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Holiday Surprise

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It was December, and I went to my grandfather's house with my dad for the holidays.

My grandpa lives in a small town, and in another house lives my cousin.

There was absolutely nothing to do in that middle of nowhere but to talk to my cousin. She was also 15 at the time.

Two days after I got there, I had lunch and went to my cousin's house to check out something to do. She was alone at home, as my aunt and her husband were out.

Well, at least that was what she thought.

She had a shower and went to her room, but I didn't know that.

I suddenly appeared in front of her room and she was there, totally naked, in front of me.

I had no reaction for some seconds, I was surprised. Until that day I had never seen a girl naked.

I stayed there, shamelessly looking at every detail of her body.

After that, I simply closed the door and left.

Hours later, I looked for her to apologize for what happened.

She said there was no problem, but I kept feeling guilty. That was when she said 'hey, you're saying like you've never seen a girl naked'

Again, I was surprised. She was naughtier than I thought.

The next day, the whole family went to a farm near the small town, and we kept heading to a river.

We got there and ended up splitting. And I was, again, alone with my cousin. She brought me to another part of the river, where nobody would find us. We went for a dive.

She was wearing a white shirt, but no bathing clothes like a bikini or something.

As she entered the water, her breasts got almost 100% visible. Her wet shirt wouldn't hide anything from me.

My cock got hard, as I kept trying to control myself. I kept hiding it underwater.

She noticed there was something wrong and asked me what was going on. I answered 'nothing', but she said 'what do you mean, nothing? You're so cute, so shy... Why don't you lose this shyness for a minute?'

She put her hand underwater, like she knew I had my cock hard, and took out my shorts. She started to touch my cock and whispered 'do you like it?' And she kissed me.

I was kinda frightened and didn't say anything.

She pushed me out of the river and we went near a tree, as I was completely naked and holding my shorts with my hand.

We sat down, as she started to jerk me off, with her soft and tiny hands, like she was enjoying the best moment of her life.

She kept doing that, looking down to my cock and with her knees between my legs.

It was like a dream, I couldn't feel anything else but her hands and her fast-paced breathing.

I couldn't hold it for much longer and cummed in her hand, with a strong breathing and probably the best orgasm I've ever had.

I looked at her, we both smiled to each other and left. Nothing else happened later, maybe because I was too afraid of getting involved with her at the time, as she is my cousin.

But today, I feel like I want to visit her again... and maybe I can surprise her next time...



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