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His Girlfriend Jacked Us Off

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At the end of this story I mention getting together again for a foursome. It happened, but his girlfriend got really annoyed when my girlfriend touched his cock and he went limp, never to get hard again.


A few years ago I answered a bulletin board posting in a jack-off forum for a group jack-off session. After quite a bit of surfing around, six guys got together for a group jack. No touching anyone else, we just all did ourselves while everybody watched each other spurt their stuff. However one of the guys in the group and I hit it off and we made arrangements a couple of months later to meet privately.

This turned out to be a very interesting session as not only did we jack our own cocks, but we jacked each others. That was a first for me and for him also, I believe. Anyway, this led to further discussions about me joining him and his girlfriend for a threeway jack session. However, this took a long time to put together as his girlfriend, who is quite a bit younger than either of us, was hesitant to go for it. She was only 23.

Months later he sent me a picture of her and it turns out she is extremely attractive with a killer bod. So now I really, really wanted this deal to happen, but was hesitant to push too hard for fear of scaring them off.

After a couple of planned meetings that were aborted for one reason or another, a firm date was finally set. We met at a restaurant and sat at a table for dinner. The girlfriend looked even better in person than she did in the picture. After a lot of conversation, none of it sexual, we finally got down to talking about the evening. The girlfriend hadn't had too much to say all evening and seemed very shy when we started talking about driving to a local hotel where I had reserved a room.

Anyway, we drove to the hotel and went to the room. The girlfriend had to use the bathroom, and then she was followed in by her boyfriend. Then I went in and flushed out the several glasses of iced tea I had drunk at dinner. When I walked back in the room the boyfriend was stripped down and was sitting in a chair while she, fully clothed, was jacking his dick. I was both surprised and excited that they had got into action so quickly. Naturally I got my clothes off as fast as possible and started stroking my cock which quickly got very hard.

My friend started asking his girlfriend what she thought of my cock and she was most complimentary, which naturally made me even harder. Then he asked if I had any lube and I pulled out a bottle from my kit bag and took it over to his girlfriend who sprinkled some on his dick while she continued to stroke it. He asked her to put some on mine, which she did, but she didn't stroke it for me. She was sitting on an ottoman that was in front of the chair that he was sitting on. When I walked over to give her the lube, I made it a point to walk up very close to her so that my extended prick was almost right in her face.

I stood there stroking my prick a few inches from her face while she pumped her boyfriend's fat cock. I told her that here we were, totally nude and she was fully dressed. After much hesitation we finally talked her into taking off her top. She has beautiful breasts, not real big, but pert and perfectly shaped with long nipples which she pulled on while she massaged her breasts at the same time.

Then I went back and sat on the bed and continued to stroke my prick. I suggested that the two guys put our dicks together and let her stroke them both. This seemed to be met with enthusiasm by her. The next ten minutes or so were spent with the two of us guys standing face to face with our pricks pressed together while he instructed her in how to grip them. He told her to put one finger between both cocks with both hands wrapped around them and then pump up and down on our slicked-up cocks.

This not only felt terrific but it was obvious that she was really getting into it. We had to stop because both of us guys were on the verge of spurting our stuff and we wanted it to last. Her boyfriend needed to go to the bathroom.

My dick was getting dry so I walked over to where she was sitting on the ottoman and asked her to put some more lube on my cock. This time she not only liberally sprinkled the stuff on my cock, she grabbed it and started pumping it for me.

When her boyfriend came back from the bathroom, he got really turned on seeing her pump my cock, and it was very obvious because his prick immediately got much harder than it had been. He watched her play with my dick for a while which she continued to pump as we both stood in front of her.

It was extremely erotic having my cock pumped while watching him standing looking at this happening. Finally, I couldn't take any more because I was afraid I was going to shoot. So I went back and laid on the bed and he sat down and she played with his cock while we tried to talk her into taking her slacks and underwear off. In the picture I had seen of her, it was obvious she had a beautiful pussy and I really wanted to see it for real but all the cajoling and begging didn't budge her from not stripping down.

After a while the boyfriend asked me if I was ready to shoot and I said I was. So the girlfriend came over and climbed on the bed and got between my legs and started pumping my cock with both hands. Before too long I could feel it cumming and I arched my back, raising my butt off the bed. At this point she increased her grip on my cock and also picked up the speed of pumping my now seriously hard penis. After a furious few minutes of stroking, my cock started spurting a hot load of cum all over my chest and stomach as well as all over her hands.

I was very impressed that she kept right on stroking and squeezing my dick and kept on milking it until every last drop of cum was squeezed out and I had to beg her to stop because the feeling was just too intense.

As I lay there totally wiped out, she cleaned the cum off her hands and moved over to her boyfriend. As I lay there watching, she proceeded to repeat her performance on his penis and before long he was spurting his stuff all over the place as well.

After we cleaned up and started pulling our clothes on, we all agreed the evening was a total success and would have to start planning another session. For the next time, she has promised to strip down totally and also hinted other things may happen.

I think the thing that most impressed me about the whole thing was how natural it all felt. There was nothing sleazy or even remotely embarrassing about any aspect of it. Just three people having a lot of fun together. I can't wait for our next session which is scheduled for one week from today. This next session will include a girlfriend of mine who is already super excited about it since it will be her first time with two dicks at her disposal.



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