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Helping Jarrod

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This site is cool.


This mostly happened last summer in July when we went camping. We set up our campsite with our tents and stuff. I am the only boy in my family and I have three sisters and they sleep in one tent with mom but I have my own smaller tent. Last year a family was next to us with a big pop up camper. They also had three girls and a boy almost same ages as all of us but their dad wasn't there. They stayed for a couple weeks but their dad has a business that he has to be at so he is gone mostly.

The first day my mom invites them to share dinner and stuff because my mom is always like that. My mom made me introduce myself to the boy but I didn't want to cuz he was in a wheel chair and I didn't know what to say or do but I did. I find out his name is Jarrod and he was 12 but we are like 6 months apart. I find out he is pretty cool and we like a lot of the same games and stuff. He has Muscular Dystrophy and just started to have a wheel chair but he can still stand and walk a little with special canes. I was glad to make friends with him because I didn't really see any other boys my age there and I wanted to have somebody to be friends with. There was one boy my age their that I knew from the year before but he is kind of a bully and I'm smaller than most kids our age and he picks on me a lot. We also found out Jarrod lived in the same town as we do and we would go to the same middle school when school started.

Our camping place has a lot of stuff for handicap people and trails and stuff that wheel chairs can go on. The next day me and Jarrod went on a trail that went up a mountain but on a small slope. I went up many times but only on another trail that was steep. Jarrod's mom packed lunches for us so we could have time to go and stay up there a while. It was cool having his wheel chair cuz we stuck all our stuff in a pouch behind it and didn't have to carry anything. I had to help him push a few places where it was too steep but he mostly did it himself. We were part way to the top when I had to pee but I tried to hold it. I wondered how Jarrod went to the bathroom but didn't say anything. After a while I couldn't hold it any more and I told Jarrod I had to stop and pee. He said he did to and we stopped at a flat place. I wanted to go in the woods like I always did but Jarrod didn't want to be left alone so I looked to make sure no one was around and I just peed by the trail. Jarrod told me he needed help. I was nervous because I didn't know what to do but he told me he can pee when in his chair but I had to help hold a bottle for him or he can stand on his canes and I help him with his swim shorts and stuff.

I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to get out of his chair and walk a little anyway so I got his canes out and he got up and walked to the edge. I really felt weird cuz I had to untie his shorts and pull them down. I never really saw another boys penis before. I was almost going to tell him I couldn't do it but he told me it was ok that his dad and mom and some other people do it all the time. He told me to hurry that he had to go bad so I just did it. I was also surprised that his penis was hard and bigger than mine and he has some hair and I still don't. It's not like real big like around four or five inches and only a little hair but when he stands up he is like six inches shorter than me and he weighs like 60 pounds and I'm like five feet and weigh like almost a hundred. His boner was sticking straight up and he told me to point it down more. I felt really weird touching it but he couldn't let go of his canes so I did it. So that was the first time I touched him there and stuff. We ate our lunch at the top and stayed there for a while so he could rest and we went down again and I had to help him pee again twice so I got used to it. Before we got back to the camp ground he made us stop and he begged me to help when he had to pee and shower and stuff so he didn't have to go with his mom in the girls bathroom and stuff. I didn't know how to help with with all that stuff but I felt bad for him so I said ok.

After we got back Jarrod's mom made him lay down inside his camper awhile and I cut firewood and stuff. When he woke up we were both hot and he wanted to go swimming so his mom took us to the pool. Everybody else was there already. I didn't know how Jarrod could swim but his mom and big sisters took turns holding him up in the water. After I saw what they did I helped him to but I had to be careful not to let his head go under water unless he was ready. He got tired after awhile and wanted to get out so his mom was getting ready to help him but he asked her to let me help him and she asked me if I wanted to and said ok. He couldn't sit in his chair with a wet suit because the cushions get wet so I got him close to the bath house and his mom helped him with his canes and his mom said his clothes are in the chair and so I take it in the bath house and Jarrod gets in. There are some big showers in there with seats and bars and stuff for handicap people and we go in one and close the door. His mom put soap and shampoo in his chair so I get that out.

I helped him get his swim suit off and he is all naked and he goes in the shower and sits in this seat with wheels on it and I go in and he asks me if I'm gonna take off my suit so I do. I was embarrassed because my penis was real small like and inch from the cold water but he never said anything. I got the water on and I got him shampoo and he washed his hair and I did mine to but I had to help him with soap and he had to stand hold a bar while I washed his legs and his privates and it got hard. He told me he had to pee so I got the bottle and I had to hold his penis in the top and he had to pee a lot and then he sat down again and I had to pee and I was going to go out to a urinal but Jarrod said I couldn't leave him and told me to use the bottle to so I did. We almost filled it all the way. That was fun I didn't have to go somewhere else to pee. So then I washed. He watched me and I got a boner to. I was a little glad because then it got bigger like three inches. Mine is getting bigger now like Jarrod's but I wish I had hair like him. When he was watching me I saw him play with his boner with his fingers up and down and pushing it down and letting it go and slap his belly. I thought it was funny I never saw that before because mine just goes out straight. I wasn't scared any more about helping Jarrod because it was fun. I helped him dry off and he let me play with his boner pulling it down and letting it slap his belly a few times. He didn't care at all that I touched him there. Then I helped him get on a shirt and pants and socks and sneakers and then I got dressed to but I still had my wet swimsuit. I found out Jarrod hardly ever wears underwear even with pants so he can go to the bathroom easier.

