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Holiday Shopping Fun

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Last month, I had gone out to do some gift shopping. I had taken the day off work, so I had all day to do this. I had spent the morning at a busy store and had gotten a few gifts and was ready for a break from the crowds. So I left and drove my car over to a fast food restaurant and went thru the drive thru, got my food, then drove across the street to a grocery store parking lot where I parked my car and ate my lunch. It was a large lot and it was pretty empty, and I was parked way out towards the end with no other cars close by at all.

My cell phone is one of those that you can browse the net on. So as I ate my lunch I turned on the internet and surfed a couple of sites for some nude pics, then I came over to Solo Touch and read a few stories. I started to get pretty horny, and I thought about taking care of business, but decided I still had more shopping to do. So, I put the phone away and drove my car over to another department store and went inside. I spent about 15 minutes or so looking around at different things, but didn't find anything I wanted to buy. Then I noticed the dressing rooms, and I remembered reading stories from other people who have gotten off in the dressing rooms.

I decided to at least go in and fool around, even if I didn't go all the way to orgasm. It wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes messing around, right? So I went and grabbed a pair of pants to take with me, as an excuse for going in, and into the dressing rooms I went. They were pretty much empty, so I went into the one at the end that was marked for handicap, as it was the biggest. I went in and closed the door and took off my shoes and pants and underwear and took a look at myself in the mirror. Man was my cock red! Wow, this was exciting, my heart was pounding hard. I spent about 5 minutes pulling on my cock, facing the mirror for awhile so I could watch myself, then sitting my bare butt on the bench and jerking away. I heard something over the store PA system, I couldn't make out what they said, but I got nervous that maybe they could see me thru some camera or something, and I got scared and got dressed and got out of there.

I got back into my car, but I was still really horny. Trying to decide what to do next, I remembered that big empty parking lot where I ate lunch. Yeah, I could go back there and mess around some more I thought. So back I went. I drive a small SUV, and the back windows are all tinted. SO I got into the back seat, waited for a little bit looking around to see if anyone was watching me. It looked clear, so I pulled my pants and underwear down past my knees, exposing myself. I lay down on the seat not doing anything, just lying there with my exposed cock pointing straight up. I was really excited and my heart was pounding and, my cock twitched with every beat. It usually does this when I'm excited, but never like this. I couldn't believe how much it was twitching and how far it jumped with every beat of my heart. The feeling was incredible. I just laid there for about five minutes enjoying the feeling, the pleasure got stronger and stronger, and I realized I could probably come without even touching myself, it was that exciting. So I let things go like this for another couple of minutes when I heard a car drive by very closely to mine. I sat up and looked and dang! Some guy drove right around my car and parked just two spaces away. The whole damn lot and he had to park two spaces away from me? I quickly pulled my pants up, but I did it so fast I left my underwear down around my thighs.

I waited for him to get out of his car and walk into the store, but he didn't get out, he sat there, talking on his cell phone. Damn, I thought, this is a piece of bad luck. Then I started to get scared that he may be a security guard or something in an unmarked car. I don't know why I get paranoid like this, but I know this is risky, which is part of the excitement. Anyway, I decided I'd better get out of there, but before I left I wanted to pull my underwear up. So, I leaned down low and pulled my pants back down, planning on just pulling up my underwear and getting out of there. But the feeling was just too intense. I couldn't stop it, I started to come, and come I did. Wow, spurt after spurt of semen just kept coming as my cock pulsed with contractions. Wow, it may have been my strongest orgasm ever. What a come. After that I pulled everything up, got back in the front seat and got the hell out of there.

I did go back and do some more shopping, but my mind was still on what had just happened. One hell of a thrilling time! Don't know if I'll ever repeat it, but boy, what a cool memory now.



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