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Helping Jake Masturbate

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I helped Jake masturbate for the first time and it was an awesome experience.


I met this boy in school, he was the new kid. His name was jake and he was 13.

Jake had sandy blonde hair, blue eyes about 5 foot 4 with an average build.

My name is Jayden, I was 14 with brown hair and green eyes, about 5 foot 6 and also an average build.

Jake was sleeping over my place, we spent the day in the pool and that night played commputer games and watched movies.

Mum knocked on my door and told us to shower and get to bed. We said goodnight to my mum and I went for my shower.

In the shower, I bathed myself and also masturbated and shot like four ropes of cum out the end of my dick. I got out, dried myself off and put on only my boxer shorts and returned to my bedroom and told Jake that it was his turn for a shower.

While Jake showered, I put a movie in the dvd played ready to watch.

I had to share my double bed with Jake which didn't really bother me. I closed my bedroom door and than lay down on my bed and press play on the movie.

After the movie finished, We still were not tired so we started talking about the girls in our school and before you knew it the topic turned to sex and before long Jake asked me if I masturbated.

I admitted I did and Jake told he had tried it but he didn't really enjoy it and nothing really happened.

I said to him that maybe he was doing it wrong and he just said yeah maybe. Than there was a long silence and about 5 minutes later he said I don't want you to think I'm gay or anything but maybe you could show me how to do it.

I was shocked at first but I told him that I would if he didn't tell anyone to which he agreed.

I turned on my bedside lamp which gave enough light for Jake to see. Nervously I pulled down my boxer shorts which revealed my 6 inch hard uncircumcised dick which I had a light covering of black pubic hair.

I told Jake to take off his boxers also and when he did I saw his dick which was about 5 inches hard, uncircumcised and he had no pubic hair at all.

I told him to do what I did, To which I grabbed my dick and started pulling my foreskin up and down my dick. I looked over at Jake and he was doing exactly what I was doing.

I hadn't seen another dick before let alone another boy masturbating. I knew it wasn't going to take long before I would cum.

I watched him as I masturbated and gave him a few pointers along the way. He was doing good and I asked him if it felt good and he told me that it didn't which I found odd.

I was getting closer, I told him to stop and watch what was about to happen next. He did what I told him and watched my dick as I started masturbating faster and than it happened, I spurted about 6 ropes of cum out the end of my dick, the most intense orgasm I had since I started jacking off a year ago.

Jake was like wow, what happened? I explain to him what it was. He reached over and felt it and his response was slimy.

Jake asked how he can do that and I told him to do what I did. He said, maybe you can do it for me.

I reached over and grabbed a hold of his dick, it felt soft in my hands and it felt kind of weird I had someone else's dick in my hand but I kinda liked it.

I started pulling his foreskin up and down his dick and just to make it a little more pleasurable for him I tickled his ball sack with my other hand.

I laughed when he told me he needed to pee, I told him he didn't and just enjoy what was just about to happen. I only had to pull his dick another two times before his bum lifted of the bed and shot 2 ropes of cum out of his dick for the first time.

As soon as his cum left his dick I became instantly hard again. When he recovered I asked him how good did that feel? He said it was awesome, the best feeling he had ever had and told me he wanted to don it again.

Jake noticed I was hard again and he asked if he could jack me off to which I agreed. His hand grabbed my dick, started jacking me off and it took a whole 2 minutes before I came again. It was awesome when I did it but it was ten times better when Jake did it for me.

We cleaned up our mess, disposed of the tissues got back in bed and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to Jake playing with my dick, my dick was hard and when he noticed I was awake he started jacking me off again and as I came my mum opened the door. I freaked out but luckily Jake removed his hand quick and I covered myself up before my mum saw anything.

Mum came in to tell us that Jake was staying again the night cause he parents had to go out of town for a work meeting.

We were pretty excited about that as it meant we could have some more fun.

Mum also told us to get up as breakfast was ready, mum closed the door and we started laughing at the fact we nearly got caught.

We got undressed, Jake sat on the bed and I grabbed his dick and quickly jacked him off till he cum. We got dressed and went and ate our breakfast.

Me and Jake became jack off buddies and each time was better than the last. We had some good times and yes we are still friends but don't jack each other off any more as we both have girlfriends.



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