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Holding Off for Hourgasms

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An unbelievable but amazing discovery: hour-long orgasms


I don't ejaculate very often; maybe once every couple weeks, when my wife wants me to. But I tease myself in the most intense way imaginable: spending an hour or so every night stroking myself achingly close to ejaculation, just a stroke or so away from losing control, but not 'finishing.' Not at all. Not that night, or the next, or the next...
When I'm lubed-up (Astroglide) and laying down in the spare room, my cock is so tense and hard the veins make it rough, my balls are tight, my breathing a bit irregular, my cock starts to spasm, feeling unbelievably intense...
.... so I stop, for just a moment, a second, still holding on, and let my body relax, let my cock relax and expand even more upward. Then I resume touching, gently, reaching the point of no return in another stroke or two... then stop again. My cock is twitching involuntarily now, it feels like cum has filled its underside, even the gentlest touch would send me over the edge, but I stroke anyway, a feather-touch, and yet the ejaculation doesn't happen, barely. This goes on for between half an hour and two hours, with just a few breaks, then I wipe up and do something else, unfinished. Wow...
Somehow, over a few years of this, my body has learned to accept this delicious intensity without exploding. It's actually an orgasm, the same intensity of feelings but continuous, focussed, and lasting MUCH longer. The 'afterglow' is wonderful, and I'm amazingly horny during the day (especially for the gym's young fitness babes in bra-tops...). I can last inside my wife for as long as she wants. In fact, I'm so addicted to these hour-long orgam sessions--'hourgasms'--that I don't WANT to ejaculate, since that just brings it to an end and makes the next few sessions less intense.
It was a challenge when I first started. First, because I would often ejaculate early, by accident; second, because it took tremendous willpower to quit and pack up while my cock was so hard and desperate for completion; and third, because my balls ached a lot the next day.

But all that got much better. I learned to get closer to the 'edge' for longer and longer, and I learned to appreciate the intense, aching horniness and want to prolong it. The way to success was kind of like Yoga: when the feeling got really intense, almost painful, I tried to accept and even enjoy it, relaxing the body and concentrating on the sensation. After a while, the 'desperate-to-finish' feelings slowly became 'desperate-to-continue' orgams, from the belly and balls to the very tip of the cock.
Now, these hourgasms are more intense than vaginal sex. The pleasure is so intense and continuous that my mind has no space for thoughts, or even fantasies: my entire universe becomes my orgasmic body and cock-feelings, a totally focussed meditation, and I lose track of time. It's so yummy, and so compelling, that I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across it.
My only regret is that I didn't know about this when I was a teenager, when my body could have enjoyed it even more. If it feels this good after practicing just a couple years at age 40, what would a lifetime of practice feel like?



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