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High Shool Teenage Exhibitionist Flasher

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This is another early flash I did as a teenager soon after I started driving. This is many years ago, before cell phones, etc. My school both started and ended earlier in the day than any of the neighboring schools. I got out about 40 minutes ahead. There was a Catholic girls high school a few miles from my school. It was in a residential neighborhood, a few blocks from a main road. I often went by, drooling at the girls in their short skirts and masturbating. I even went into the parking lot, and had a few upskirt views, but it was usually to crowded and unsafe for flashing.

There was a small strip mall on the main street a few blocks away, and a lot of the girls hung out there. The back of the stores faced onto a residential street with single family homes, but there were no houses behind it, and just a few sparse trees. It was always parked up and even though the girls cut through the lot and sometimes hung out on the steps behind the mall, I had never been able to flash there. One day I was horny all afternoon at school, and as soon as school was out, I headed over there. As I drove by, I saw 5 girls hanging out on a set of steps behind the strip mall. Their school was not out, so I figured they cut class. They were smoking and one threw a glass bottle, and they all laughed when it broke. They were cute, about my age, and had really short skirts, and I was soooo horny! That day, there was one open parking space along the vacant lot. I was going the wrong direction, but made a quick U turn and parallel parked with my door facing them, directly across the narrow lot.

I looked around, and saw no one else, so I opened the door, and started masturbating. I was wearing shorts, and was looking right at them. I played with myself for a while, but they didn't notice me. I was getting frustrated, and I wanted to be seen! I sooo wanted them to see my cock and watch me masturbate! Finally, I stood up, got out of the car, walked to the back, opened the trunk, like I was doing something, and then I took my shirt off. I played basketball and had a nice body. One of them noticed and I heard someone say, 'cute guy just took his shirt off', and they were all looking my way.

I wanted to just drop my shorts and expose myself, but it was still a residential area, with the school about to get out in 10 minutes or so. I walked back to the drivers seat, with the door open, I sat in the seat, and then proceeded to take off my shorts! I was now completely naked except for shoes, directly across the small lot from 5 short skirt teenage schoolgirls! I was so crazed, I began masturbating, arching my back, and flaunting my erection! It only took a few seconds for one of the girls to see me now, and I heard her say, 'look, that guy is jerking off in the car!' I heard some Oh My Gods, and screeches. They didn't run! They were all staring right at me! One said, 'shoot that gun, son!' I didn't take long, and I came really hard. My whole body was jerking, as I exploded onto my chest! I heard some more screams and hoots, and then one said 'you fucking pervert' , and I got scared. I closed the door and pulled out as fast as I could. One said, 'Don't go, do it again' and another said 'come back' , but I was young and scared and drove away fast! I didn't go back there for a while, but eventually went back many times, both jerking off in the car looking as the girls went by, and flashing a least a half dozen times more while in high school.



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