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His Sister

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I was talking to a friend this afternoon, he was telling me this long boring story about his mother and the way she treated his friends when he was younger. It was something about how she rarely liked any of them of something. I don't know because my mind drifted off in the direction of his sister. And what a direction it was.

Ok here's the deal his mom was HOT. Many times I thought of her while I got to business, alone in my bed. She always wore low cut shirts and tight pants. She had to know how she affected all the boys that hung out at her house. I know my fifteen year old member strained against my pants more than once while she was looking right at me. And I loved it.

As I looked back she was the beginning of a few of my sexual preferences. She's probably the reason I prefer classic white bras, and pink granny panties. In fact she was perhaps the beginning of my sexual life. At least by myself.

One day I spent the night along with a couple other guys so we could go somewhere the next day. After us kids had settled into our various sleeping areas, floors, couch, and I was under the table. After most of the guys were asleep I got up to use the bathroom.

As I walked to the bathroom I had to go past his sisters room, I could see her reading light was but she looked like she was asleep. I didn't think mush of it. I just went into the bathroom. After I used the bathroom I got looking around. Hanging from the rim of the hamper was a pair of 'the mothers' pink panties. Not just any panties. Full pink nylon granny panties.

My cock sprang into action. Bam hard as a rock. I was only fifteen my hormones took over. Before I knew what was going on the panties were wrapped around my dick, and I was pumping like I never had before. In fact I hadn't even noticed the sister standing in the door way.

I guess she knocked. I just didn't hear it. 'Having fun?' she asked. She was sixteen and barely started to develop. But for some reason I just said yep and kept going. 'Enjoying the show?' I asked. She just smiled, took off her night shirt, and closed the door.

As she stood there in her little white training bra and panties I could hardly move. The soft panties brushing against my balls made me want to blow. It didn't help any when she pulled a pair of her own panties out of the hamper and started rubbing them on my ass. She just smiled and kept going as I stopped stroking and pulled her panties down to her knees.

I was shocked when she picked up her mothers panties and continued pumping my dick. I wanted it to last for ever, but of course it couldn't. As soon as my hand touched her ass I blew up. She dropped the panties and put her hand at the tip of my cock. As the cum streamed out into her fingers she looked at me, tasted a bit, smiled and put her night shirt on slowly.

As she closed the door she threw her sweet little white panties at me and told me she would keep her mouth shut if I did. The guys were all asleep as I slipped my treasure into my bag and went to sleep. When I got home and unpacked not only were her panties in my bag. But she had put her bra in as well.

I still have both the bra and panties but the memories are what does it for me. I still think neither her brother or mother ever found out.



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