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He Takes Care of Me When I Need It

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There's this girl I like, not really my girlfriend, but we do some things socially and she is sexy and I get aroused and we cuddle and kiss while watching TV. But she has these ideas about not having sex and even about not getting me 'over excited'. So she will let me kiss her for a while and run my hands over her head and back but stops me when she thinks it is going 'too far'.

Well we were cuddling on her couch and her brother who is about a year and a half younger than me was in and out of the room and really annoying me by interrupting. I had a huge boner and it was tenting up my sweats and the more I tried to adjust it the more it seemed to show and even some juice was starting to come out and make a little stain. She stopped me and I got kind of mad but did not say anything. So we sat there just watching the rest of the movie but my rod wasn't going away. So I was ready to go home and jack off because I knew I wasn't going to get any more there. I didn't even care that when I got up to leave you could not miss seeing it.

My dick is big when I get hard, real big, no joke, and it sticks straight out from my body. I kind of enjoyed that I knew she couldn't miss it but would not look down at it. But her brother was staring at it. I went and got my coat and headed out to my car. It was night and dark. When I walked around to my car door there was her brother sitting on the hood. I didn't know him all that well, but he is about as tall as me but thinner and has longer hair than his sister. I asked him what's up, and he says back to me, 'I don't have to ask YOU that. I can see.' I laughed a little, but I liked that he noticed my hard dick, even though it seemed really weird.

I am not stupid and I knew he wanted something. I just grabbed a hold of myself and said, 'oh yeah, this thing.' He did not say anything but leaped off the car and came over and put his hand right on my dick and said 'let me take care of it for you.' I never before did anything with a guy except once when I was really young and all we did is show each other our dicks. But I was really horny, and starting to shake in excitement and I wanted to go through with it. So we both got in the car and I drove down the road a little way so we were away from the house. The whole time he sat there rubbing his hand on my inner leg while I was driving.

Finally I pulled off the road into a dark area and he put his hand inside my sweats and started to fondle my balls and dick. It felt great and I pulled the pants off all the way and spread my legs so he could work me over which he did real nice and relaxed and that got me relaxed and moaning. I was so loaded with juice that was already leaking out like I said, so that I spurted all over myself and the car because I never came that much before. Even after I came my dick stayed half-hard and was still drbbling.

He tried to move my hand onto his crotch but I wasn't wanting to do that. So he kept on holding my balls and then slowly worked a finger over my butthole. That felt so nice I started to get hard again, It was almost like a dream that I thought wasn't real it was so good. He moved so slow but finally worked a finger inside me where it didn't hurt at all but felt good the whole time and I could tell he knew what he was doing because he was working it into places in a way I knew he had done it before and that he knew what was going to feel good.

That was when I put my hand over and started to play with his dick and right away he started spurting and that, along with his finger, made me come again. I felt so good and drained at last. We both felt good and I let him put his head on my chest and his arm around me for a while which he really seemed to enjoy so I didn't care. We talked for a while and he went back. A lot happened since then and he is always available not only after I am with his sister but if I text him he will come over if he can and take care of me. It's ok with him to just do me and leave but I try to be a nice guy and he is really into kissing and hugging me and after he gets me off sometimes afterwards if I have time and feel like doing it I will let him hold me and kiss me for a while. It's not like I just take advantage of him. We talk a lot about serious things sometimes too.



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