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Hazing Week

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Not exactly FF, but I wasn't alone.


Years back when I was starting college, I was one of about seven girls who was in the process of joining a sorority. We were all expecting some kind of hazing, but we weren't sure exactly what it would be. It turned out, for the entire first week we were there, any time we were in the house we all had to be naked. It didn't matter what we were doing or what time it was, nudity was mandatory. Not only that, but at any time we could be ordered to masturbate by the older members.

I wasn't expecting to do much because being naked was bad enough, but I was wrong. I can't tell you how many times it happened on the first day, but it seemed like someone was constantly handing me a vibrator and shouting out 'masturbate!' I wasn't alone either, because there was almost never a silent moment, either because of buzzing, moaning or cheering. There was almost no privacy either, since we weren't members yet we didn't have bedrooms so we all were in sleeping bags in one room. By the time I fell asleep the first night, my poor pussy was throbbing and beet red.

It seems kind of weird, but for the first few days I was actually looking forward to going to my classes, because I could actually put some clothes on. As soon as I came back though, everything was stripped off and the random masturbation sessions resumed. I thought the first week was bad, but the first weekend was worse. At least during the week classes gave us a break, but the weekend was a solid 48 hours of nudity. It may sound fun, but it was exhausting and almost painful by the end. At one point I was laying on the couch and one of the vibes was handed to me, I had to stop myself from bursting into tears because I didn't know how much more my vagina could take.

Finally the seven days came to an end, but for one final time they made all of us masturbate together. For the first time in days it was actually exciting because I could see how all of the others masturbated. When it was all over we stood side by side, still naked, and one by one we were pledged in and they gave us our sorority shirt, sweats and flip flops. It was such a relief to be done with it, not just because my vagina could finally relax, but I could be around others there and wear clothes. I don't know how many orgasms I had that week, but the Saturday and Sunday were at least 10 times each. I figure 50 times would be a rough minimum. It took me almost a month before I even thought about masturbating again.

I know it may sound mean, but by the time I was a sophomore and there was a new batch of pledges coming though, I took great pleasure being one to give masturbation orders instead of getting them. I had to suffer through it a year earlier, and it is a tradition after all.



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