was touching, was my g-spot. I was able to keep my eyes open longer after that.

I have stories about my community shower and toilet stalls masturbation. Does anyone want to hear them? ')



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