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History of Wanking - Part 8 - Susie 2

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Susie part 2. Part of a continuing series.


We sat there in the kitchen coming down slowly from a fantastic clothed orgasm. I felt totally relaxed and I think Susie did as well.

'I think you had better get yourself out of those wet clothes'. she said as she rubbed the front of my shorts.

'You're not so dry yourself' I said, as I moved to rub between her legs.

She clamped her legs shut so I could not get in but that only pushed the beautiful soft bulge between them out further to form the familiar cameltoe effect.

'Let's go and have a bath' she said getting up off her chair.

I had a bag with a change of clothes with me. I always take one just in case. This was a large house and was shared by four girls.

'What about the others?' I asked.

'Don't worry, two of them are away and the third is working this evening so she won't be back until late'. She replied.

The bathroom was huge and in one corner was a large bath, it was a sort of corner bath with taps centrally in the corner.

'Come on then, let's get this wet stuff off then'. she said as she tugged at my shorts.

So, she can be quite playful then! I played a little hard to get as she chased me around the bathroom. She stopped to start filling the bath with warm soapy water.

'Not having a shower then?' I asked.

'No, there's plenty of room in there for two'. she replied.

Now, the idea of two of us in the bath together certainly started those old familiar feelings going in my damp shorts again. The last time I shared a bath with a girl was probably with my sister when we were only about five years old!

She had another go at tugging my shorts and I managed to grab the hem of her top and started to pull it up and over her head. Wow, her lovely little breasts were just perfect with those hard little nipples pointing out. Her nipples were quite puffy and a beautiful shade of dark pink. Standing there topless she had my cock pushing up at the waist band of my shorts. I slipped my t-shirt off over my head and so we both stood there only dressed in shorts, mine baggy cotton and hers were tight fitting lycra. The bath was just about full enough now and so Susie turned off the taps, swung round and faced me with her hands on her hips.

'OK, if you won't let me take them off, then you remove them'. she said.

I slid my thumbs into my waist band and slowly pushed them down over my hips. I had to pull the band out over my half hard cock to free it and then dropped them to the floor. My cock, which was pointing straight at her, still had smears of cum on it. The tip of my knob was just poking out from my foreskin and was a lovely red/purple colour. I kicked my shorts off across the bathroom floor into the corner.

'OK, your turn' I said.

She was smiling at me and her gaze went backwards and forwards from my face to my cock.

'Do you have to point that thing at me!' She laughed as she slowly slid her tight shorts down over her hips and down her legs to her ankles.

As she did this facing me, everything was hidden from view. She pulled her shorts off over her feet, threw them across the room on top of mine, and slowly stood up.

What I saw made my cock stop pointing at her but in a matter of seconds it pointed to the ceiling.

'Have you always shaved your pussy?' I asked.

'Yes, well for the last 3 or 4 years anyway. It is cleaner and more comfortable when training as there is no hair to hold all the sweat, and other juices!' She explained.

Her pussy was just as I had imagined it from how it felt under my fingers not so long ago. A beautifully plump mound with a deep valley down the centre. As she was stood with her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips I could just make out her inner lips and the tip of her clitoris hood. It was all I could do to not go over to her and touch it.

'OK'. she said, looking me straight in the face 'There is one golden rule here'.

I wondered what was going to come next and whether this was my last opportunity to see this wonder.

'Don't worry' she smiled, 'The rule is simple. No penetration sex, in other words, no intercourse, no fucking!'

That last word coming from her made my cock jerk!

'Most anything else goes, OK?'

I smiled back 'fine with me, that's how I like it!'

She smiled at that 'I am still a virgin, technically, and I want to stay that way for now.'

I suppose I was too but didn't say. Anyway, some time later (a few years actually) she (or should it be we) broke that rule but that is not a story for here.

