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Her Boobs

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Tell me if you like...


I go to a Catholic School, very reformed, not much freedom, ridiculous amounts of work, and not too many good-looking girls. There are a handful of girls that do look good, but no one goes after them, because most are really weird. However, I too am pretty weird so I find myself, a not too good-looking guy, chilling with a lot of good-looking girls.
There is this one girl I had my eye on for a while. Really nice butt. I'm an ass man, not big on boobs too much, but I really need a nice ass. Anyway, this girl, her and I were good friends, and we were both friends with this one girl, Celeste.
Celeste was not bad looking. I've never been too attracted to her until as of late. Celeste was about a C cup, and was not fat but not fit. She is cute, but not hot. Again, I'm an ass man, so her boobs were never that big of a deal.
I chilled with Celeste a lot more than Carie (the girl with the nice ass), because Carie was rather emotional and occasionally really irritating. Celeste and I would also sometimes touch each other in sensual places as a joke.
It was a Saturday and Celeste and I both did soccer at school, so we went to her house, which is down the street to chill. Her parents were out so we went downstairs to watch some porn. Celeste was real laid back about things, and wasn't a lesbian or anything, but we usually watch porn and stuff together. That's what we did Saturday, and I quickly got a boner. This wasn't the first time Celeste saw me with one. Celeste said it was cool and we both joked about it.
Celeste then said that she had some pictures she wanted to show me. We went up to her room, and she pulled out a box of pictures of Carie naked. Celeste said that she and Carie experimented a couple months ago, but decided they didn't like it. I snatched the pictures and went in the bathroom.
Celeste raced after me as I quickly pulled down my shorts. I had just got my boner our when Celeste walked in... I forgot to lock the door. There was an awkward silence, which Celeste finally broke.
'Wanna see mine?' she asked.
I was stunned; I was and still am a virgin of sorts and was shocked. My boner hardened even more as I stammered out, 'Yes... Hell yes!'
I began to pull up my soccer shorts but Celeste told me to stop, so I pulled them off and left them in the bathroom. She led me back to her room. She told me to lie down, and I obeyed. She then pulled of her shirt and went to touch her bra.
'Stop,' I said, 'I want to do it.'
I walked over and put my hands around her. I slowly pulled of her sports bra, and her boobs slipped out. I think that moment was the one of the moments in my life thus far where I've been attracted to breasts the most. She was so much hotter naked.
She leaned closer to me and asked me, 'What now?'
'I have an idea,' I responded shaking.
I took her by the shoulders and led her down to her knees. I wedged my six-inch hardon between her boobs, gripped her shoulders and began breast fucking her.
It was so great. She grabbed me by the buttocks and told me to go faster. She put one finger up my butt, and massaged my balls with the other. I was sweating so much. I told her I was about to cum so she better get off.
'What do you mean?' she asked, 'I want you to come on me.'
My hardon felt like it grew an inch with those words. I began to pump harder and faster. I was so nervous and horny and the same time. She opened her mouth and he tongue slithered out, meeting my head every stroke, it was the most intense feeling of ecstasy ever.
I blew my load all over her chest, face, mouth and hair.
After it was over she told me she was ready for another round... The question is... Are you?



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