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Her Ears (4)

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I was invited over for a shower so naturally I obliged, as mentioned in the previous.

The shower was a two person one, the bathroom had been renovated at least within the past five years, as it looked different from the rest of the house. The shower had a lever/mixer tap so there was very little fiddling once you had it in the right spot. She turned it on and got in while I was undressing in her room.

I thought for a moment, this is the first time we've seen each other fully naked and we've only been intimate together for less than 24 hours? Crazy.

I got in and it was really hot and steamy, it felt great, the pressure was nice and strong too.

'Great isn't it? she said to me, I could just hear her over the shower so I just nodded in agreement. She grabbed a shower gel bottle and stood in front of me with her back to me. Ok, so I was going to wash her back. I squirted some into my hand and put the bottle on the rack, lathered it up in my hands a bit and started rubbing her back. The shower hitting my back was pretty good so I moved forward a bit to have it lower down. I was rubbing all over her back with the lathered up shower gel, then she moved closer and lifted her arms, so I started under her pits.

Nope, she didn't want there, she grabbed my hands and moved them to her breasts. So I grabbed the shower gel and put some more in my hands, lathered it up and started massaging her breasts. I was deliberately doing it slowly, kneading them with the ball of my wrist/palms (I'm not sure of that lower part of the hand, that bit anyway). They were indeed nice and big. Occasionally I would tease her nipples by rolling them between my index and thumb, then just sliding them between my index and middle fingers while massaging her breasts with the suds from the gel.

She motioned for me to get a bit closer so she could say something.

'A bit lower' she said to me.

Well I knew where this was leading so I started moving down from her breasts to her midriff. Boy it was hot, so nice and flat and toned. I grabbed a little bit more gel, just to top up the suds and massaged her midriff area. It was getting pretty soapy now, I looked over and the suds were sliding down her legs and to her pussy. She had her eyes closed, she was really enjoying this. My hands moved closer and closer to her pussy, at first it was just between either side with the legs, getting in the gaps but she had other ideas.

Almost instantly my hand was on her pussy and she was guiding my fingers into it, her eyes were still closed though. So I put just one one finger in and started sliding it in and out slowly. Her whole body tensed right up, was she about to have an orgasm? A few more slides and then she grabbed my hands and moved them away.

I guess she did. Though she didn't make any noise but her face told the story.

'Don't forget the ears, they have to be clean too' She said with a smile, though her eyes were still closed.

I rinsed my hands off and got just enough gel and lathered up and started with the ear lobes and worked my way up. I was doing circular motions with the thumb and index fingers on her ears. Almost straight away she started moaning, I don't know how loud it was comparative to earlier but I could hear it over the shower enough. I never thought ears could be an erogenous zone but I guess for some it is. She never got any louder but it was a constant 'mmmh' and 'uunh' with a deep breath every now and then, though I was starting to think at least in this instance it was more to try and get herself off if she did it.

I was only doing it for a couple of minutes before she stopped me and then got under the shower head to rinse off all the suds and got out. Without warning, she got out. I was a little dumbfounded but I'm sure she had her reasons, so I lathered myself up with gel and washed myself before standing underneath the shower for a few more minutes to relax a bit more. I get out of the shower and dry myself off. While drying myself off I debated as to whether I should get dressed, I looked around and my clothes weren't in the bathroom, so either way I had to go out naked into the bedroom.

In that time, she had dried herself off and put on a pair of pointy ears, probably only about four inches or so but she looked hot regardless, then again, she looks hot normally so I don't have any complaints. She hands me some funny looking device, fits in the palm of my hand, it's somewhat round.

'It's a clitoral vibrator. I'm sure you can figure out the rest'.

Oh man, we've come this far already? I wonder how soon it'd be before sex?!

'I'll do it on one condition' I told her.

'Okay......what is it?'

I had her now.

'You're not allowed to touch anywhere on your own body, or grab me anywhere'.

I grinned, almost a little sinister like. Her eyes widened, almost in surprise.

'You've used this before?' I asked her

'Never, haven't even used any kind of vibrating toy, so I don't know what to expect'

Excellent, this could be interesting. There was an on/off button and a plus and a minus button. How many levels it went up, I didn't know but I'm sure I could really drag this out.

I clicked the on button, it hummed fairly lightly in my hand, she just looked at me in waiting.


I turned it off, she put her head down and put the little vibe on her clitoral area, I moved it up and down a bit, she wasn't that wet yet, though she was getting a little bit wet in anticipation. Oh this was good, she was at my mercy. I was probably going to enjoy this more than I should have been.

I clicked it on. She jumped a bit.

I clicked it off.

I smiled. Yes, this was it.

I waited a bit longer, clicked it on again, waited about 5 seconds and clicked it off.

I repeated this about 6 more times.

She was getting desperate, looking at me as if to say 'Just give me it!!'

I clicked it on for about 10 seconds and clicked it off again. Now I was just teasing, maybe even being a bit of a dick. I did it once more for about the same time. She gave me a death stare. Oh yes this was awesome! Total, utter control.

'Remember the conditions' I said.

She put her head back down.

I did it once more for five seconds.

She was desperate, she was wet as anything.

Five seconds again.

I was having too much fun, probably a little more than needed.

Another 10 seconds.

Ok, once more.

10 seconds.

last time.

Five seconds.

I let her have it, she's earned it.

I clicked it on and held it there, just moving it around a bit. She clenched the bed covers. After about two minutes I upped it a level. She moaned a bit. The steps between intensities was noticeable.

I clicked it off for about five seconds and clicked it on again. Just that brief stop and start made her tense up and give a little moan. I clicked it off again for another five and back on. Same result. She was still gripping the bed covers. I moved it away from her and clicked it off. I waited for about 20 seconds and she relaxed a bit.. I clicked it on again, still just in my hand, not near her, she tensed a bit.


I clicked the plus button for another level. It seemed pretty good in my hand, I clicked it off. I put it on her clitoral area. I waited a bit. She braced herself.

I clicked it on and then clicked the plus button for seemingly last level of vibration. She went white knuckle and her back arced. She was moaning and pretty loudly. I lent on her midriff to hold her down and pressed harder. It sounded like intense sex moans.

Lots of 'ohh' and 'oooohh' and a few 'oh fuuck yes please!'

I swear she had tears, it was that intense for her.

I looked down at my own crotch for some reason. It seems during all that I had gotten off to her and came somewhat. There wasn't a lot there but enough to be, well enough.

I kept it on her, she was writhing.

After a bit longer I was getting 'Please' every few moments.

'Please what?' I said.


'Really? Serious?' I replied


I clicked it off and moved it away. She grabbed it from me and threw it across the room. She got up and jumped onto me on the bed. She had those eyes. That look that meant 'You. Me. Sex. Now.'

That's where this saga ends for Solo Touch but there is more to be told between Sarah and I for Solo Touch.



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