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Heather Jack and I

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Not our real names but it does not take away from the story.


Here is a little admission I want to share about a very special young lady. My friend Heather was upset after splitting up with her guy last year. My husband and I helped her through the hard times then once she was feeling better we helped her through the dry time (no sex with a guy for months). Jack and I talked about a three-way with another girl before. Jack and I agreed that it would be ok for me to do what I wanted with the other girl & he would watch then have sex with me only. I find that since I turned 30 (2 years ago) my sexual appetite has gone crazy. Some of my girlfriends are convinced it's because I have never been pregnant but I have my doubts on that one. I believe when a woman keeps herself healthy & fit she is more likely to feel more sexually aroused. Heather was visiting Jack & I one night when she began joking like many times before about how her vibrating toys have become her best friends. The topic of sex was hot that night so I took advantage of the moment & told Heather that Jack & I had a question for her. I asked if she would be interested in a three-way that was masturbation only. Heather did not hesitate at all & told us she would love to share herself with us. We talked about when we should plan our little event & Heather asked why can't we do it right now. I was happy to see how in to it she was. We each took a quick shower meeting back in the living room where I lit some candles & dimmed the lights. Jack & I were very excited about our plan coming together so nicely. Jack had on silk boxers showing his semi hard cock was ready to start. I left a small see through black cover up for Heather hanging in the bathroom. She was the last one out & when she walked into the room we could see her pretty little body very well. Her breasts are medium & I suppose you could say small but they make up for their size with how firm they are. Heather sat down on the love seat facing the sofa Jack & I were on. She pulled her legs up tight to her body with her feet just apart a bit & we could see her pussy lips curled back waiting for the pleasure to begin. I thought I should ask her about what Jack & I talked about because I was not sure how she felt about women. Heather had made a few comments before about women but they were in fun. I was not too surprised when she said she would love to put on a show with me for Jack. It was Jack who asked if us girls could start with stimulating our bodies to get more excited before doing anything together. Heather drew back the slinky cover up & tossed it aside. Both Jack & I commented on how beautiful her body looked. Jack kicked off the boxers & began jerking his cock while Heather & I rubbed our clits. An instant feeling of great sexual tension filled the room & I could tell it was going to be good. Jack asked that both us girls did not orgasm while masturbating. He said he would rather we had orgasms while licking each other. I invited Heather to be the first to lay back & get her pussy licked. Without answering she slid her body to lay on the love seat & opened her legs wide. I had never licked a pussy before but I so wanted to. I moved to her kissing her gently then made my way down her neck stopping to lick her perfectly shaped breasts. Heather lifted her back pushing her long hard nipples toward my mouth. I loved how hard her nipples were & I bit them just enough for her to sigh in pleasure. I could hear Jack's hand on his cock. He was jerking like crazy. I made sure to spend a great deal of time sucking Heather's perfect breasts then I ran my tongue down to her shaved soft pussy. Her lips were open wide & her clit was hard & large, much larger than mine. I held her legs caressing each one as I dipped my tongue into a pussy for the first time in my life. Oh Wow!! Did she ever taste good! Her pussy juice tasted a lot like Jack's clear pre-ejaculate that I like to squeeze out & lick off the end of his cock. I licked up as much of Heather's juice as I could swirling it around with my tongue then I gently tickled her clit with long deep licks like Jack does to me. I could tell right away it was working for her. Heather's hips began to move in a circle ever so slowly. I licked her big clit loving how it felt on my tongue. Jack's cock was getting a great workout from himself. I stopped & turned to ask how he was enjoying the show & his voice had a slight quiver as he told us he loved it. I went back to my job of giving Heather a nice clit licking. I did just like Jack except I knew what did not work for my own orgasm so I did the same to Heather. Heather was moving in pleasure to the rhythm of my licks. She softly said that I must have done this before. Jack told her I had never done but had wanted to for a long time. Heather said it was too bad we never talked before. She said she had made love with two women in the past. It was one time when they were in university together & after watching a movie it just happened. She said they were not so good at licking her clit though. It was about then that Heather stopped talking & started moaning. She took my head in her hands & moved her pussy on my tongue. "Oh, you're making me come now" was what she said & I kept the same exact pressure & speed on her big clit. Seconds later she was moaning hard & she pushed my face just a bit harder to her pussy when her orgasm topped. She held my head tight rolling her clit on my lips & tongue then she let go & with her arms at her side arched her body while her pussy lips opened & shut through her entire orgasm. I lifted my lips from her pulsing pussy to watch her body finish that first wonderful orgasm. I felt awesome knowing I had done this with my own tongue. I had a high like never before. Heather's body went limp while she drew one arm up to cover her eyes. Her breathing was beginning to slow just a bit. She sat up & told me to lay down. Heather wasted no time on my breast & went straight to my soaked pussy. She licked at my juices & sat up giving an intentional swallow for us both to see. With a "Mmmm you taste nice" she went back down & right to my clit. She was different than Jack was, & her licks were long then fast then long then fast. Heather did not have to lick me very long before I was on the climb to orgasm. I told her to keep just like that while I felt my orgasm coming. She did something different than Jack & with what felt like the point of her tongue she circled my clit around the outside. What a great feeling that was as my own orgasm blasted through my body. I looked down while I was coming just to watch Heather's tongue on my clit. It turned me on so much! As I was experiencing my first orgasm with a pretty girls tongue I heard Jack's cock & hand flapping hard. I looked over just in time to see the first long string of come fly from his cock. He squirted real far & lots of come. Jack & I had orgasms at the same time thanks to this wonderful girl. We talked for a few minutes but Heather told us she was far from wanting to end the night. She took my hand & asked me to lay on the carpet then she mounted me pointing her little ass at my face. She backed up lowering her clit to my mouth. As she lowered, my tongue was waiting & she slid up & down with tiny strokes. Heather rode my tongue for a few minutes while Jack watched. He was not long before he was hard again & began to stroke his cock watching Heather ride my tongue. She dropped to my clit & gave me loving licks while I did the same to her. It was so much more comfortable to be licking clits than it was to be doing the same 69 position with Jack. Heather & I licked each other while Jack kept stroking for a long long time. We changed positions twice & came over & over. After my tongue became tired we stopped & all three of us sat in a close circle & masturbated our bodies to one last orgasm. That's all I will write for now. Heather & I have shared some toy nights together alone without Jack. I suppose I could share those too later.



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