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Her Brother & Sister Came To Visit

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True Storey


I live in Johannesburg South Africa and Rozzie (18) and I (20) had only been married a couple of months when her parents went away for a 'dirty' week-end and her younger brother and sister came to stay with us.

Rozzie had told me that when she still lived at home with her parents, she and her brother and sister would all 3 wank together. Nothing wrong with this as I used to wank with my younger brother all the time and if I'd had a sister would definately have done it with her too, as I had done with friends of mine and their sisters.

Roz and I were enthusiastic wankers and would masturbate each other or ourselves almost every morning before starting the day. We had a selection of illegal (in S.A.) porn magazines and Polaroyd photos to set the mood. At this point we were not yet into swinging and swapping, but had played strip poker with another couple on a number of occasions. This had led to wanking and fucking so the photos covered the full spectrum.

Most evenings we would fuck. This was a sort of routine we had got into. With the family staying we did not plan to change our routine, but I did wonder if something interesting might happen.

The first morning we all had breakfast and Rozzie and her sister Susan went off shopping leaving brother Paul and I at home.

We talked sport for a while but like most young guys very quickly got onto sex. Paul said he was very surprised to hear from Roz that we wanked every morning and that if it was him, with pussy lying on the bed next to him, he would definately fuck and not wank. He confirmed that he wanked at least twice a day and very, very occasionally got a fuck. I said that our routine for us was a happy balance of the two.

He then asked to see my porn magazines and the photos of Roz and I. I got them out and we paged through and as per usual they had the desired effect on me. I could see by the bulge in Paul's shorts that he also had an errection.

Although I had wanked with Rozzie earlier, I asked Paul if we should wank together. He said he had not wanked that day and definately needed one. We both stripped off and I was very supprised at how massive Paul's cock was as he was a rather small fellow. We were both pretty turned on and with a few jerks on our cocks, sprayed cum onto our chests within minutes.

We had a shower and got dressed and then the girls came home with their shopping. We had left the magazines and photos on the lounge table and Rozzie said she knew what we had been up to and we were dirty buggers for wanking together. We just laughed and carried on with our day.

That night Rozzie and I had our usual fuck and went to sleep.

The next morning, while Roz and I were drinking coffee in bed, Paul and Susan walked in, both totally nude. Paul said he knew that we were going to wank and that they would like to join us and could we use the magazines and photos. I was already errect as I had been playing with myself while drinking coffee and said sure.

Susan lay on the bed with us and Paul sat on an easy chair. The four of us all started to wank ourselves untill Roz said that she would like to wank her brother as it was a long time since she had done so. Susan then proceeded to wank me and I had my fingers in her cunt returning the favour.

I came first, followed by Paul and then Susan. Roz who had been fingering herself said she would like Susan to finish her off as it would then really be like old times. She is a squirter and made a real mess in the bed.

We stayed naked and after lunch said we would like a repeat performance in the lounge. The 3 of them got together on the couch with Paul in the middle and the photos spread around. I sat on the chair opposite and wanked slowly on my own while enjoying the show. Paul had his fingers in both girls cunts and was being wanked by them both at the same time.

He came first, followed by both girls almost simultaneously. I held out and was last to cum about 5 minutes later, but really enjoyed them all sitting there watching me.

We then had to get dressed as Rozzie's parents were coming to fetch Paul and Susan. I hoped their weekend away had been as 'dirty' as ours and that they would go away again soon. This was not to be as Paul and Susan never stayed over with us again for the short while that our marriage lasted.

Pornography is now legal in South Africa and I have a large range of videos and DVD's but still have some old magazines for an occasional wank.

I think the occasion, like my cock, has just arisen, cheers



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