So then we go back to our campsite and everyone is there and we eat together again and we did every night. Jarrod and me convinced our moms to let us both sleep in my tent. Jarrod didn't have a sleeping bag because he always slept on a bed in the camper with one of his sisters but I opened my sleeping bag all the way and we got a sheet and blankets for the top. Jarrod was excited because he never got to sleep in a tent before. His mom wasn't real happy but his sisters told her he should be able to do more stuff like that and she gave in. She was a little annoying at first about telling me how I had to make sure he was ok and help him turn and get his pillows and all kind of stuff but Jarrod finally told her we would be ok. She got mad and told us if he didn't want her help then we shouldn't bother her at all till morning. I felt bad for Jarrod. I thought my mom always babied me too much but Jarrod's mom is a lot worse.

So me and Jarrod stay up late after everyone else goes to bed and I help Jarrod in my tent. Jarrod tells me to help him get undressed and then I wonder what he wears to bed since we didn't get anything. He told me most of the time he just wears a shirt so he can pee in his bottle easier and I had to get his bottle so he could pee before bed. So I got it and I forgot I had to empty it earlier so I just poured it out in some bushes and rinsed it and got back in the tent. I helped him pull his pants off and he peed in his bottle again and I had to go but I went outside again and peed and empty the bottle again.

I got back in the tent again and I see Jarrod still has a boner but I don't say anything. I got undressed and was in my briefs and I get the covers over us and I help Jarrod get comfortable so he can sleep. He thanked me for helping him and letting him sleep with me. He never slept over at another house or anywhere without his mom close by and he was surprised his mom let him stay with me, but she was still only about 50 feet away. I told him maybe his mom would let him sleep over at my house when we got home. Right away I was surprised I said that because I just met him the day before and it was like we were best friends already. As soon as I thought that Jarrod told me I was the best friend he ever had. I never had someone call me his best friend so I told him he was my best friend to. He didn't believe me because he thought I was really cool and I would have a lot of friends but I don't. I'm the smallest kid in my grade, I'm no good in sports or music or anything else and my mom won't let me even wear normal clothes to school. I have never worn a T shirt or jeans or any cool clothes to school so no one wants to be my friend. Jarrod said he liked me because I helped him and no other kid his age helped him like I did that it was always grown ups or his older sisters and it was getting embarrassing to have them help him all the time. I told him I would help him anytime with anything he needed. He asked me if I really meant that and I told him yes.

He then asked me if I would help him with something but I could say no if I wanted. I said what could be worse than what I already did and he asks me if I ever heard of masturbation. I said no because I never heard the word before and I asked him what it was. He told me he read about it on the internet looking at stuff about puberty his dad showed him when he started getting hair and it was playing with your boner till you got a really good feeling like having sex. I wondered if it was the same as jerking off and he said he never heard of that but I thought it sounded like the same thing but I never did it and I asked him if he did but he said no because he tried but his arms always got to tired and he wasn't going to ask his parents or sisters to help with that. I was afraid he was going to ask me to help and just when I thought it he did ask me. For a long time I wondered what jerking off or masturbation was like but I really didn't know how. I tried sticking my little boner between the legs of a stuffed bear I had cut a little opening in but my thing kept coming out and I tried rubbing on stuff but nothing really happened. I asked Jarrod if he knew how and he read something about holding it in your hand or fingers and rubbing up and down. I wasn't sure if it was ok but I wanted to learn stuff about sex. I didn't want to be the only kid going to seventh grade that never did anything and I felt sorry for Jarrod and wanted to help so I said ok but he had to tell me what to do.

He told me to hold his boner and rub up and down. I felt under our covers and found his thing and it was harder than it was all day. I tried holding it a couple ways but he kept trying to tell me a different way and he finally told me he would show me and to take off my underwear. At first I said no way because no one ever touched my privates before but Jarrod said I touched his lots already and it wasn't really different so I agreed. I took off my underwear and I already had a boner sticking up and I put Jarrod's hand on it and showed me how he held it with his thumb and a couple fingers and went up and down. I thought it felt real good and after a minute he asked me if it felt good and I said yes and he told me to do that to him and I did and we that to each other a minute and then Jarrod said his arm was tired and had to stop but I should keep doing it to him. I did it awhile and got a little tired myself and I felt his balls and his hair a minute and then I started again. A few minutes after that he told me he was feeling something and told me to squeeze a little harder and go faster and he kept telling me go faster but my hand was tired so I got up and used my other hand and I went real fast and then he was saying it was feeling really good and keep doing that and then he was breathing really hard and he closed his eyes and then two squirts of semen came out and he told me to stop. I felt the slimy stuff on my fingers and didn't know what it was. I thought I hurt him and I asked if he was ok but he said it was the best feeling he ever had. I got my flashlight and we looked at the cum and he told me what it was. Jarrod told me that I had to try it and it took awhile because I was already tired but Jarrod helped play with it when I was tired but I finally got it to happen to me to. It was really great but I don't make cum yet. At first I thought there was something wrong with me but Jarrod said I was probably not mature sexually yet and he was surprised his made cum.

We did that every night when we were camping and it happened faster each time because I think we know how to do it better now. Me and Jarrod are still best friends and his mom lets me sleep over about once a week and she told me she likes it when I go over so she has a break. They even go out and let me and Jarrod alone for a few hours sometimes. I always help Jarrod masturbate but I would only help him because he can't do it himself. One night we were at his house and we found this site and we read the stories and Jarrod told me I should write what we did. I hope he likes it. We think it is ok for boys to help each other masturbate and its fun.



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