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Help after Surgery

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My step daughter had a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder and required surgery. This is quite unusual for young people, but she was in a freak accident at work. On to the story.

She moved back in with us during recovery because the first few days she couldn't be left alone. She became a little more self-sustaining after the third day. On the third day my wife's sister was in a car accident in another state. So, my wife left to help with her sister for a few days, leaving me in charge of her daughter.

After five days of lethargy the step daughter decided she needed a shower. However, her bandages needed to be kept completely dry. After some discussion we decided to wrap half her arm and shoulder with well taped plastic. She was to keep the arm immobile, which meant she needed help.

Now, I had seen her around the house, when she lived here, in her underwear, and one night she looked in our bedroom and saw me lying naked on the bed. So, I didn't think there would be an issue with nudity. Fortunately, she is a slim girl and she's also attractive.

We got her ready for the shower and I was presented with a lovely sight. She mostly kept her back to me, but I did get a few full frontal views. She used my shower, which is a tiled walk-in unit with sliding glass doors. Trying to get her showered with the door open was spraying water all over the bathroom, so she suggested that I just get in with her. Trying to be gentlemanly about it, I walked in, albeit in my boxers and tshirt.

It quickly became apparent that the clothes had to go, so they did. Finally, I was able to bathe her, from shampoo to body wash to everything but shave. I took my time lathering her up and washing her off, and she didn't seem to mind. When my hand cupped her breast she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I steadied her back with one hand and bathed her with the other. Her nipples were already erect, and they made her breasts all the more beautiful.

She was totally shaven, although without attention for over a week, her hairs were appearing as a 5 o'clock shadow. I mentioned that but we agreed to leave that for another time.

I kept washing her torso, hips, thighs, calves, and feet, avoiding the 'good' parts deliberately. I was helping her rinse when she looked me right in the eyes and asked if I was going to finish her. So, I lathered my hand and proceeded to spread the lather on her generous mound and slit. She gently parted her legs and thrusted her hips forward, giving me ample view of her swollen clitty.

By now my boner was as stiff as it had ever been, and I had seen her looking at it. I knew that she had had sex with several men, many of whom were quite well endowed. I am no match for those gargantuan cocks, so I didn't expect her to be interested in mine. However, she did keep looking, and I presumed it was mainly due to the taboo of it all. She was always out on the edge, taking risks to suit her desires.

Every time I touched her clitty she jerked uncontrollably. As I began to rub it, she put her left arm around my neck to hold on to. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and thrust her pelvis forward with my movements. I managed to slip my fingers inside to feel the heat inside her. She took all four fingers. I returned my concentration to her clitty and began in earnest to masturbate her. I am pretty good at clitty manipulation, if I do say so, myself, and she was absorbed by it. Finally, she started convulsing wtih orgasmic spasms, holding onto my neck for all she was worth. I had to hold her waist with my other arm to keep her from falling.

Because of the intensity of the orgasm, it was apparent that she really needed the release. Even though she is athletically fit, she was panting heavily, still holding onto my neck for balance.

As she was recovering she moved her butt so that it came in contact with my throbbing cock. Then, she turned to fully face me and nuzzled in my neck, rubbing her slit on my cock. She moved her left hand down my back to my butt then around to my pubes. As her hand made its way to my balls she looked up into my eyes again. Even though my eyes were half closed, I could tell that she was still on an orgasmic high. After teasing my balls for only a few moments she took hold of my cock and firmly but gently stroked it. I was so pumped up from her cumming that it didn't take long for me to writhe in ecstasy. I had my hands around her hips and she thrust her slit toward my cock as I began spurting. She rubbed the head of it all over, dragging out my cum for even longer. With the shower hitting my back, my cum was able to cling to both of us and she rubbed her good hand all in it, both on my cock and on her pussy.

With both of us drained we rinsed off and stepped out of the shower to dry. As I was drying her she commented that I would probably need to help her shower at least one more time before her mom returned home.

At night she had to be connected to a pump with cold water to circulate through a cuff on her shoulder. I helped her get set up in her room and attached to everything. Then, before I left, she grabbed my neck, pulled my face to her and kissed me full on the lips. This was the first time she had EVER kissed me anywhere.

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