We both got in the bath and lay there for what seemed like hours just relaxing and soaking up the warmth and chatting away about this and that. The bath had quite wide edges against the wall and was enough to put bottles or flannels or any other bathing equipment on. We got to talking about her shaven pussy and how she kept it looking so good. For a start she has blonde hair so it is very difficult to see any stubble that may appear. Having a shaven pussy was relatively unusual back then. They were rarely seen in magazines.

'I have to shave it almost every day to keep it smooth, but that is not a big deal as I have at least one shower or bath every day and it only takes a few minutes. Do you want to see?' She asked.

Now, what sort of question was that!

'Yes, that will be interesting'. I replied with a broad smile on my face.

She slid up out of the bath and sat on the rim with her legs together. As she looked down at her pussy her legs slowly parted and she ran her hand up between them and over her beautiful mound. As she parted her legs her soft but firm pussy lips slightly parted to reveal her glorious inner privacy. My first view of her whole open pussy and only a couple of feet in front of me! She continued to run her hand up and down between her legs.

'Just starting to feel a bit of stubble. I last shaved three days ago so it needs doing.' She commented.

Her pussy was still aroused and a light shade of pink from her recent orgasm. Her pointed inner lips were still slightly swollen and a deeper shade of red and her clitoris stood out like the tip of her little finger. As she parted her lips with her fingers all was laid out to see and she seemed totally unaware of me just staring at her. It was all I could do not to lean forward and kiss her clit and gently suck on it.

She soaped up the area between her legs and down to her puckered lower hole. She seemed to enjoy this process as her breathing started to get louder and she let out the occasional groan. She then picked up a razor off the ledge by the bath and started to shave in long gentle slow strokes, starting at the bottom and moving up towards her naval. It literally took her about 10 strokes and she was done. Her cheeks had taken on a bit more of a glow and there were red patches appearing on her neck and chest. She was groaning slightly as she finished. She was on fire, hot and horny again. She put the razor back and gripping the side of the bath she dipped her bottom down into the water to wash off the remaining soap.

While all this was going on I was slowly stroking my rock hard boner under the water, she couldn't see it due to the bubbles on the surface but watching my arm it was fairly obvious what I was doing. She sat back on the ledge and parted her legs slightly.

'Does that look better now?' she asked.

'Better than what?' I teased, 'It was pretty good before'.

She smiled. 'You know what I mean'. and she ran her fingers over the smooth surface.

I made to lean forward to feel for myself.

'No, just look and enjoy for now' she teased.

I was still stroking gently and felt myself getting close to another orgasm. She looked at my arm.

'Have you got any left in there?' she asked.

'We will find out shortly! I said.

'Let me see, you are having a good look at me!' she suggested.

I slid up on to the ledge on the opposite corner to her and with my legs slightly parted my cock stood up proudly towards my stomach while my balls hung low between my legs.

'Now you can continue stroking' she said as she ran her fingers over her clit.

I did as I was told and slowly pulled my foreskin completely off my swollen knob. I dribbled some saliva over the exposed glans in order to lubricate it as I then pushed my skin back over it to hide it from view. She was glowing now as she was masturbating her clit just like a little penis. I could feel myself starting to get to that point of no return. I was taking deep breaths and really squeezing the life out of my cock. It was feeling bigger in my hand than it had ever felt before and it was now getting to the high tension point where it is totally rigid, just before it powers my juice out of the end.

'I I I I I'm cummmmming!! I managed to groan.

'Towards me!' she moaned back as she was approaching her orgasm.

'Here it goes' as I felt the surge start from deep in my pelvis and my anal muscles contracted hard. Whoosh as the first string left my cock and landed on her knee, the second (as ever) went a bit further and landed just an inch or so from her pussy on her upper thigh.

'Oooooooh!' she moaned as she came at the same time.

Her clit was so erect and red that I could feel the heat from where I was sat. She jerked a few times as she massages her clit and inner lips and slid almost silently back into the water. I followed and relaxed in the soft warmth of the bath. We both looked at each other with that satisfied smile of sexual pleasure. Wow, she is hot. This could be fun. Little did I know that better was yet to cum!



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