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Horniest Day Ever of Masturbation - Pt 1

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Yesterday had to be the most horniest day of my life, and it all started with finding my recent post on Solo Touch.


I slept in yesterday until almost 9am because I didn't have to work until noon. As soon as I woke up, I was feeling horny, which is not terribly unusual. Usually when this happens, I just lay in bed and pleasure myself for a little while and then begin my day after an orgasm.

This time though, I looked down and saw that I was still naked under the sheet, and could feel my dried lady-cum between my legs and on my mouth and cheeks. I quickly remembered the previous night; I had laid in bed for probably 45 minutes pleasing myself, getting wet and tasting it, and rubbing my wetness on my face and outside my mouth. Now I don't make a huge habit of wiping my wetness on my face, but when I get really worked up I do it. It has probably only happened five or six times ever.

I was very horny all that day because I had previously submitted my masturbation (secret) technique on this website. No one in the world knows my kinky little practice, except (now) the people on this website would. It had me worked up all day, and I was secretly pleasuring and tasting myself throughout the day. Then I had the previously aforementioned masturbation session at night and ended up falling asleep naked, with my vibrator on the bed next to me and my thighs, face and fingers covered in my juices.

So I woke up yesterday morning, horny and nude, with my vibrator next to me, so I decided to have a little more fun. I've had both my labia pierced for a year, but I got my clit (hood) pierced a few months ago, and WOW! that makes the vibrations far more intense. I have been vibing like a mad woman since I realized the intense improvement. (I literally bought a 12 pack of AA batteries a month ago, and they are almost gone!)

In the middle of all my pleasure, my phone rang and I went to the other room of my apartment to answer it. I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail. I sat down at my computer and turned it on to see if Solo Touch had posted my contribution. I was absolutely flushed to see that my 'Techniques' submission was right there at the top of the page for the world to see. I could feel my entire body heat up as I read through it again. I was about to catch on fire it made me so hot. I couldn't believe my biggest masturbation secret was on display for the world.

The whole thrill of enjoying my pussy wetness is the feeling of sluttiness and naughtiness. Sharing my kinky secret with the world was a whole new level of slutty and naughty that I could never have predicted. I was immediately horny as hell! It was beyond anything I had experienced before.

My pussy was hot enough to cook with, and I looked down and watched my lips and clitoris slowly swelling with uber-excitement. I could feel a gallon of wetness moving inside me. I must have read it four times in a row trying to believe it was really on the website. I was amazed at how horny and wet I was.

I realized (as I was reading and pleasuring myself) that everyone must really think I am a very kinky slutty girl. And it made me so horny! I was so horny I felt high; literally almost like a drug. I got to thinking about what else I could do that would be so kinky; and then I would post it on the website. The truth is, I couldn't really think of anything except masturbating in public, which I do discreetly sometimes anyways. I was so worked up that I wanted to do it without being quite so discreet.

I got up (still naked) and opened all the blinds in my apartment, acting like I was the only person on Earth, and deeply desiring to have some good looking man on the other side of the window. No one saw me, but I left them open and continued my naked errands around the apartment.

I made my bed in about 30 seconds and spent another 10 seconds picking up laundry and then grabbed a spoon and yogurt for breakfast. I went back to the computer, and noticed a wet spot on the faux-leather chair where my pussy was a few minutes earlier. It stopped me in my tracks for about five seconds.

Excited to an absolute frenzy, I set down the yogurt and spoon and then I kneeled down next to my office chair. I stared at the little clear wetness for about three seconds and then I started licking it up with my tongue in broad, deliberate strokes. It tasted sexy and familiar and I loved it. Each lick was slow and methodical and brought me higher and higher into sexual ecstacy.

Two licks into it I realized that I was totally naked, squatting down, licking my pussy juice off a chair-all in front of my sliding glass door. I felt like such a dirty slut when I realized this thought, and I absolutely loved it. My pussy was dripping wet like a warm wash cloth. I was absolutely high and shaking with the adrenalin and horniness. (Strangely enough, I just realized I have never licked my juice off anything except a vibrator, penis, or my own fingers.)

In my mind I was dying for someone to walk over and see me, but no one did. I promised myself that if any man walked into view, I would NOT freak out and leave. I was SO horny. I wanted to give someone a show.

By this time my right hand was having trouble keeping up with my overflowing pussy, so I had moved my left hand under my pussy, and I was actually catching little drops of my wetness that was headed for the floor. The office chair was definitely clean now, so I leaned back and looked at my left hand. It was so hot to see bits of my juice on my palm and fingers. I stared at it for a minute and then began licking it all up again, this time with my legs open pointing my pussy directly at the sliding glass door.

I sat there on the floor for about five minutes, with my feet touching the glass door and the sun shining on my pussy. I was leaning back and displaying my pussy for anyone that could have walked by. (no one did). I was fingering my pussy and tasting myself and feeling very slutty the whole time. Sometimes it was hotter with my eyes open, sometimes it was hotter with my eyes closed. Of course I added multiple amounts of my stringy, clear wetness to my cheeks and mouth a few times. I can truly say that I have never been so horny in my life, but I would love to feel it again.

I walked to the bathroom to see if my wetness was visible on my face. It was, but only up very close. I went to my room and put on my vibrating 'butterfly' toy (it has straps that go around your legs to hold it on) and then I put on a very small, tight pair of jogging shorts. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this in my bedroom with the blinds open, but I had to watch out the corner of my eye for people, because this side of my apartment faced the parking lot. I stood there topless in front of my closet, and turned on the vibrating butterfly. Then I searched for the shirt.

The shirt I was looking for was very see-through up close, but not as much if a person is a little farther away. I usually wore the shirt with a bra under it and another shirt over it. I had this all planned out: when worn with matching color jogging shorts, the shirt could pass as a workout outfit, so I could start running or jogging if anyone got close to me. But I could still get the thrill of wearing something completely see through in public!

I put on some socks and shoes and headed for the front door. I paused before walking out, took a deep breath, adjusted my butterfly vibrator (and its little remote) and then I boldly walked out the front door; my heart pounding out of my chest.

This was the first time I had used the butterfly anywhere outside my apartment, and the first time I had worn the shirt without a bra AND something over it. I felt like such a total slut, and it made me wetter. I loved it! I walked slowly to the mailbox and checked my mail (as if I cared about the mail). Two cars passed me from behind, and on my way back home one car was coming at me from ahead. My whole body was on fire as the car got closer and closer. I covered myself nonchalantly until I knew the car didn't contain anyone I know, then I put my arms down and continued boldly, my pussy vibrating all the while from the butterfly.

WOW! what an absolute rush! I saw the guy staring at my tits with amazement as he passed. I had to act natural, but my knees almost gave out with sexual excitement. The crotch of my shorts was definitely very wet now, and I continued home.

I had never boldy shared a view of my body like that before, but I positively loved it, and I wanted more. I was too scared to do it in my own hometown, so I called in sick to work and planned to drive to a (anonymous) large city about an hour and a half away, and have some serious fun at a very huge mall there. I decided I was going to rent a car there for a day just to ensure that I wouldn't get caught.

I'll post the rest of my day another time. I hafta go to work now!



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