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Home Alone

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It was the middle of the morning, about 10:30, when I finally woke up. I was feeling relaxed, but since my husband had been gone for a couple of weeks, I was really missing him! I decided it was time to relieve that sexual tension that had been building up during his trip overseas. So I reached under my blue and white gown and pulled off my panties. It felt really good to lie there like that, completely exposed. That gave me plenty of freedom to gently caress myself. I reached for the lube and applied a soothing coating of lubricant to my already moist clitoris. For about five minutes I slowly increased my level of excitement, gliding my finger tenderly, back and forth, across my sensitive spot. As I started feeling really good and sexy, I took off my gown. I wanted to be totally nude on the bed. Also, I wanted to be able to caress my breasts. It feels really good when I cup each one in my hand and run my fingers across them. So now I was getting totally involved in pleasuring my body. My right hand was focused on my source of excitement, but my left hand would wander across my body. At times I would slip my fingers inside myself, to remind me of how good my lover's touch feels when he surrounds me with his love. Sometimes I would pull on my swollen lips, increasing the tension and enjoyment; other times I would move up to my breasts to keep them excited, to keep my nipples hard. With my eyes closed and my fingers working their magic, I let myself focus on my husband's hardness and how much I missed having his rigid shaft rubbing across my body. With my imagination plus my own stimulation, I came to my first climax within minutes. Wow, it felt great! I had been craving one for days. But one climax wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger. That was just the beginning. Now that I was really turned on, I was able to give myself another couple of orgasms rather quickly, just like my hubby.

I was pretty satisfied with those three climaxes, so I got up to take a shower. But before I could get to the bathroom, I found my husband's pyjamas folded up on a chair. As I held them close to me, the ability to smell my lover made me want more! So I went and laid back down on the bed. With his pj's draped over my breasts and close to my face, I got the urge once again to explode with pleasure while thinking of him. It didn't take long for my caresses to take me back up to the height of sexual desire. Once, even twice, tremors of delight swept the length of my body as my clitoris responded to my knowing touch.

Finally I was able to get up and take that shower. It was time to get on with the day. As I got under that warm stream of water, I soaped up my breasts and they were still a bit sensitive to the touch. It was like they were craving more. Even the tingling between my legs had not yet subsided. So, after I got out of the shower, I went and stretched out on the bed. Ahh, it felt so good to be clean, and to feel my naked body against the sheets. With my entire being still aching for continued stimulation, I decided to indulge myself. My hand eagerly moved back between my legs and once again, my fingers started skillfully gliding across my clitoris. My senses were even more heightened after the shower. I was very aware of my erotic state. Here I was, home alone, totally nude on our bed. My fingers were duplicating every move my talented lover would make. My breasts remained sexually tense as my fingers caressed their flesh and I began to fill with an incredible urge to let pleasure rush through my body. With my legs spread wide, my persistent, perceptive strokes took me once again over the edge, and this time I enjoyed filling the bedroom with the sounds of my sixth orgasm.

Then, to top it all off, I held my husband's pillow on top of me, as if it were him. My hands returned underneath the pillow to once again stimulate my almost-satisfied love spot. As a final chapter in this marvelous time alone with myself, immersed in thoughts about my traveling man, I once again stirred up those pre-climax feelings with my gentle touch. Teasing my clitoris, I made the excitement last as long as I could, and then finally I let go. I kept my fingers moving until the pleasure I craved went coursing through my body.

A perfect seven! I wish my man could have been here... he would have had a visual feast!



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