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Hidden Secrets

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You walk into a room. There is an object hidden under a cloth on the table. The adult in the room explains that, in fact there are several things there. Disgusting, perverse things, and tells you that you must never look. Then they leave the room. How long, I wonder, would it take?


My mum, dad, brother and sister and I live in a large house in the country in a heartbreakingly beautiful part of the Cotswold's here in the UK. We are all high achievers. And with that goes a large helping of curiosity.

When mum gave Sara and I "the talk" she was detailed in every respect. We knew how our bodies were changing, and what was to come, we had masturbation explained to us, in great detail, and even sex aids were talked about openly. Not bad at 13. Then mum said that we may find ourselves curious about our dad or our brother, but under no circumstances must we ever be tempted to do anything with either. This seemed understandable until, with a far away look in her eye she said "forbidden fruits may taste the sweetest, but they can have a bitter after-taste"

For the next two years Sara and I discovered periods, bras, and masturbation. We would talk about what we did, and compare notes. Sara taught me about the delights of masturbating in the open air, and even in public places, while I taught her that peeing can be incredibly erotic, and I was the first of us to have a squirting orgasm.

Then, one hot summer afternoon, when I was 17, I was lying naked on my bed, my legs spread wide, and enjoying the feeling of a large banana inside me when my brother just walked in. No knocking, just suddenly, there he was. Strangely, in that instant I wanted him to see me so I made no move to stop. Allan was staring open mouthed and then, with such feeling he said "that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen" he almost whispered it.

Well, soon he was naked too, kneeling across my thighs which made me feel deliciously trapped, while we both masturbated. He leaned forward to kiss me just as we both came, and I felt his sperm on my fingers and my vagina. He collapsed on me and I put both arms around him. He cock slipped down between my legs as it softened. In that moment, I knew the sweet taste of incest. And I knew it would not be the last.

Allan and I masturbated together frequently. When our parents weren't home, sometimes, he stayed the night in my bed, and sometimes, masturbation was only the start.

Sara knew we were doing something because Sara and I had started exploring each other. She had the most delightful way of making me cum by using her fingers and tongue alternately on my clitoris. One day she remarked that I tasted salty, and it didn't take her long to realise why.

So there we are. My brother and sister and me. The great taboo is no big deal really. When we lived in small, extended family units in the dawn of history, the alpha male would mate with any female in heat. Of course the downside was genetic abnormalities, but the urge, the primal, instinctive, hard wired urge is I am sure still there.

Which begs the question would I, would Sara, if given the chance, fuck our dad? For me the answer is an undoubted yes, and I have masturbated over that scenario countless times. Sara would also, in a heartbeat. Allan says that he is more drawn to us than our mum though.

Sara and you both have boyfriends now and although we still fool around as a family threesome from time to time it is becoming rare, as is only natural. Mum knows. She was never told, but she knows. I imagine it wasn't hard for her to work it out, after all, before our boyfriends she was finding sperm in our knickers, and there was only one place it could come from really.

Disgusting, perverted? Oh yes, you see, that's the magic of it.



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