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He Loves His Cum Too

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I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now but one of our first experiences is still one of the hottest of my life. One of the first times he slept over at my apartment it happened to be my time of the month. Just like in every new relationship, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other.

We had been out late the night before and went right to sleep when we got home (partly because we were tired and partly because of my predicament). The next morning I awoke first and noticed that he had kicked off most of the covers in his sleep. The next thing I noticed was the huge bulge in his boxers as he lay on his back asleep.

I felt bad for him and also I was horny as hell, so I reached over with my foot and started stroking his leg going higher and higher. Soon his fat cockhead was peeking past the waistband of his shorts. He has a great cock, around 9 inches and thick as my wrist. My hand looks like a childs hand when I wrap it around his thick shaft and at that moment I just couldn't resist.

I slowly reached for him and gently touched his shaft through the slit in his underwear. This got his eyes to open and through a sideways glance in my direction he began to smile.

'I thought you were out of commission' he said.

'I am, but clearly you're not' I replied.

'Oh no, no girlfriend of mine is going to go unsatisfied' he said as he reached for my left thigh.

I pulled closer to him as he pushed some pillows behind his head to prop himself up a bit. I rolled onto my left side and put my head on his chest. He couldn't touch me anymore in this position so he wrapped his right arm around me and held me to him.

'Maybe I'll just take care of us both' I said and slid my left hand down to my panties. I knew with my hand full of that great cock it wouldn't take much to get myself off through my panties. Especially with my head on his chest looking down his taught abs at swollen head just a foot or so from my face. I wanted to make him cum and get a great close up view in the full light of the morning.

'That sounds really hot' he said and lifted his ass slightly to pull his shorts down with his left hand. 'That looks like a lot of work for just one hand' he said with his usual playful cocky attitude (he knows he's hung and he knows I love it).

'Well, maybe you'll have to lend me one of yours then' I said.

To my delight, he slowly let his left hand wander down to his full balls and gently began caressing them as I held his cock up high and began to lightly pump his shaft. Seeing him touch himself sent a flood to my poor pussy and I just squeezed it tight as I took in the sight of his ridiculously swollen cock. My tiny hand gently teasing the veiny shaft as he teased his balls.

I squeezed slowly up to the tip and milked out a huge drop of precum that sat glistening at the tip. Now I was really hot and I took up the big clear drop on my fingertip and lifted it to my lips. He couldn't see me taste it with my head in the way so I made sure to let my lips make a smacking noise as I sucked off the sweet and salty treat.

'Oh baby, you are so frickin' hot' he whispered 'do you like that'?

'MMMMM . . just like candy' I purred. 'Hope there's lots more'.

Then things got quiet for a while as we just moaned as I rubbed my wet cunt through my panties and stroked that magnificent cock. After a while he let his hand slide up his shaft and wrap around mine as I stroked him. I slowly slid my hand down and under his to feel those big balls and to my surprise he continued to stroke his cock with his left hand. I wanted to encourage this as much as possible so I pulled down carefully on his balls to stretch the skin tight on his shaft. I know that increases the pleasure for him and he confirmed it with a low soft moan.

I whispered 'Baby, watching you do this is gonna make me cum soon. Are you gonna cum with me?'

'Soon . . . . yessss. You are so hot' he breathed. Then he did what I had done earlier and milked out a huge drop of precum to the tip of his cock. Just as I was about to reach for it, his hand came off his cock and wiped it onto his finger like I had done before. He slowly lifted his hand up which I thought was coming in my direction, but then he moved past my face and I heard him suck it off his finger.

That was all that I could take and I slid my hand back up to his cock and took over stroking. I wasn't teasing anymore, I was stroking with a purpose. I wanted to see those thick white jets of cum bursting out of that fat cock all over his tan stomach. I increased the speed on my clit as well and this turned him on even more. We were both getting close now and I saw his hand go back down to his now tight balls and gently pull them down causing his shaft to point a little higher.

'Oh god baby, I'm gonna shoot' he said as I started to cum shaking violently against his body as my left hand brought me off. Feeling me orgasm was all he needed to go over the edge and with my head on his chest and my eyes locked onto his cock I watched intently as I stroked expecting to paint his stomach.

Instead I watched his swollen head double in size and then he launched a huge torrent on cum that cleared his stomach and hit me full in the face. It was so unexpected that I inadvertently jerked my head back off his chest as I continued to pump him.

The next shot was already on the way and with great force an even larger rope of thick cum exploded from his cock and flew right past my eyes. As I followed it's flight I saw his gorgeous face with his eyes just slits and his mouth open in total lust. I couldn't have aimed any better if I tried as the cumshot fired straight into his open mouth.

As if not even thinking about it, his tongue quickly swiped over his lips as another shot hit his lips and tongue. I was six inches away from the hottest thing I have ever seen as he pulled his thick hot cum into his mouth with his tongue. Two or three more shots hit his neck and upper chest and I quickly scooped them up with my tongue and attacked his mouth like never before. We kissed more passionately than I have ever been kissed before as I pushed all of the sweet cum in my mouth into his. My hand was now on his neck and just as my lips closed from our kiss I felt his adams apple move as he swallowed every last drop of his beautiful seed.

I am hooked on this new shared interest and cannot wait to share my next cum sharing experience.



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