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Hesitant Friend at Sleepover

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This story happened a little less than a year ago with my best friend at my house, but could probably use some background info to set the mood. I've been best friends with this kid all of my life (we'll call him John), and like normal teenage boys, we've talked about sex and jacking off a lot. I know that unlike me, John was not circumcised, and I was always kind of curious what it looked like. I knew he jerked off regularly (like me) and that he was okay with porn most of the time, but occasionally felt guilty about it. He also bragged that he had an 8-inch cock, and I was always curious if that was true, even though I don't consider myself gay.
So the one night I invite John to sleep over. We decide to watch movies downstairs, and around midnight my parents, when my parents were definitely asleep, I told him I had a surprise. I quietly went upstairs to my bedroom and got a porno movie I had. As I came down the stairs, I threw it to him, and he was immediately eager to watch it. I popped in the video and hit start.
In about three minutes I was hard as a rock, and I could see through his pants that he had a major hard on too. I was immediately curious how big it was, but decided to wait a while. For about 20 minutes, we watched various porn scenes, one after another (it's a four-hour tape) until finally I said, 'Hey, I'm kinda gettin' blue balls. How'd you feel about jacking off?' He seemed very nervous, and wasn't too interested in the idea. I'm very liberal about these kinds of things, and he's always been a little more conservative, so this really didn't surprise me.
About 5 minutes later he sat up saying, 'Okay, we'll put up a wall of pillows so we can't see each other. Would that be cool?'
'Yeah, sure, no problem,' I said in reply, and we put up the wall of the fold-out bed we were laying on, the whole time his massive cock throbbing in his pants.
Once the wall was up and we were comfortable, we both started jacking away. I could here his grunts and groans from the other side of the wall and wished so badly that I could see the action taking place less than 3 feet away. It was then that I realized there was a gap in the pillows, through which I could peek.
I looked through and instantly saw my best friend massaging his massive cock, intently watching the porno. He was so into the movie that he had no idea the gap was there. The view wasn't very good since the crack was pretty small, but it gave me the angle I needed to watch what was going on. It was hard to tell, but I don't think he was a full eight inches, more like six and a half or seven like me. His engorged cock was also as thick as mine, about five inches around. I watched enviously for about five more minutes as his foreskin slid over the tip of his cock as he continued to rhythmically massage up and down.
Suddenly, just as I was getting ready to cum, he reached over to the Kleenexes we'd set aside and put them on his well-cut stomach. His body suddenly tensed as he gasped, stoking his cock faster than ever. He reached down with his left hand and cupped his balls as the first spurt shot all the way up to his chin, followed by five or six more ropes of cum. I immediately exploded, gushing cum all over my bare chest and up to my chin.
I watched and his orgasms weaken, and the spurts became fewer and less powerful. John was absolutely covered in cum, but was easily able to clean up with the Kleenex he'd laid down. We cleaned up, turned off the tape, and he never knew I'd seen a thing.
I hope we get a chance to do this again, only next time, with no wall. I think it'd be fun to show off to my best friend and to be able to comment on the monstrous amount of cum he spews. Maybe he'll loosen up in college and come back a little more open minded.



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