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He Recorded Me Too!

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I saw the He Recorded Me! story and needed to tell my version.


I am a 20 year old college student, with a 14 year old little brother. This happened almost exactly a year ago when I was getting ready to head off to college. My brother, Jim, was very jealous of all the attention I had been getting with HS graduation, college trips and so on. Being 13, he was, and still is an immature brat. He had gotten in trouble with my parents by downloading porn, spyware and viruses to my parents computer. They ended up getting a new one and giving the old one to him. I was pissed; he messed up and got his own computer out of the deal.

He also had begun to masturbate and seemed to leave semen spots around the house. I know that he went through my desk, tampons under the sink and underwear and when I told my mother she said he had done the same to the box of 'personal things' my parents had in their bedside table. I never knew they had stuff like that. Knowing my brother would be blamed I had a look myself but did not find anything. My mother talked to him about this several times but never managed to catch him in the act.

That summer, my father had promised to buy me a laptop for school. I saved $500 and got him to pay for half of a new MacBook and got a free iPod. Somehow Jim thought the iPod should go to him and he made a big deal until my dad bought him one too. He ruined it within a week by having it in his pocket when he fell or was pushed into a swimming pool.

The MacBook has a built in web-cam and Jim showed me how to use it and my parents were very happy that I could be able to do video chats with them.

One afternoon in July, I was going to go on a date. Just as I was going into the bathroom, Jim asked if he could use my computer for a moment. Although I really did not like him going into my room I said it was OK for a few moments. When I was finished my shower, he was not there, the laptop was on the desk like it always is and I thought nothing of it.

I was kind of horny before my date and I took a moment to finger myself while standing with one leg on the bed but did not take it all the way to orgasm.

A few days later, I was getting ready to shower again in the morning. I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on but went back to my room to get my shampoo. Jim was in my room, using my computer. He looked very scared when I angrily chased him out of my room telling him he needed to ask before he went in there. After my shower, I got dressed and went to apologize to Jim for yelling at him. When I went into his room I was shocked to see a live video image of my bedroom on his computer screen. I then realized he was using my laptop's webcam to watch what was going on in my room.

I did not know what to do. I called my then boyfriend who knows about computers and told him what I had found.

Several days later, he came over and when Jim was out of the house for a few days and we had a chance to go through his hard drive we found several videos of me getting dressed after showering, a video of me shaving my legs while only wearing a bra, the video of me fingering myself, and a dark and grainy video of me masturbating in the night. Some were very long with nothing really going on, but it was obvious he had edited some of the video into shorter films.

This was very weird as my BF and I had not had sex at that point but here he was seeing me at some of my most private moments. This was very awkward but he was mature about it. We copied all the videos onto a CD and deleted the originals as well as the web-cam software he was using to record them. We tried to figure out if he had uploaded them to any websites but whatever he had done, he had covered his tracks and deleted the history.

Jim returned the next day and I said nothing to him. In the afternoon I stood outside his room and pretended to be talking to my BF on my cell phone. I said I was going to have a shower and shave my pussy before our date that night. I also hinted that we could 'do it in my bedroom without condoms' when my parents went out.

As soon as I stepped into the bathroom, I heard Jim sneak into my room for a moment and sneak back out. I went back to my room to find my MacBook now on sitting at an angle on my desk where it would get a full view of my room.

I now left to confront Jim. He was in his room in front of the computer looking pathetic and confused. From the look on his face I knew he knew he was busted.

I sat down beside him and as I did I felt my anger melt away. He began to cry and apologize. We had a long talk like we had never had before as brother and sister.

I explained that secretly watching other people was so wrong and would end up getting him in jail. We also talked about him masturbating all over the house and he was amazed that anybody knew what he had been doing. I told him that I thought that him masturbating was good, normal and healthy as long as it did not bother anybody else and he was still feeling good about himself. We talked about how he needed to treat the girls his age with respect and that real life was nothing like the porn he was watching on the internet.

He admitted that he had uploaded a very short video of me standing in front of the video camera, fingering myself to some porno sharing website.

Jim asked some questions like what it felt like for a girl to climax and what it felt like to have a boy inside you. He wanted to know why our mother had a dildo when she had our father to have sex with.

He just was very curious and had nowhere to go other than porn sites.

I agreed that I would never tell our parents as long as I felt he was honest about never doing something like that again.

That afternoon, my BF came over and together we watched each video before breaking the CD. We then masturbated together, each other, several times and I allowed him to cum between my legs but not inside me.

I like to think that somewhere a guy is jerking off watching a video of me, it turns me on.



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