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Her Little Show at the Coffee Shop Today

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I spend a lot of time at coffee shops, either reading or doing work on my laptop. I've been using various coffee shops as an informal office and place to work for nine years now and have seen all sorts of things, but today's visit was amazing.

Just to set the stage-The coffee shop that I went to today is in a trendy neighborhood, and has two separate sitting areas. The area I like is down a short flight of stairs and somewhat removed from the busy area where they serve the coffee. Right now there is a week-long festival going on a few blocks away, and with the weather being warmer than we've had in two weeks it meant the coffee shop has had very few customers. So I ended up with this sitting area all to myself.

After about two hours of working all on my own in this separate part of the coffee shop a younger woman, maybe early 20's came through with her coffee and a bag with a magazine in it and sat in a far away corner. I noticed she was very cute, a slightly bigger than average build and kind of sporty looking (she looked like she could have been a field hockey player). She was wearing work-out pants and a t-shirt that were both just on the verge of being too tight, but showed everything off nicely. After arriving she sat for maybe a minute in the corner looking at her magazine. Then, she picked up her things and moved to the middle of the sitting area, to a table that's quite a bit higher up than the table I was at and that has stools around it. She sat facing toward me, maybe five feet away, but didn't look up to make any eye contact.

I thought nothing of her changing seats, I do it all the time. Her being attractive I would occasionally steal glances out of the corner of my eye in her direction, and being able to see so much of the outline of her body in her tight clothes didn't hurt.

After maybe 10 minutes I noticed one of her hands lingering under the table, her legs were comfortably apart, with her wrist just resting on her inner thigh. Her hands looked very soft and feminine, but strong, and she had slightly faded and chipping purple nail polish (all of which I thought was a turn on). As her hand kind of hovered there I noticed that her fingers would gently touch the inside of her thigh, but above the table she looked like she was concentrating on reading her magazine. After another minute or so her hand drifted a little further down between her and the stool and the palm of her hand was resting just below the center of her waist line, with her fingers sitting flat against her.

My table being lower down than where she was sitting, I had a straight-on view of her crotch area under her table. With her legs apart and her slightly tight work-out pants on, I saw every subtle movement that hand was doing. The area we were sitting in has big bay windows and this was mid-day, so there was nothing hidden from sight!

Every now and then her fingers would move ever so slightly across her crotch. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I also noticed that she wasn't so much intensely 'reading' her magazine as just intensely 'looking' at it. Then she did something not so subtle. She slowly moved her hand right under crotch, between herself and the stool, cupping herself. All I could think of was 'I was 'I' was in there!'. With her sitting so close I was also trying very hard not to get busted looking straight at her crotch, although she made it next to impossible. Within seconds she started moving her fingers, and I could clearly see her knuckles moving as her fingers did their work, almost in a drumming motion. It was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time. This continued for a couple of minutes or so and then she promptly stopped, flipped through her magazine for a few seconds more and then in a big hurry packed up her stuff and walked out very quickly.

Not sure if she made it all the way, if she did she has one great poker face. If not, I'm going to make sure I go back next weekend during the same hours in the hopes of seeing her there again, maybe for round two. Sadly, however, I'm sure it will be much busier with the festival over and I may have just been in the right place at the right time for this hottie to do her thing.



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